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Hurt Me

by Kel 7 months ago in erotic

Chapter 1

Hurt Me
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

“How's your weekend going”, my phone pings with another message from Mr. Sadistic. It's been a month now of talking and plans to meet that never seemed to happen, what harm could possibly come from telling him the truth? My weekend was going so shit! “i got drunk again and made some poor life decisions,” I reply to him, not thinking too much of it, trying to get the memory of poor Joe out of my head. I had fun with him but in the morning, I regretted everything, realizing I'm alone again. His sweet release only lasted a mere few hours, just like the many men that came before him. “i probably already know the answer but what did you do” at that moment I felt good getting a rise out of him, he’d blown me off twice at this point, he needed to know what he was missing out on. “i don’t remember his name”. I think he could feel the smugness through the phone, “is he still there?” his reply was so quick. I knew I was winding him up and I didn’t expect him to do anything other than feel the jealousy I wanted to inflict on him. “no hes gone” “ok, pack your stuff and get on that fucking train”

I knew at this point id fucked up; id angered my potential dominant. Someone who knew my darkest kinks and knew how to get into my head. “actually, show me these fucking texts first, I want to see how much of a whore you really are”, I went into panic mode realizing exactly what I'd done. “I don’t have them anymore,” I replied quickly, “wed messaged on snapchat so they're gone”. This just ignited his fire more, telling me that he didn’t believe my blatant lies. “I haven't spoken to him since he left and I have no desire to see him again,” I replied again, another lie. Joe had been messaging me nonstop since he left.

“Get on that train.” “Yes Sir, I'm just getting dressed now” my heart was racing, I could feel his anger and I felt scared at this point. I knew full well what was about to happen to me. “I'll give you this one chance to turn around and go home. If you come here, I will hurt you”

I knew this already, so why was I still going? “i know” I replied. “no, I don’t think you understand, I will hurt you and I may not stop”. In my head I knew I deserved it, I deserved everything he was about to inflict on me and deep down I wanted it.

The three-hour train ride was excruciating, all I could do was imagine the things that he was about to do to me, making sure id deleted all my texts that proved my guilt. I made sure to keep the pictures and videos, secretly I wanted him to search for them and find them, then punish me for it.

I could picture the bruises, painting my skin a deep purple; the pain id feel mixed in with the pleasure that would inevitably send me into a state of euphoria. My mind was running wild with the things I desired, knowing I'm finally making my fantasy a reality.

When we finally got to where he lived, he led me to his room. This was it. I could feel the tension in the air, it was palpable. I felt so vulnerable in my short dress, feeling his eyes burning through me.

I was facing away from him, looking round the bare room when I felt his hands on me. His firm grip on my ass, yanking my dress up to show my nakedness underneath. I gasped, the excitement overwhelming me. “you really are a whore, aren't you?” he growled in my ear from behind me. Suddenly his hand wrapped around my neck, applying so much pressure I felt honestly scared. He sensed my panic and that only got him off more. He span me around so I faced him and suddenly I felt his other hand impact my face. I was surprised, it didn’t hurt as much as I expected. Then came another one, this one stung more.

“Say thank you!” he spat in my face as he grasped my hair tightly. “Th-Thank you” I stuttered out. This was better than I ever imagined, I just wanted more. It was like a switch had been flipped in my head and I just went into a trance. I felt him push me with such force down to my knees, right where I belong. He moved one hand to his jeans, the other grabbing my face making me look up at him “open your mouth... look at me you slut”. Every time I broke eye contact, he swiftly reminded me not to with a hard slap to my face as he used my mouth. His cock viciously ramming the back of my throat, making me gag and choke.

His moans were filling the room, letting me know I was being such a good girl, taking it all as well as I could. Mascara running down my face with the tears of pleasure escaping my eyes. Suddenly there was a hand around my neck again pulling me to my feet. “Bend over” he growled in my ear. I did as I was told, no hesitation. he started rubbing his tip against my entrance, teasing me. “look how wet that made you! Do you like it when I treat you like the toy you are?” before I could stutter out a response, he forced his whole length into me. A loud gasp escaped my lips, “shut up you whore” he snarled at me, as he roughly pounded away. Each thrust hitting deeper, I struggled to keep my moans to myself. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and forced my face into the mattress “I thought I told you to shut the fuck up”. My whole body began to shake with the overstimulation. “Did I say you could cum?” Mr sadistic chuckled from behind me, “Beg me. Beg me to let you cum.”



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