Hungry for Your Touch!

by Kai Storm 9 months ago in erotic

An Elevated Fantasy!

Hungry for Your Touch!

I've never felt like that before, so overwhelmed with instant desire for a person that I just met—couldn't be possible, yet it was and for me it seemed completely insane. First off, I've never had a one night stand nor would I ever have thought that I could be emotionally detached during sex to the point where I could just walk away, never call or reach out to that person and be okay with it. I've never been about that life. Thank goodness for me that all the sexual encounters I've had in the past were emotionally and physically satisfying, long term and guided by love. Today though, clearly represented a new chapter in my life, I did not expect this at all. Keanu came into my life, set a new standard for my desires and I will forever be grateful to him. HOW DID IT ALL GO DOWN?! Well, let me tell you!

It's a usual day at work, much to do and only a little time to do it. I get as much work done as I can before lunch and I always leave something for me to do after lunch because the last thing I want to do is give the impression of goofing off on company time. When it was lunch time, I headed out to a local burger shop located across the street from the building I work in. Their burgers were reasonably priced, juicy and filled me up until dinner time so it was always a great choice for me; being that they were across the street it was easy and fast to go there, get my lunch and be back at my desk within 10 minutes. On this particular day though it was so cold that I literally ran across the street and back because I did not want to feel a drop of the chilly wind on my face. As I approached the building, I ran inside as someone who was also entering the building opened the door. On my way back from getting my burger, as I was approaching the elevator I thought I saw a familiar face of someone who worked in my office which made me feel a small sense of relief while thinking, "he'll press the button because he's going to my floor too." As I got closer, not only did I realize that the person standing in front of me was a stranger but also gorgeous as hell. I couldn't take my eyes off him, my mouth opened in awe and my pussy let out a small moan that only I could hear...or at least I thought I was the only one that could hear it. We both got on the elevator once it arrived and as soon as the doors closed, the little space within the elevator all of a sudden became smaller as he approached me quickly, grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I made no attempt to stop him or yell for help, I just dropped my $7 burger on the floor along with my purse and immediately cupped his firm ass with my free hands.

Belt straps loosened, pants around our ankles and the chocolate D was introduced to the chocolate P.

"A little bird told me that you have a strong need for some chocolate D! Through your pants I can see that wet pussy is all for me! You could deny it, walk away and act like you don't hear my tone....the truth is...this moment was created to make each other moan!"

Keanu's words flowed like music in my ears as he slid into my wetness from the back. The elevator seemed like it was moving slower as he stroked me deep and even though we knew the elevator could stop at any time where anyone could see us half naked and fucking in the elevator, we clearly didn't care. An elevated nut was on the lunch menu that day and nothing was going to stop us from getting it.

We reached the top floor, pressed the LOBBY button to go back down so we could fuck some more! Doors up, doors down, we were in the elevator & it was going down! Came hard n good & whenever he wants, I'll sit on that wood!

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