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How to Train Your Body to Be Multi-Orgasmic

What does it mean to be multi-orgasmic, you may ask?

By Brittany StengelPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Multiple orgasms. Ah, probably the best part about being a woman. What does it mean to be multi-orgasmic, you may ask?

Well… You are considered to be multi-orgasmic when you have the capability to orgasm and then have more shortly after without a refractory phase (an amount of time needed to relax or refrain from sexual activities until you become less sensitive and you can reach another O). Being multi-orgasmic comes in two forms. First one is the most common. This one is where the woman can cum and then go right back into stimulation with little sensitivity in order to reach another orgasm within the next 0-3 minutes. The second, less common one is when a woman orgasms and then within SECONDS has a stronger one, and then yet again with each one becoming more and more intense.

Our bodies are completely capable of being multi-orgasmic by nature. However, it is something that sometimes takes a bit of practice. It’s all about finding which stimulation works best for you. If you are like me at all, I have a specific spot that can be stimulated over and over and over again to produce super-orgasms without any refractory phase at all. It took a bit of solo-time in order for me to discover it though.

If you typically can orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone and then find yourself quite sensitive after the first orgasm, I have a few tips.

  1. Vibration: Since your clitoris isn’t JUST the pea sized organ you typically think of (it’s actually about four inches long and runs down both sides of your labia,) vibrations is a good tool in stimulating the rest of the clitoris with or without having direct pressure on the most sensitive part.
  2. A Combination: If you can learn to come from internal and external stimulation at the same time, I promise you will have the most amazing orgasm of your entire life. When you have something inside you at the time of clitoral stimulation, your clitoris will naturally become less sensitive due to the blood distribution needed to now line your vagina walls as well. People who can master this trick have better luck teaching themselves to become multi-orgasmic then those who do clitoral stimulation alone or switch back and forth from one type of stimulation to the next.

I will be completely honest with you, the ability to do this is an art, and it takes time to learn. Not only do you have to figure out what techniques work best, but you need to TRAIN your body to react this way each and every time if you choose to have more than one orgasm in a given session. (Who wouldn’t want to have more than one?) “But it takes so much time to reach another one after the first.” My advice to you is simple.

Masturbation. A lot of it. Yes it is a great experience when someone else gives you an orgasm, but you will be way more satisfied if you can learn on your own and then bring it to your bedroom life. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ask for a bit of help from your partner, but sex is a very mutual thing and it takes a lot of time spent on you to get the orgasms rolling back to back, and sometimes that’s hard for the non-receiving partner to have a sense of fulfillment if they aren’t getting any of the gratification. But if you have a partner that is willing to put their needs aside for a few nights in order for you to learn the trick of the trade, then more power to ya!

Another thing. The more sexual pleasure you are having (sex or masturbation) the more likely you are to develop the ability. Arousal is not just a quick thing. It takes your body a good 12-24 hours to fully calm down from any sort of sexual stimulation. If you can keep your body in a constant state of arousal (and I don’t mean a full on horny "I need to have sex NOW" state, I mean having at least one orgasm every 12 hours or so) train your body to stay in the alert state and ready to orgasm at any time without much stimulation at all. “But I’m a parent with a full time job, I just don’t have time to dedicate to that.” My question to you is... Do you shower everyday? If so, take some time in the shower to work one out. Sit on the edge of the tub. Lay on a towel on the floor. Do what you need to do to GET IT DONE. I should probably add that the “every 12 hours” thing doesn’t have to last forever. It’s merely just a tool to condition your body to being capable of achieving pleasure so you’re not a “one & done” type of person. Once you are conditioned to it, you should be able to achieve more than one orgasm every time you engage in sexual activities.

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