Housewifing Your Husband

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Changing and Improving the Dynamic of Your Relationship

Housewifing Your Husband

Women of the world, isn't it time you asked the question: why can't my man be my housewife?

I've made that change in my own household and believe me, it works and it can work for you too. Yes, my husband is now my housewife and we live in a female-led relationship. He cleans, cooks, does the laundry, and irons. He stays at home and I go out to the office. He's not just a housewife though, he does have a paying job but fortunately he works from home. This allows me to dress him in pretty dresses and skirts in order to cement his role.

In writing this article, I am aware that I've invented a verb that doesn't really exist in the English language; 'to housewife.' It should exist as it describes very nicely what I have done to my husband and what I advocate for woman the world over to emulate. Yes girls, you really must housewife your husbands.

My new verb has a past-perfect tense as in I have housewifed my husband. It has a continuous form as seen in the title. To extend the English grammar lesson, we even have an adjective version in the passive: my husband was housewifed by me.

So English lessons over, let's look at housewifing your husband, partner, or boyfriend and how this is of benefit to you as a woman. It's also of benefit to many men once they accept the change in status. In short, housewifing your husband makes him responsible for all domestic chores: ironing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, serving. And it means ensuring he looks pretty for you.

Men Are More Useful as Housewives than as Husbands

No more housework for you after you've housewifed your husband

My regular readers of my blog know that I am very clear in my views about forced feminisation and living in a female-led relationship. It's not about what the man wants or his fantasies, it's about what the lady of the house wants. In any female-led relationship, the needs of the lady are the most important element. The relationship is consensual, loving, but clear. The woman leads.

It needs to go further than plain acceptance of the status though. Even after you have encouraged your husband or partner to wear female clothing and to accept his feminine status, he needs to realise he's now the housewife. As with all men, they need symbols and language to cement their beliefs. He needs to move from just skirts and dresses to wear skimpy short skirts. He needs to learn to curtsy to you and address you with respect. My own husband has to call me mistress and I call him girl or housewife. I no longer refer to him as a man.

To bring this down to the relationship in my own home, Alice (my husband) can become too accustomed to life as a housewife and even enjoys it. This may seem strange to those who haven't tried it but it happens. It's a role without responsibility. It's boring but easy. I've had to ratchet up my own domination and Alice's humiliation in order to maintain my control. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm a relatively benign and loving leader and I don't want to change this. I do want to maintain full control though.

In the female-led relationship scenario, the interaction between lady and male has to be adult/child, Mistress/maid, Lady/submissive. To show this, you need to demonstrate the inequality between you and your submissive housewife. I use feminisation, mild punishment, and housewifing to do this as an everyday lifestyle in our home. Furthermore, I insist on my husband Alice wearing very revealing clothing to heighten her (his) vulnerability.

Housewifing you husband can only really work if he is feminised.

Your Husband-housewife's Responsibility Now

One you have encouraged him to take on the role of housewife, you will see a marked change in his behaviour. He will accept his new role and even thrive in it as my own husband has. I maintain this by referring to him as my housewife regularly and even with some of my female friends.

He serves me meals at the table and clears up afterwards. After a hard day in the office, I'm greeted at the front door with a curtsy and he will take my things while I relax. However, under all of his housewife and feminine looks, there is a fully-functioning male. Although I take the lead in the bedroom, he is expected to perform his male sexual duties. It's the only place where he has any male responsibility, albeit controlled by me. The status change has enhanced our sex life. This may seem counter-intuitive but it's a fact. We are both excited by the relationship status even after four years.

Of course allowing my husband-housewife to have a male responsibility is a risk to the relationship type. Therefore I'm careful to ensure he wears sexy baby-doll nighties in bed, always shaves his little bits, and I constantly remind him he's a good girl during sex.

Housewifing your husband can work for any lady.

So ladies of the world, this lifestyle is within your grasp too. Male posturing is just that; posturing. With a little confidence you too can take over your marriage or relationship. Your man will eventually thank you for it because underneath their brash surfaces, males are submissive. Our relationship is loving and caring but with me in charge.

You too can take loving control by housewifing your husband.

Alexa Martinez is a lifestyle blogger and author who uses the pen name Lady Alexa. She writes on the benefits to relationships through the development of female-led marriages and by feminising men to remove their innate aggression and attitudes. You can read more at her site or go to Amazon to see her fiction.

Alexa Martinez
Alexa Martinez
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Alexa Martinez
Alexa Martinez is a blogger and author who lives in London. Alexa is an advocate for Female Led Relationships (FLR) and she likes to push the boundaries and challenge the current social constructions with her writing.

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