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House Date

by Rose 2 years ago in erotic
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erotic fun on the sofa

House Date
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

The sun hit the panes of my widow, its light fading from view as it sinks further behind the clouds, I look at my reflection in the mirror, wandering if my romantic look is too much for a house date. I have put on a simple but elegant black dress, it clings to every curve of my body accentuating my perky boobs and ample hips. I can see him now walking in through the door, takeout in hand. His jaw line is perfect but I’m not thinking about that, I’m thinking about how it will feel to rip of that white shirt he’s wearing and expose the muscles that barely hide beneath. I’m thinking about his lips will feel pressed up against mine and how every fibre of my being will crave him, will begin to pull him forward into me and I moan in the ecstasy of that thought.

And that is when I decide, my dress has to come off, I want him to want me, to devour me, I want him in every conceivable way and I know that he won’t be able to resist the surprise I have waiting for him. I position myself on the couch in what I think is some kind of hot paint me like one of your French girls stances but, is actually more probably an awkward unnatural pose that is utterly hilarious.

He doesn’t laugh though when he walks through the door to see me lying there in a barely there red bodysuit, my bum bare to the cold air and the spanking of his hand, I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist, he drops the takeout on the table and slaps my bum, delighting in the jiggle and the shear amount exposed, his hands roam up my back temporarily before he is eager to see more. He flips me over with ease to get a look at my perfectly erect nipples and begins to place soft delicate kisses down my neck to my breasts before giving the erect nubs a quick flick of his tongue, he knows how to get me begging for more.

I pull at his tie when he moves away wanting his touch more than anything in the world. He hold my hands above my head, and ties them together with his tie, preventing me from pleading for him with my actions, he likes making me use my words. He lowers his head down to my ear and in a deep husk whisper that sends ripples of shivers down my spine says ‘what do you want me to do to you’, I’m so turned on and a little embarrassed that I try though restrained to just pull him forward, to make the talking stop and the fucking happen.

But my small plea of desperation has little avail on him, he repeats the question as he removes every item of his clothing, I can’t help but drink him in, his magnificently sculptured body, the locks of his hair the length of his cock overwhelm me and I shiver with ecstasy.

I beg him to fuck me and he does without hesitation my whimpers of please, echoing in the room. I lose myself in the motion of his cock slipping in and out of me, he’s still teasing and my clit is pulsating, I need to cum, I need to feel him deep inside me and as though he has read my mind, he stops playing and pounds into me. His thick hard cock hitting the spot every time, moan after moan flings out of our lips, both of us in state of pure pleasure. My back arcs as I’m about to reach my orgasm and we cum together, my juices gushing out and spilling out around his thick cock.

And he says ‘you’re so tight baby girl I’m not done with you yet’.


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