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Self Indulgence

by Rose 2 years ago in erotic
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Beach satisfaction

Self Indulgence
Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash

Moon light shone down on the waves below and kissed my skin, I wished it was more than a kiss of light. I wanted to feel the gentle touch of human love, I wanted to feel the connection of skin on skin.

Though the midnight waves were tantalising they only provided the kind of stimulation that just about makes your heart flutter and long for some magical deep romantic connection.

But that was not the kind of satisfaction my body was looking for, it wanted more than just an air of romance, it wanted full low passion. I wanted to feel the heat of someones body pressed up against mine, I wanted to dance on the beach to festival music, I wanted heat to rise up inside me. I wanted to give in to temptation.

And so I sat on the deck chair on the balcony of my beach house over looking the waves and let my hand roam my body, I let my fingers gently trace around my nipples and trail down my sensitive sides all the way down to my thighs. I felt my body heat up as I teased myself and watched the waves dance, I imagined what it would feel like to have someones tongue lap on my most sensitive area like the waves do the shore. Small moans escaped my lips as I fantasised about all the naughty thoughts you are not supposed to talk about.

I had stopped teasing myself now and just let myself enjoy the sensations of my index finger rubbing my clitoris in small circular motions, I thought about how good it would feel to finally let loose with someone, to let them see me as I am now, naked and aroused. My hips bucked up against my finger wanting more, wanting so much more than these subtle sensations.

I wanted the wave of pleasure to take over, I wanted to be fucked and loved but I wanted it right now I wanted to feel someone rocking in and out of me to have them whisper all the things they wanted to do to me, into my ear, to tell my all their secret wants and desires.

I wanted to please just as much as I wanted to be pleased, for my lips to meet their and my hands to stroke down their back and towards their bum, I wanted to feel their skin against my skin, I wanted to hear their moans.

Lust had taken over my brain and as I thought about someone getting off on my own self satisfaction I reached my climax and came with a moan that I'm pretty sure could have woken the neighbours up.

Coming out of lustful state I realised that people had been watching on the beach down below and they were begging for more, each one of them had a wild desire in their eyes ready to consume me. I felt myself growing wet all over again and wondered just how much fun the man and woman below wanted to have. With a quick curl of my finger I had sent them running up towards my door,

It seemed they were as eager as I was for them to cum inside. I was in control now, they looked at me waiting for instruction, desperately trying to hold themselves back from pouncing in a big unordered hot mess.

But I knew what I wanted and I wasn't afraid to ask for it, they followed me through to the bedroom, knowing that some fun was about to be had. I laid the woman flat on her back on the bed, of course I had gotten her to strip first, her ample breasts looked beautiful as they fell to the side, I gave her nipples a quick flick with my tongue before sucking on each breast for a few minutes, she was squirming with pleasure now and I knew she was ready to do anything I wanted.

I positioned myself on top of her, I was on all fours, her head beneath my sopping wet vagina, the mad already naked got behind me and began to thrust his hard cock inside me and the woman began to lick at my clitoris, I couldn't stop myself from moaning out as both sensations consumed me, I was no longer in control, I was completely at their mercy as lust took over once more.

Her tongue felt amazing as it swirled itself around my swollen nub I could fell my second orgasm of the night arriving and my cum filled her pretty little mouth as the man behind me shot his hot sticky load deep inside me.

I thought that would conclude the nights exciting activities but they had other plans as they rolled me over ready to make me beg and squirm all night for another sweet release...


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