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Her Forgotten Past (Continued)

Chapters 13-16

Chapter 13


I found a seat on a nearby vacant chair in Julianne's apartment as I waited for her to gather her belongings. I had considered asking her if she needed any help, but by the way she practically skipped down the hall, despite her injuries, I fathomed she had things under control.

I glanced around the scarce apartment. It looked as if no one lived here at all. There were no decorations, no pictures hanging on the walls, or anything else would have indicated that this was even a home.

She hardly owned any furniture, other than a bright yellow sofa, positioned next to a modest coffee table that was topped with a bedside lamp and leftover takeout containers. Directly facing the sofa sat a small television screen and several older DVDs.

Her entire apartment was lifeless. It seemed more like a dwelling for someone who could easily pack and leave hastily. That was probably her intention if Max ever found her, I thought to myself. That must be why she lived so simply.

And it was so damn cold in here! Was there a problem with the furnace?

My thoughts were interrupted as Julianne appeared, hugging a box of what seemed to be clothes and toiletries. An uneasy expression painted her beautiful face, as if she had just seen a ghost.

Oh no, she must remember that night and what I did, I guessed. Fear was plastered all over her face, and I questioned if she did indeed remember the events of that night, would she still leave with me?

Everything I did was for her protection, I consoled my inner self.

Her lips curled into a smile instead, instantly suppressing her inner fear. She limped over to me and handed me the box.

"This will do for now," she uttered. "Would you mind carrying this to your car, and I'll be right out?"

"Sure," I replied. I carried the box to my car and found myself pondering whether she was having doubts of staying with me. After all, we were still technically strangers.

My doubts subsided as Julianne exited her apartment building, jingling the keys in the doorknob in an attempt to lock the door. Her luscious ass jiggled as well, and I couldn't help but stare, hoping she wouldn't notice.

Soon, Mason. In time she'll be all yours, I consulted myself, as she turned around and headed towards the car with a smile.

Chapter 14


I had packed the most important things I owned all in one box. Everything else in this gloomy apartment could burn for all I cared.

My doubts about my identity subsided as soon as I saw Mason sitting there on that chair waiting for me. He looked so out of place here, but yet so sexy all at once.

I felt like I could truly trust him. After all, he had offered to let me stay with me, even though we were strangers. And if he knew nothing of my past and my identity change in the first place, there was really no reason to worry to begin with, I concluded.

I limped over to him and exchanged the box with his muscular arms and requested him to carry it to the car while I locked up. He happily did so.

It was tempting not to straddle him on that chair and give him what I sensed he so candidly wanted. And I undeniably wanted it too. So bad. I didn't care if I barely knew him; my lower body clenched every time he stared into my eyes. I was already wet.

It's too soon, I reasoned with myself as I jiggled the keys within the lock of my apartment door in an attempt to lock the door.  I made sure to jiggle my ass a little in the process. Give him a little show, I chuckled to myself.

As I turned around, I smiled once more because I caught him staring. Somehow, I just knew he would be.

I walked towards his car, away from the rundown apartment. Hopefully, I'll never set foot here again, I wished.

As for you, Mason; you'll be mine in no time, I secretly promised myself as we drove away.

Chapter 15


Rain splattered across the windshield of my BMV as we pulled out of Apex Apartments. The weather had taken a rather appalling turn for the worse. I glanced to my right, as I pulled onto the street.

Julianne was staring back at the horrid place. I hoped she wasn't having regrets for leaving with me. I had to make it a priority soon to properly introduce myself soon so she would feel more comfortable during her stay with me.

The car ride was silent as we drove through the streets to my home. Her silence was stifling. She was beautiful sitting next to me, just staring out the window at the scenery.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that she would give me the time of day, or even be in my presence at all for that matter. The only place I'd rather she be right now was in my arms every night. And in my bed.

We turned into the driveway of my home and rolled the window down to enter the security code to enter the gate. She finally spoke.

"Is all this really necessary?" she questioned. "Why do you need all of these fences? What are you trying to keep out?"

She was rather persistent in prying into my personal matters. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. She didn't need to know my messy past. If she were to discover what type of person I truly was, she would definitely run for the hills.

"Extra security precautions," I vaguely replied. "When you're as successful as I, you need to take the proper precautions. There's always someone that envies you and is willing to sabotage what you've got. "

That's about as much as of an explanation as I was willing give her. At least for right now.

She scowled under her breathe, but I still heard it.

For now, she would be on a need-to-know basis, until I could trust her with my secrets. She couldn't know the real me. The real me was bad. Really, really bad. I didn't need her running for the hills just yet.

Chapter 16


Despite how gorgeous Mason's home was, nobody needed that much security, unless they were hiding something. Is he running from something, too? I wondered.

I brushed the thought aside as the huge fence opened up and we pulled through to the front entrance.

The rain was ruthless; it hadn't let up since we left from the apartment. There was no way I would make it inside without getting completely drenched. I could barely walk from my injuries.

I reached for the door handle, but Mason was quicker. He had beat me to it. I felt him firmly grasp my body, lifting me from the passenger seat and into his warm, strong arms. I wrapped my free arm around his neck and buried my face in his chest as the rain splattered against my frigid body.

The smell of his cologne was intoxicating, and something about being in his arms this way was so intimate. And arousing.

He gracefully unlocked the door and we swiftly slid in. He gasped whilst leaning against the door, panting. He still held me tightly.

I glimpsed up from his chest, staring into his blue eyes. They were glossy and pierced into mine. We stayed this way for what felt like hours. It felt as if time had stopped.

There was inevitably chemistry between us; something magical was happening here. I couldn't control my thoughts and urges. I wanted him so badly and the look in his eyes posed pure hunger. Hunger for me.

I took a leap of faith and did the unthinkable; I kissed a stranger.

I pulled his face towards mine into a kiss. He didn't resist.

Instead, he grasped my neck tightly, deepening the kiss. He completely began devouring my lips, and moved on to my neck and clavicle, leaving light nibbles along its crevices.

I moaned into his mouth as he moved his tongue back to my lips. I wanted more. I needed more. I needed him, and I was so wet from this encounter.

Yet, he pulled away too soon. I was left speechless. The air hung awkwardly around us, as he lightly placed me down on his sofa.

Is he seriously just going to leave me hanging like this? I screamed inside my head. It was obvious he wanted more too, as the huge visible bulge in his sweatpants stood noticeably erect.

He awkwardly turned away from me.

"I'll fetch your things from the car. Make yourself at home. I'll give you a proper tour soon," he uttered.

What the hell just happened? I questioned myself as he walked out the door.

to be continued.....

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