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Gold diggers.

No guilt, only pleasure.

By Oleksandr MatvyeyevPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Breaking through the walls between us

I quit watching porn after seeing this show, accidentally and I am happy to admit that. What started as a midnight snack for russian TV turned out to be a gem with unexpected qualities and hidden secrets.

Everyone has a dream. Denying it would be equal to denial of your image or a vision of oneself. The pleasure from this binge-worthy show is definitely superseding any other show I've seen made in America of such provocative nature. Allegedly based on the real accounts of actual members of an elite escort service in Moscow, this dangerous intrigue will definitely take you on a ride to a need for lust, power, money and love along with an orgasmic amount of tastefully made and provoking sex scenes, which is something I do not see much watching american TV Shows. Sex is not just a mere power tool to cut the distance between a character and their dream, but an eascape from loneliness, fears, whatever truth of the character is. It gradually exposes the character's needs from everyday agenda. It escalates to revelation, the naked truth of who they are, vulnerabilities and flaws, deepest fears, which we all have regardless of our wallets or social status.

When I began to watch this show, I thought, another bunch of rich Russians, ready to take risks, going crazy out of their minds, because they've tried everything that money can buy and still have nothing inside to fill their void. After hearing my Love by Kovacs mix as the opening song while titles danced across the screen where I could peek in and see some of the heroines faces I thought "Oh, it's like an adult version of Gossip Girl." Three minutes later I was sold out, my jaw dropped, the scene in a gym shower, where a girl approaches a girl, it was bold, plain, and simple. Whether it's the russian acting or their naked bodies, I know that those girls will show us how things are done. To put it simply we have animals in us, regardless of whether men or women, in fact the showrunners here are mostly women, and they are very powerful and crafty when it comes to getting what they want.

What is more interesting is being raised in a country with a similar mentality as characters would prepare for how things may unveil but no, all my prejudices and expectations perished after I saw how one person can depend on the other in a way I did not expect and I understood them, right away. it opened my eyes, as if I was distracted from all the truth by previous opinions coming from tv and other points of view we are so easy to get used to. Under all seems to be cheap sex scenes and corporate meeting jokes, undead tradition of having someone on the side regardless ,of whether it be woman or a man, dissatisfaction and longing for something to fill the emty spots, this story has some sort of unique reality to it, thanks to its talented, bold and provocative creators, and as much it may sound or look cliche at first, as it did to my experienced eye, it was in truth a fresh breath of air.

Narcos:Mexico sex scene for example, however big, brief and loud it was, lacks the quality of taking its time. On top of that I could see them wearing special underwear, which sucks compared to the quality of filming in Gold diggers, where I could see that underwear being taken off, regardless of the scene length, it was as if I was there, forgot about time. The point is that they definitely fooled me. Despite the fact, that I graduated a famous acting conservatory, which gave me multiple vivid experinces to act in different scenes, including sex, and on top of that films basically gave me an emotional education, I had a trouble of getting how some scenes were filmed, to put it shortly, the edge of reality and fiction was nearly transperent. My sincere congratulations to the actors, good work.

After the problems of the rich, they don't nearly stand next to the problems of regular people, who haven't made it yet to the top of the hill. This show reminded me that everything you get in life, even when you think you got away with it and avoided any hard work, will soon catch up with you in one way or another. Whether it would be a feeling, and event or an action.

Dark humor and betrayal, chase for the truth and justice and many other perks are awaiting you there. Are you afraid of feeling naked and exposed to something different?

Then jump in and prick up your senses.

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I am an actor and a writer. I began to write since the pandemic began back in March of notorious 2020. I've crossed the South of the US on my bicycle and went home to Ukraine for 4 months. I have a lot to say, so let's begin.

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    Oleksandr MatvyeyevWritten by Oleksandr Matvyeyev

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