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Ghanaian Blogger Suggests Sam George - Ghana MP & Anti-LGTBQ Bill Sponsor Is Gay

I've thought this a million times, It Has Happened in USA & Iran Before

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
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Sunday, 3 March, 2024

By: TB Obwoge

Ghanaian blogger and resident piece of trash, who mocked a dead man's bi-racial children, a then 1-year old infant of super rich and amazingly talented Rhianna as "ugly!"

The blogger even made fun of Idris Elba's shoes, basically insulted his shoes and clothing when the actor's who is half Ghanaian and half Sierra Leonean visited Ghana.

Despite all of this Bongo Ideas has grown in popularity, having a quarter of a million followers and Twitter X. While also gaining followers on several other platforms. The Ghanaian blogger who verbally and makes sexually abusive posts about women in most of his writing is very unlikeable.

However you have to remember 2 things about Ghanaians, I've written several times about how they're racists. They refer to skin color constantly, they think anyone not born in Ghana is white, colorism is rampant, when they speak of countries outside of Africa its always "the whites!"

Ghana police and immigration target foreigners that they think are white people. Often times when they're in the company of a Ghanaian driver, the driver is asked to step out the care and asked to give a donation to the police officers.

I was often in cars where this happened, they thought that my light skin was white, I was even addressed as white woman as well.

Number 2, Ghanaians are bullies, they have a culture of bullying, I've spoken to several who have agreed on this. I can name several that have stories of abuse and how a few refused to be bullied.

In this article I've written about that, highlighting the book written by a Ghanaian author who wrote about the bullying in Ghana's senior high-schools. But once again, Ghanaians blame their bad behavior on colonialism, children who were never alive or lived under colonial rule are bullies because of something they never experienced.

Any it is no wonder many follow the spiteful and hateful Bongo Ideas, who also wishes to immigrate to the United States to unleash his hatred on Americans. One thing, Americans won't stand for it the way Ghanaians have.

Being an American, you can't help but remember all the homophobic American political leaders that were caught out there engaging in gay sexcapades. 

It has even happened in Iran, one of the worst countries in the world to be gay, unless you're a top Iranian official, like the ones caught in the viral sex videos. The punishment for these homosexual acts in Iran, is death.

However these top officials weren't killed, as a matter of fact the official comments from the government was that the people who shared and posted these videos and the leaked sex phone conversations were the real criminal.

I am going to post screenshots of the tweets posted to Bongo Ideas Twitter X account and the actual link as well. I for some reason, think that pretty soon the young, dumb blogger will be deleting them in the very near future.

He might not because he knows that any hatred he gets will gain him more followers and more fame as in the country queitly known for their cruelty.

The hidden rape culture and the ignored femicide in Ghana, will one day come to the forefront, which is my hope. Nothing that is hidden, ignored and lied about will ever be addressed or fixed. Ghana and Ghanaians need to come to the truth about the ugly issues in the country.

The crime is rampant but Ghanaians fear and mistrust of the police keeps them from reporting crimes. The lack of a digital database to track, store and monitor crime and reports are nonexistent This is how the country gets away with the high rate of unchanged corruption.

When you have no digital footprint, those paper police reports, which are never logged into a ledger book the way its done in Kenya, in ink while giving you a DCI (police report number) number. Ghana will reluctantly do this, people are known to be called into the police departments and buy their police reports.

Essentially the richer you are in Ghana the easier it is for you to get out of trouble.

Here are the posts from Bongos Twitter X account:

Screenshot from Twitter

Screenshot from Twitter

Screenshot from Twitter

Homophobic Politician Resigns After Getting Busted At Gay Sex Party During Lockdown

One of Hungary’s most fiercely anti-LGBTQ+ politicians was allegedly busted at a gay orgy in Belgium after it was broken up by police for violating the country’s COVID-19 guidelines.

József Szájer, a member of the conservative ruling Fidesz Party in Hungary’s parliament, was arrested after police raided an all-male gathering held near Brussels’ famed Grote Markt. Neighbors complained that the party, which numbered a reported 25 attendees, flouted the country’s strict limitations on social gatherings. Belgium, which has the highest rate of coronavirus deaths in the world, prohibits more than four people from congregating at a time. Violators face a $300 fine.

According to reports, Szájer attempted to evade arrest by climbing down a drainpipe and fleeing the scene. When he was apprehended by police, a Belgian prosecutor claimed his “hands were bloody” due to a likely injury during his attempted escape and he was discovered with unidentified narcotics in his backpack, per the New York Times.

Szájer was reportedly granted diplomatic immunity along with one other individual present.In a statement released on Sunday, the 59-year-old denied that he had taken drugs but announced that he would be resigning from parliament effective on December 31. Although Szájer, who is married to Tünde Handó of the Hungarian Constitutional Court, did not acknowledge that the gathering was a gay sex party, he said that he “deeply [regrets” violating the COVID restrictions” and called his actions “irresponsible.”

Source: Them.Us

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights as it tries to move international.

©️TB Obwoge 2024 All Rights Reserved

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I'm the president of a nonprofit. I've lived in 3 countries, I love to travel, take photos and help children and women around the world! One day I pray an end to Child Marriages, Rape and a start to equal Education for ALL children 🙏🏽

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