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Foreign Affairs

Hot foreign action

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Foreign Affairs
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It was late evening before the shelling stopped. My unit was pinned down inside a small town not far from base camp. A local took pity on me and hid me away in her shelter. She was a rather small woman. All I could see was her hands and her eyes. We had been there since early that morning. We were on a night patrol when our vehicle took a hit.

After the medevac came hauled off the wounded it only left four of us. I was covering the rear flank when my team leader told me to take cover and hide. He and the others were scouting ahead and found a sizable force. They took cover and said we would regroup when reinforcements showed up.

The lady that hid me fixed me some food and had some goat's milk for a drink. She never spoke a word. After we ate, she brought over a big bowl and filled it up with water. It looked weird and was brown colored but was hot at least.

She came over and stripped me down and started washing me all over. She even took extra care around my tool. After she had me all clean and hard, she surprised me.

She handed me the sponge and she stripped off her dusty clothes. She let me wash her body. It was beautiful under all that. She had long black hair with nice sized breasts. She was rather attractive for being in the middle of a war zone.

I cleaned her up, so she sparkled, and she smiled. I handed the sponge back and she moved it and the water bowl to the table near us.

She then came over and laid down on the makeshift bed and motioned for me to come over. She spread her legs and let me have her. It was a great surprise to me. She was tight for her age.

I was pumping away and about to explode. I started to pull out, but she wrapped her legs around me and kept me inside of her. It was so hot inside of her. She had been experiencing orgasms this whole time. She was so wet. I could not take any more and I let loose deep inside of her.

She kept me pinned in while we lay there for nearly twenty minutes. My rod had lost its firmness and was barely staying in. She had me held so tight to her body. It was like she had not had any human touch in her life for a long time now.

She finally let go and grabbed the bowl and sponge. She cleaned me all up and helped me back on with my gear. She then cleaned herself up and put her clothes back on too. We sat for a while longer just holding one another while I waited on the rest of the unit to get to us.

While we were waiting another young woman and her husband made it to the shelter. They spoke back and forth in their language. Then I finally noticed that the man turned towards me.

He said, “My mother thanks you for showing her kindness today. The bombs dropping was how she lost her husband. It was close to four years ago and although my mother is taken care of for food and shelter, she does not have a man so she cannot leave her home. She says if you would marry her and take her back with you, she would make you a wonderful wife. She is still young and has many childbearing days left. “

I smiled and replied, “Your mother is a wonderful woman, and I enjoyed her company today, but I still have two months left to serve here. If she would like we could get to know one another more and then see what happens. Does she speak any English? “

The man talked to his mother in his foreign tongue and turned to me and said, “That would be agreeable.”

My call came through right after we had talked. I went out and linked up with my unit. We went over and collected the rest of my squad and headed onward toward the encampment at the edge of the village. We all took up positions and took the camp by force. It was a mad minute and we only had four of us wounded. The enemy had twelve dead and many more wounded.

After we secured the camp, we found details about other camps. We also found papers and maps of storage places for a lot of gear they had stockpiled. We passed that up the chain of command.

We made it back to base camp and got cleaned up. I was talking with my buddy and filled him in on what happened during the day while we waited to link back up. He was so surprised. He knows some of their native tongue, so he started teaching it to me.

It was two weeks more before I made it to the village again. I made it in, and she made me dinner and we shared it by campfire light. We made love again. It was nice. She was more comfortable this time.

I surprised her and went down on her. I started licking her rock-hard nubbin. She was moaning in a hot minute. Her body was squirming all around while I satisfied her hot little box. She was pouring her juices out all over my face. I was only down there for about five minutes, and she grabbed me and pulled me up. She had all she could take of that. I had already had an explosion inside of her, but my rod was still hard as ever.

I laid down and guided her head to my shaft. She kept looking at me strangely. I finally pulled out a picture I had of a woman doing what I wanted and showed her. She understood it some. It looks like they do not do that sort of thing here.

I reached down and grabbed the base of my rod and angled it toward her mouth again. She kissed it all over with her lips closed. Then she took it from my hand and held it where I was. She opened her mouth and looked up at me. I made some motions for her, and she looked back down. She started licking the tip and finally opened her mouth. She took it in but just the tip. She would look up at me every now and then. She started sucking it and then she would come off and lick the whole thing. She did this for a bit. I had her put me back in her mouth and I put my hand behind her head. I gently guided her down my rod with her mouth. Then I pulled myself back out most of the way. I did it several times, nice and slow. She got the idea rather quickly. She started sucking me up and down. Her head makes a nice pace of it. I was ready to explode again, and I put my hand on the back of her head softly. I exploded my load into her mouth. It felt wonderful.

I pulled my hand away after I was done, and she lifted and spit my whole load into her hand and put it into her warm little kitty. She grabbed her drink and started downing it fast.

She finally spoke some broken English, “I like you to do that to me.” she said.

She continued speaking, “My name is Afhak. I want to have your child. Please marry me.”

I smiled and said, “Afhak I will make the arrangements when I go back tomorrow.”

I made it back to camp and spoke to our preacher and explained what had happened with Afhak and me. I told him I would like to marry her and take her home with me.

The preacher made all the arrangements, and it took nearly the rest of the time I had left of my tour. I was being discharged after this one and I had no plans of coming back. We were married the day before I was to be discharged. I was able to get a pass and the luxurious accommodations of Afhak’s home for our honeymoon. We had to be back early the next morning so we could meet the transport out.

We made it back to the states and my family greeted her with open arms. She had learned enough English to function in the states. I know she worked super hard learning it. I enrolled her in a school so she could get her citizenship papers as soon as the allotted time came around. I taught her many things and she in turn taught me how to live my life to the fullest.

She had a great outlook on life. She was able to learn without fear of death. She became a mother two more times. One boy and one girl to fill out our roster. I will never forget our first night. She couldn’t even speak our language, but she was speaking the language of love. She has brought me so much happiness. Now being a soccer mom to our oldest she still outshines all the other women on the field.

It is too bad the people of the world cannot get along. People the world over only want one thing. They want some freedom to raise a family in a safe place. They want just enough so that they can meet the needs of the family. Countries and politicians control policy and propaganda behind the wars. We may never really know what they were really fought over. Why not have one government that everyone agrees upon for the planet. No wars just long debates.


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