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End of a Long week

Naughty sister inlaw

By DSPublished 3 years ago 9 min read
End of a Long week
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Long week at work. I get home Friday night and strip down as soon as I walk through the door. I head straight into it the bathroom and get a shower. I dry off and go to the kitchen and grab a snack cake and a tall glass of water. At this point no one was up. The wife was in her bed. The kids in theirs.

I'm walking around naked shutting off the lights and locking down the house. I make my way to the bedroom and just crawl into it. I cuddle up close to the back of my wife and put my arm around her. It was not long, and I was sleeping.

I awoke a few hours later to find my tool extremely hard and being used to rub my wife's little nubbin. It felt great the way she was using it. It was getting all wet from her little kitty.

I pulled her long tee-shirt up past her breasts and grabbed them. My hands were shaking from the intense feeling I was getting from my wife's rubbing my head on her nubbin. I was rolling her nipples with my fingers, and they were so hard.

My wife was moaning so loud I was afraid she would wake the kids. She screamed in ecstasy and drenched my head with her juices.

She slid my tool into her and started rocking on it. I helped and started to meet her thrusting with my own. Her kitty felt so tight compared to what I was used to. I was ready to blow my top. I slowed so I could keep composure. My wife had other ideas.

She spun around keeping her back to me and started pounding me. It only took a couple of minutes, and I was groaning in pleasure. I was exploding deep inside her. She kept her pace and had an orgasm herself right after mine.

After a moment she grabbed the sheet from the end of the bed and pulled it over her head. She pulled up off me and spun around. I could not see her, but I felt her mouth on my tool. She was sucking on my limp rod. Cleaning my shaft of our juices. She sucked and licked my whole shaft. She even took my balls into her mouth and gently sucked them.

My wife never pays this much attention to me. She had me hard again in minutes. She was busy licking my tip when I felt her start nibbling it. It felt so good. My staff was feeling so hard. It was bigger than normal. She had me throbbing.

Suddenly the lights came on. My wife was standing at the edge of the bed. She was undressing as she looked into my eyes.

Carrie, my wife asked, "What do you think you are doing Harry."

I reached down and pulled the sheet away from the woman's head that was pleasing me. It was her younger sister home from college. Her name was Bethany. She kept my rod in her mouth and looked over at my wife. Then she started sucking me harder. Her pace sped up and she had me down her throat with her tongue teasing my balls.

I looked over at my wife who was now completely naked and sitting on the side of the bed. She laid on her side and started rubbing my chest. She started kissing me while Bethany was working my tool.

Bethany was working her mouth so well on my staff. I was ready to explode from her mouth again. I was moaning and my wife reached down and rubbed my balls while Bethany sucked my shaft. I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Wiping her mouth, she slid up next to me and kissed me on my cheek.

Carrie said, "Are you satisfied now Bethany? You have seduced my husband and had sex with him.

Bethany replied, "Yes your husband has a very nice tool. Now I know why you are always so tired. He did not know it was me. He thought I was you because I was sleeping in your bed."

Carrie replied, "I know my husband would not cheat on me knowingly. But all you had to do was ask Bethany I would have shared, and I will share. My husband knows I do not get jealous, and I really enjoy the help. He has a sex drive that never shuts down."

I wrapped my arms around both women and kissed them both on the lips. They both curled up beside me and fell asleep. I followed about five minutes later.

I awoke the next morning with my wife watching me sleep. My rod was standing on end hard as ever.

Carrie said, "Me and the kids are going out for lunch. My sister will be here. She said she will watch the kids all weekend if you take care of her today. I should say you are taking care of my sister so we can have a weekend to ourselves."

Bethany walks out of the bathroom naked and wet from the shower. She was licking her lips, seeing my tool all hard and ready.

Bethany said, "Sis do not worry I will not break him "

Bethany climbs on the bed and straddled me. She put my hard rod right into her hot dripping love nest. She bends down and starts kissing me.

I hear the scamper of little feet and the kids yelling, "We love you Dad and Auntie. See you soon, have fun helping Aunt Bethany with her problem."

Carrie smiles, "Yes honey, have fun helping auntie with her problem. I will text when we are coming back home."

Bethany started slamming down on my hard cock. She was so violent with her thrusting that the whole bed was shaking. She seen me start to groan and she hops off. She spins around and plants her cute little kitty above my mouth. Her juices flowing and dripping down already. Her sweet juices tasted so good.

I started licking her cute hard nubbin. She started groaning with each flick of my tongue. I had her whole-body quivering.

In her thralls of passion, she grabbed my shaft and stuffed it into her mouth. With each lick I gave her she would take me deeper into her throat.

I reached up with both hands and pulled her kitty closer so I could really dig in. I had my tongue in her hole licking her kitty walls. She went totally wild on my shaft. She was bouncing up and down with her mouth. I sucked in her nubbin and started flicking it with my tongue.

She grabbed my ass and shoved her mouth all the way down my rod. She started gagging. She came up for air and I exploded all over her face.

She screamed in ecstasy and flooded my mouth with her sweet juices. She spun around again and laid down on top of me. Her legs straddled me. She started kissing me passionately. She was wild. She was biting my neck and sucking on it.

She kept massaging my rod with her very wet love nest. Her juices were still super-hot and leaking on my rod with her every move. She set up and grabbed my rod and used the tip to rub her hot nubbin more. She had me standing tall in no time.

She stood up and got down on all fours. She reached back and spread her cheeks.

Bethany said, "Take my booty baby."

I got behind her and plowed in. It was so well lubed that I slid right into my balls. I grabbed her sides and started plowing hard and fast into her bottom. She was moaning and meeting my every thrust with her own. She loved it. It was even tighter than her kitty.

I could only handle a few minutes in her tight booty. I pulled her back and buried my stiff shaft inside of her. I exploded an enormous load into her.

So big I just rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside her. She laid on her side beside me giggling.

Bethany said, "I bet big sis never did that for you."

I smiled her way and pulled her closer and kissed her.

I grabbed her hand and led her to the shower. We climbed in and washed each other's bodies completely.

As we climbed out of the shower and started drying off, I noticed that Bethany had her phone in the bathroom. She has been recording us this whole time.

I was recovering now and started getting hard so I positioned myself so the camera could see me good. I pulled Bethany over and guided her mouth to my shaft. I put my left hand on her head and grabbed a handful of hair. I started pulling it tighter and tighter. I was thrusting deep into her mouth and throat. She was a little confused but seen what I was doing finally. She got into it and played the part. I finished by holding her just inches from my rod and exploding into her open mouth.

Bethany reached over and grabbed the camera and held it close showing her juice covered face and her mouth full of tasty white goo. She then turned it off.

I asked, "So who is the video for?"

Bethany, smiling as she was wiping her face off said, "Well sis bet me I could not get you off more than once in one setting. "

Laughing I said, "What do you win since we both know you won."

Bethany giggling said, "I get to move in and share your bed because I have flunked out of college. Carrie said if I could please you and help her out around the house I could stay longer. Dad said if I don't finish college, he would not let me move back. "

I replied, "Your sister is just plain mean. She knows I have wanted to have you since our wedding day. She teased me saying she would surprise me with a birthday threesome sometime with you if I behaved."

Bethany said, "Well Carrie is hiding her desires from you. She told me long ago that she loves to watch a man and a woman go at it. She has orgasms just watching. She said last night watching me give you a blow job was so hot for her."

I smiled and took her hand. We walked out to the bedroom and started getting dressed. Carrie walked in as we were finishing up.

Carrie and Bethany disappeared for a while, and I could hear them giggling. They were watching her home movie. After an hour they both came into the den where me and the kids were watching a movie. They each took up places beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. My wife was busy whispering in my ear.

What she whispered in my ear changed our marriage forever. She went on that when her and her sister were younger, they talked about having a man to share and raise a family with. She always hid and watched her sister, and her boyfriends do stuff. It made her so hot. She said that she was given a year to live, and she wanted her family taken care of by someone she could trust. She didn't want me to go without a lover and the kids without a mother figure.

We had two more good years and my wife passed. Not a day goes by that we do not think of her. Me and Bethany thank her daily for her love and her wise and caring heart.


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