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Fallen Deep

by Habby Grac 10 months ago in fiction

Bash&Wit Chapter 11

Waking up coughing from the burning sensation in my throat. The room spun for a second while I adjusted to the blinding light, my eyes shot around the room Mo, Jerry, Tee even Ma? Why was she down from the mountains? It was then that the realization hit me.


I did that again; I didn’t mean too I swear! I told myself for a good minute until my eyes shot to the door seeing Gun standing there sad and scared.

“Gun!” my voice was horse and nervous, I hadn’t seen him in weeks. He rushed to my side without warning he slapped my legs,

“What the hell did you do?” gulping the lump in my throat before tears welled up dropping from my eyes. Swallowed in a well-needed hug hissing at the pain the shot through my lower belly.

Lifting my shirt to a netted dressing across my stomach, arching my eyebrow for someone to give me an explanation.

“You had a bouncing baby boy,” Mo joked, patted Gun on the back as if he was the baby. Glaring as the room fell quiet again even Ma who is a chatterbox was stone-cold quiet.

“You damaged your kidney between dehydrating and overdosing you nearly died,” Jerry explained, my head stayed downward, I wasn’t just ashamed of what I did I couldn’t put into words the internal pain I felt for making everyone worry about me, but oddly enough I was also happy to know I actually had people that did care for me.

“I didn’t mean to do that, I swear!” I wasn’t just saying it actually meant it, tears poured from my eyes.

“We know sweetie, it doesn’t help that you have some hot guys fighting for your heart too,” Ma spoke, and I nearly died again, how did she know?

“So my hunch was right, Bash and Gun right?” I could just nod for my answer.

I’m doomed, I can only imagine what she was told while I was out cold. Everyone left Gun and I alone and for a good five minutes we were quiet, he just held me in his arms as I laid on his chest listening to his heartbeat, so steady and soothing I never want this to end. I can’t believe I fell in love with two-man that I can’t have.

“What was going through your head Witchit?” he voice vibrated through my ear making it harder for me to answer,

“I…I…I’m not sure really,” I sniffed

“I really didn’t mean to do it, I just wanted to erase everything that has happened,”

“Between us too?”

“Witchit, I understand I really do, but you need to get past this, your parents wouldn’t be one bit happy from you doing this over a mistake.” He scolds me harshly, but sadly he was right I nearly ended my life because I let my depression get the best of me.

“I want you and Bash to figure things out,”

“What if I’d rather be with you? Why do you keep pushing me to him? What are you gaining out of it? Questions roll off my tongue without a beat, I’ve been wondering this for weeks and it was time to tell me no matter how deeply I knew it would hurt,

“Bash is sick remember,” my face instantly went confused what does Bash have to with this,

“He needs a liver transplant…”

“WHAT?” I rushed to get out of bed to find him, stopping mid scoot

“Wait, How do you know?” this puzzle was getting more and more complicated watching as he rubbed his hands together, a nervous tick I noticed from our time together. He sat in the chair next to my bed, holding my hands.

“Bash is my brother,”

“You’re funny, that would mean…” my voice trailed off as I watched that his face never changed emotions. Before I knew it vile sour-tasting puke shot from my mouth along with tears from my eyes.


“Get out, get out, Get out! I hate you!” I screamed on the top of my lungs, the sickness and disgust that flow through me at that moment seemed never-ending.

“Whoa, hey Wit Hey!” Mo rushed to my side holding as I screamed, I didn’t even notice nurses rushing the room too not moment later everything went black.


“Answer me now, What the fuck was that about? We left for ten minutes and I get off the elevator to hear my brother screaming on the top of his lungs. What the fuck did you do?” I wanted nothing more than to ripe his head off but he just stood there looking like he was about to cry,

“I told him the truth, Bash has been hiding stuff and it was time he knew,”

“So your some kind of spy or something, I want the Fucking truth Now!”

“Bash is my brother, he’s dying, the only way to save him is if I give him my liver, I fucked up when I fell in love with his girlfriend and then his boyfriend.”

He shook his head pacing back and forth,

“I just wanted to give back what I took, you really think Tom-Tom is his son, Bash can’t get it up for a girl.” I felt the ground shift as I turned to walk away, all this was wrong and in so many ways. I needed Rac, he was the only person I could rely on at this time, Wit fell in love with a player and lair at the same time and now he’s fucking to survive them mentally. As if he could hear my plea Rac walked into the waiting room with his beautiful red hair blowing in the wind, I didn’t even care who we were around I grabbed him by the neck and hugged him deep and tight. He didn’t protest I felt his arms wrap around me whispering

“Everything will be ok baby,” he’s words soothe me enough to turn to Gun and punch him hard enough to knock him to the floor. Everyone else just stood there in shock, taking Rac by the neck rushing him to our car outside, I needed air and I needed to vent.

I can’t believe they did that; the bigger question was did they plan it out or did it just happen.

“Mo, what happened?” he said holding my hand we’ve been sitting in the car for about ten minutes, I knew he was just patiently waiting for me to speak I love him for that too. I didn’t speak I just grabbed his neck pulling him into a deep lustful kiss.

“Baby, let's talk, we have time for that at home later, Wit is more important right now.” It’s true, but my dick was screaming for a release. Our eyes meant, every time I look into his eyes, I see magic and love, and with a smile, I felt my pants unzip before I could speak his head descended. There’s no greater pleasure than feeling his swirl around my head. Between my moans and his huffs, the car fogged up quickly, his hand massaged my balls and my hands massaged his head. I felt the swell of my arousal hitting its peck,

“Rac, Baby… I’m I’m…”


“Mhmm~~” smiling at him licking his lips those prefect lips, again I grabbed the back of his neck attacking his lips, tasting my cum along with his strawberry lipstick.

“Have I told you that I love you?”

“I few times, but it never gets old to hear, I love you too,” He will always be the only one that can calm me down, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Undoubtedly our bliss was short-lived when my phone binged with a message from Ma, telling me that Wit was awake, and Bash was seating in the waiting room. Growling nearly the whole back into the waiting room seeing Bash pacing the floors, but it didn’t stop me from grabbing him with one swing I busted his lip, it wasn’t close to what he did to my brother though.

“I have one question and you better answer right,” I spat standing over him sitting on the floor, Rac gripped my arm telling me that guards were coming.

“Why didn’t you tell Wit about Gun?” the face he made told me everything I needed to know, and I accepted it, for now, that is.

“Mo, what is going on here?”

“Nothing Ma just a misunderstanding that’s all,”

“A misunderstanding my ass, I’m not fragile tell me the truth damn it,”

“Bash and Gun are brothers and they played with Wit’s feelings, see Bash here is married and has a son that is actually Gun’s and Gun here is trying to make amends by giving Bash his liver so he doesn’t die. Did I get it right?” I snapped as Bash and Gun pace in opposite directions, both glared at me as I explained everything to Ma.

“Both of you out NOW!” Ma snapped, her sweetness toward them was gone within a second, because we all know Witchit himself has been through hell and back, his parent’s deaths wasn’t an accident and they were the world's greatest parents either. Wit coming to us was his salvation from them.

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