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F*** Factory

Smut. Smutty Smut Smut. Seriously IT'S SMUT!!

By Kevin BarkmanPublished about a month ago 22 min read
F*** Factory
Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Disclaimer: 18+ This story contains graphic descriptions of ENTIRELY CONSENSUAL, but graphically sexual acts. As the subtitle might suggest, THIS IS SMUT.

“As you can see here, Ms. Aizawa, our proprietary technology captures the energy from our workers’ screams and moans. We then pump that energy into several large storage batteries along the outside of the building. Those are connected to the main power grid. This one facility produces enough energy to power the entire city. We have three.”

“I must admit, Mr. Wilson, I am quite impressed with your operation.” She muses. “And how do you keep your employees so…docile?”

“Docile?” I smirk, “Oh, no. Never docile. Our entire staff is here of their own free will. We get dozens of eager applicants every week. Each one signs a consent contract and NDA during their onboarding process. We even have a lawyer present at the final interview to walk prospectives through the requirements of their new profession. And a doctor to ensure their wellbeing.”

“I see.”

Ms. Aizawa meanders around our unoccupied collection bench display, fiddling with the leather straps and padded chair. She gingerly lifts the mask from its hook, inspecting all the wires and hoses.

She holds the mask up to her face sniffing at the inside. Her eyes cross slightly, drawing out her words. “What is that delightful smell?”

“Careful,” I chide playfully, taking the mask from her. “What you are smelling is a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s specially formulated to replenish the body and keep arousal at its peak for the entirety of the shift. Each of our Sluts wears a mask just like that one when in the chair. The chemical is then pumped through the nosepiece. The screams are captured through the gag inside the mask.”

“Hmm. Intriguing. But should you really be calling your employees ‘Sluts’? Seems a little degrading, don’t you think?”

“Uh…Yes, you would think so. But, um…The union actually requested the use of that particular term. It’s written into their bargaining agreement.”

“Is it?”

“I know. It takes some getting used to. But I assure you, that is the preferred term for the men and women who help provide one of our most valuable recourses.”

“Slut.” She repeats under her breath, as though testing out how it sounds on her tongue. “I could see how one might…never mind. Do you think I could get a full tour? I would love to see the factory floor and observe your clearly dedicated workforce.”

“Of course. Right this way.” I offer my hand out to Ms. Aizawa and lead her out of the dimly lit office. As she passes me, I hazard a glance at her shapely body. I even catch a whiff of a lovely perfume. But this is no time to be ogling a beautiful woman. We’re here to close a deal.

Although, while we walk through the halls, I can’t help but notice an alluring sway to her hips. Her pretty bubble butt bounces beneath a tight red skirt that hardly hides her cheeks. Either I didn’t notice it earlier, or this is a new development. Which would mean she’s putting on a show for me. Naughty girl.

I shake away the thought, stepping past her so the temptation might subside.

I catch Ms. Aizawa staring as we pass by the break room. Staring at the half-dozen naked bodies of all sizes milling about and talking as though this were any old factory and any old breakroom. One woman’s ass jiggles as she reaches up to the top shelf for a glass. Another idly pinches her nipples while playing on her phone. Two of the men shoot the shit by the water cooler, cocks still standing to attention.

I wave to them as they notice us in the doorway. “G’morning, folks.”

“Morning, Boss!” One of the ladies jumps to her feet. “Ooh. Who is your lovely guest, sir? Will she be joining our crew?”

The woman, Elenora, who has been with the company for seven years or so, brushes the back of her hand down Ms. Aizawa’s cheek. Elenora’s a little shorter than Ms. Aizawa. She leans in close, staring up into the sexy businesswoman’s eyes.

“Um. Not exactly.” I mutter, seeing Ms. Aizawa’s cheeks blush bright red. “This is Ms. Keiko Aizawa. She is a liaison for the Department of Energy. She is putting together a proposal for a government partnership with FFI on a new infrastructure project.”

“Oh, my God, boss.” Elenora all but jumps back. “I’m so sorry. I just—”

“It’s qu-quite alright.” Keiko stammers, face redder than ever. “I came in for the full experience. I wanted to know all about Fuck Factory Inc. Including the empl…Sluts like yourself.”

Elenora is unconvinced, shyly covering herself with her arms.

“On that note,” I interject, “We should probably move along with the tour.”

“Oh, alright.”

I urge Keiko onward, but I still see her glance back at Elenora. Admittedly, Elenora is a looker. She’s not what anyone would call petite, but by god, she looks incredible. Her silvery hair cascades over an ample bosom. I actually just helped her celebrate her thirtieth birthday here a few weeks ago. If you catch my meaning.

I stop right outside the double doors that lead out to the factory floor, turning back to face Ms. Keiko. “Ms. Aizawa. Welcome to the Fuck Factory.”

A cacophony of pleasure echoes off the high ceiling and cinderblock walls. A patterned velvet carpet extends as far as the eye can see. Rows of collection benches run the length of the building. Each and every one…occupied.

Sluts of all shapes, sizes and genders, are strapped into their workstations. Some are paired off, one Slut performing oral or railing their partner into the padding. Others ride vibrating shafts attached to their bench, eyes rolled back in pure extasy. Still others let their own fingers dance between their legs or stroke themselves. For as many collection benches as there are, there’s a different Slut with a different method. Whatever it takes.

“Oh. My.” Ms. Aizawa mutters. “I thought I was prepared, but…Just wow. This is incredible.”

“Do you like what you see?” I whisper teasingly.

Her gaze locks onto a couple not far away. The woman is bent over forward, her ass up in the air and her partners tongue buried between her legs. Even through the woman’s mask, her moans and squeals reach our ears.

I place a gentle hand on Ms. Aizawa’s lower back, steering her over for a closer look. I lean down next to her ear and lower my voice so only she can hear. “Many of our Sluts opt to…take turns under the mask. Here at the Fuck Factory, we try to foster a…playful and flexible working environment.”

As I emphasize the word flexible, Ms. Keiko’s eyes flutter closed, a pleasurable sigh escaping her. Her breathing quickens, her breasts heaving under her form fitting blouse. One of her hands finds my thigh close behind her. She absently grips at the fabric of my pants.

Almost immediately, she pulls herself back together. At least partially. She steadies her breathing, but her hand lingers a moment longer. She looks over her shoulder at me, our faces mere inches from one another.

“H-have you…” She trails off.

“Have I…? Tried it out myself?” I finish for her, smirking. “Once or twice.”

“And? W-what is it like?”

“Exquisite.” She bites her lower lip, her gaze flicking between my eyes and my lips. “Sometimes,” I whisper, “I’ll just walk the floor to observe our workforce in action. Occasionally, I’ll be noticed by one of our Sluts and invited to join in. The union agreement doesn’t allow managers like me to take the place of any Slut, but if invited, we are more than welcome to participate. Many do. Me included.”

“Oh…So…” Her voice quivers as she swallows back a question. “So, I wouldn’t be…I wouldn’t be able to try it out for myself today? For educational purposes, of course.”

“Educational, of course.” I make a show of looking around the factory floor. “But I don’t know. I think it might be best if we head bac—”

“Please, Mr. Wilson.” She leans back against me, pressing herself against my body. She looks up at me with a ache in her eyes. “I would very much like to experience it for myself. I c-can’t exactly give an accurate report if I-I don’t have all the information.”

She slips her hand into mine, tracing it across her abdomen. I crack a smile as I feel her ass gently rubbing against my crotch. My own arousal creeps its way up, my bulge growing with every touch.

“No, I suppose you can’t.” I growl into her ear. “I have an idea…a compromise if you will. We’ll go back to the display hall and use the bench in there. It is fully functional, after all.”


My cock twitches painfully in my pants at hearing her use the honorific. I’m sure she can feel it now, pressed together as we are. I can’t very well disappoint her now.

I reluctantly pull myself away from her long enough to hail one of the attendants. I press my hand against Ms. Keiko’s back, guiding her back whence we came. She starts walking without protest, seductively biting her lip as glances back to me.

“Phillippa,” I squeak. “Please have the display chair ready for use in five minutes.”

“Gas and all, boss?” The woman teases.

“The works. Fill the room. I don’t think we’ll be bothering with the mask today.” We both turn to leave, but I remember something…important. “Oh, and Philippa!” I lower my voice so only she can hear. “Have Elenora meet us there. Quick as possible.”

“Of course, boss. I’ll get right on it.”

“Thank you, Alice.”

An excited shiver wracks my spine as I turn back to Ms. Keiko. We make our way back to the display room, but I stop us off at my office before we go in.

“I need to grab something, and you need to sign the release forms.”

“Oh, alright. Nothing screams sexy like paperwork.”

I start to talk her through the document, but she signs before I get out more than a sentence. “Eager are we?”

“Simply… curious about the government’s new investment. Sir.”

Another shiver. “Patience, gorgeous. The room is being prepared as we speak.” I glance at my watch, “In fact, it should be ready any second now.”

Without her seeing, I pluck a ream of condoms from my desk drawer and slip them into my pocket.

She laces her fingers into mine, and all but drags me into the next room. Alice is just finishing up with the preparations, disinfecting the last of the leather cuffs.

“Have fun, you two.” She smirks, leaving the room.

The door closes with the hiss of the hermetical seal, leaving the dimly lit room in total silence. Elenora isn’t here yet, so it’s just the two of us for now. A light pink mist drifts in from the vents on the far wall, settling and diffusing throughout the room. I can already feel the aphrodisiac tingling in my lungs. My skin prickles with anticipation. And I can already tell it’s affecting Ms. Aizawa as well.

Ms. Keiko saunters over to the collection bench, running her fingernails over the leather padding. She traces her hand down the chair, across the stirrups, and between where her legs should be. Will be, soon enough.

Much to my pleasant surprise, Alice went above and beyond. Because nestled between the thigh cuffs is a large purple shaft mounted to a thrusting machine: an optional attachment preferred by some of FFI’s Sluts. Alice must have pulled one out of storage for me.

I’ll have to remember to reward her later.

“So,” Keiko whispers, sending another shiver down my back. “How should we get started?”

“Take off your clothes.” I command, a feral growl creeping into my voice. The gas is taking effect faster than I anticipated. I storm right up to her, hardly able to contain myself. My rock hard cock pulses in my pants itching to be unleashed.

“My, my, Mr. Wilson.” She teases, “So forward. Why don’t you make me?”

“I wouldn’t want to ruin that pretty little blouse, but if you keep this up, you don’t leave me many options.”

Not to be intimidated, she gets as close as she can without us touching. She stands up on her tiptoes, her lips right next to my ear, she moans, “Make. Me.”

She squeals in delight as with one fluid motion, I spin her around, pulling her against me. Buttons skitter across the tiled floor as I rend open her blouse, her magnificent breasts spilling out. She lets me pull the ruined shirt off her shoulders and throw out of our way.

As I spin her back around, she wraps one arm around my neck, pulling herself up for a kiss. Of course, I kiss her back. Deeply. Eagerly. Greedily. As my hands explore her exposed flesh.

It’s like a hunger that won’t be sated.

She pushes her body back, using her free hand to unclasp her bra and let it fall to the floor. I unzip her skirt, then, hooking my thumbs under her panties, rip them down around her ankles. As stand back up, I scoop her up under her perfect ass, lifting her to my level. She instantly wraps her legs around me, locking her feet behind my back.

I nearly slam her down onto the bench, my fervor getting the better of me. She entwines her fingers in my hair, but releases her legs, letting them spread open on the bench.

Seeing a perfect opportunity, I let my hands wander, searching for and finding one of the thigh cuffs. As sneakily as I can, I get the strap over her left leg. She doesn’t notice until after it’s already secured.

“O-oh.” She moans. “Wha’re you doing?”

“Trust me.” I hiss, kissing just below her ear. Then her neck. Her shoulder. “I told you you’d get the full Fuck Factory experience, didn’t I? Let me show you.”


“Alright, what?” I tease, working at the strap on over her other leg.

“I don’t understand.”

“‘Alright, Sir.’” I corrected. “I liked it when you called me ‘Sir’ before.”

“Oh!” She bites her lip seductively, “Of course, Sir. I should have known better, Sir.”

“Much better.” I growl, grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head. “Now, be a good girl and keep your hands right there for me.” I pull two cuffs from behind the headrest and secure her arms to the bench. “How does that feel? Too tight? Not tight enough?”

Keiko wriggles her naked body, pulling futilely against her bonds. “Perfect, Sir. But now, I’m all exposed. You could do whatever you wanted to me. Have your way with this…helpless. Tied up. Horny. Depraved little whore…Sir.”

“I intend to.”

I stand back up to my full height, eliciting a groan from my pretty little plaything.

I steady my breathing as I undo my tie. Then my shirt. Wetness glistens between Keiko’s legs as I undress in front of her. I slowly undo my belt, making a show of taking my time. When I finally drop my pants—boxers included—my shaft springs to life, the pain of keeping it under wraps finally released.

Keiko gasps slightly at the sight, squirming in her bonds. “You have suck a—I mean, such a nice cock, Sir. Is it hard like that because of me?”

“Obviously.” I growl. “How could it not be? I mean, look at you. You have quite the magnificent body. I’ve been holding back this boner all morning. I have been trying not to stare, but I just haven’t been able to stop imagining your juicy ass jiggling while you bounce on my cock. Or picturing you on your knees, looking up at me with my dick between your pretty lips. I’ve been wanting to bury my face between your perfect tits since you stepped foot in my office.”

“So, what are you waiting for now, Sir? I’m all yours.” She squeaks.

“I saw the way you were teasing me.” I walk around behind the bench out of her sight, pressing a pedal with my foot. The bench leans back until her face and bound arms are even with my raging hard-on. “Taunting me all morning. You don’t get what you want that easily.”

I punctuate my words by pulling a pin behind her headrest, freeing the arms of the bench and letting them move to her sides before locking them back in place. Now with her arms spread wide, I tilt the headrest back, letting her head loll back to stare up at my cock.

I kneel down next to her, gently kiss her lips, then whisper, “You see, now it’s my turn to make you squirm.”

I look her in the eyes with a mischievous grin while I reach up and grab a handful of her soft breast. I grope and squeeze until I feel the vibration of her moans beneath my hand. I trace my fingers around and around her areola before pinching her nipple. She wriggles against her restraints, releasing a feral groan at the touch.

“P…Please, Sir.” She whimpers. “I need you inside me.”

“All in due time, gorgeous. There’s so much more I have in store for you first.”

I circle the chair again, getting back between her legs. I pull another pin and spread her legs wide open. Her glistening cunt beacons me to have my way, my cock throbbing at the thought, but I restrain myself for now.

Instead, I align the rubber shaft of the thrusting machine with her entrance, gently teasing the tip against her clit. At which she lets out one hell of a moan. I have to steel myself to not give in to my baser urges. I have too many naughty things in store for her. I can’t give myself over until I’m ready.

With the flick of a switch and a soft whirring, the shaft presses into her, splitting her lips and burying the rubber cock insider her. Her eyes cross ever so slightly at the sensation as her mind loses focus.

“Oh, fuck.” She mutters, her moans catching in her throat. Ever so slowly, I turn up the dial, increasing the speed and intensity of the thrust. Her moans only get louder and louder, coming quickly to fever pitch. “Oh! Fuck me!”

I trail my fingertips over her leg, tracing the outline of a snake tattooed around her thigh. I work my way up her stomach, feeling the stiffness of the rod pulsating inside her as she struggles and squirms, unable to move more than an inch or so in any direction. I can tell she’s trying to push herself farther down on the shaft.

God, she looks incredible.

Goosebumps ripple across her skin, prickling under my fingertips. I bend down over her, flicking my tongue over her hard nipple. Her breasts heave. Her breathing quickens. I kiss and lick and suck. And bite. Another screaming moan wracks her whole body.

The smell of her is intoxicating. Maybe it’s the pink mist, or maybe it’s the combination, but I don’t think I can resist much longer. I need to release…something…sooner rather than later.

But I’m not done with her yet.

I push myself away from her, letting my hand linger around her throat. I don’t squeeze. At least not very hard. Just enough to let her I’m there.

I come to stand in front of her face again, the bench just at the right height. “Open your mouth, Slut.”

“Y-y-yes. Sssir.” She whines, swallowing before her lips part.

My balls tighten in anticipation. My cock throbs. I tap my shaft against her cheek, “Are you ready for it?”

She answers by sticking out her tongue and opening her mouth wide.

“Good girl,” I slip my head between her lips, pushing further and further, feeling her tongue…her teeth…her throat wrap around my cock until she chokes just a little bit. “Good. Girl.”

I feel myself starting to lose control. My hips, almost of their own accord, thrust in and out, faster and faster. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. Her throat feels exquisite as her moans vibrate around me.

I thrust again, and again. Tears stream across her cheeks. And again. Spittle splashes around us. And again. and again and—

“Boss?” Comes a sultry voice from over by the door, snapping me to my senses. I pause mid thrust, my shaft buried deep in Keiko’s throat. My attention jerks over to source. The soft silhouette of a naked woman slinks out of the shadows.

“Elenora. Glad you could join us.” I have to speak over Keiko’s sputtering, her nose tickling the small hairs on my sack. Reluctantly, unsatisfied, I extricate my member from its slippery sheath. I’m breathing hard for the effort. She immediately sucks trying to catch her breath. I quickly lean over and reset the headrest to lay flat. I reposition her arms back by her side before planting a passionate kiss square on her lips. “Oh, you’ve been such a good girl for me so far.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Do you like being treated like my personal little whore?”

“Y-Yes, Sir. Anything for you, sir.”

“Excellent. Because I have something special in store for you.” I reach down and flip off the switch on the fuck machine, eliciting a whimper from this beautiful creature before me. There’s a soft pop as I release the pin and slide the rubber cock out from betwixt her lips. She moans in displeasure, but I think she’ll like what cums next. I crook my finger at Elenora who all too eagerly saunters over to the bench.

There’s a soft whirring as I press the pedal to tilt the bench back upright.

“I did this for you, gorgeous. I saw the way you looked at her in the break room. I know you liked what you saw. So, I brought her in just for you.” I plant a kiss on Keiko’s cheek, dropping my voice low. “Do you like your gift, Slut?”

“Oh, my god, sir. She’s so pretty.”

“Do you want her to touch you, Slut?”

“Yes, please.”

“Where do you want her to touch you?”

“Wherever you like, sir. I’m just a tied up little whore. She can use me however you please.”

“Good answer. You heard her, Elenora. You may have your way with her. Don’t bother being gentle.”

As she’s been standing there, waiting for the go ahead, Elenora’s been unable to stop herself from feeling her own body. The second she gets the word, her eyes light up, and she reaches toward Keiko. “Whatever you say, Boss. I’ll admit when I saw her earlier, I thought she was hot, but goddamn. She’s…Hm… delicious.”

“Yes.” I growl in Keiko’s ear, slipping my hand around her throat. “She is.”

“And she’s all mine?” Elenora muses.

“Not all yours, naughty girl.” I turn Keiko’s face into mine, kissing her lips more softly and sensually than she expected. “But if you do well, I will reward you.”

Elenora gets right up next to us, pressing her bare tits against Keiko’s exposed flesh. “As you wish…Boss.”

Without another word, Elenora starts exploring Keiko’s body. She touches and gropes every exposed inch of skin. Keiko arches as best she can into Elenora’s touch, but her lips stay close to mine. I indulge her with another kiss while Elenora has her way.

It doesn’t take long for Elenora to find the more sensitive areas. She licks Keiko’s nipples and slides her fingers into the bound slut’s tight little snatch. Keiko moans into my lips, her throat vibrating in my grip.

Goddamn. Fuck.

I struggle to hold myself back. My cock throbs with each rapid heartbeat.

Then I realize I don’t have to.

There’s a perfectly good outlet for my…frustrations right here. I can do whatever I want and still keep Keiko begging.

At this point, Elenora has moved on to more tasteful exploration, flicking her tongue across Keiko’s clit and lapping up her drippings.

“Would you like to see what I have in store for you later, gorgeous?” I whisper rhetorically into Keiko’s ear.

“Yes! Sir!” She all but screams as I slip around behind Elenora.

I scoop my arm under Elenora’s belly, pulling her magnificent ass higher into the air.

“Boss,” She says, teasingly, pulling away from the whimpering slut. “What are you doing?”

“Keep going.” I command, spitting onto my hand and stroking. I line myself up behind Elenora. She wiggles just a little, winking at me before going back to her task. I can’t help but grab a handful of her juicy backside. A resounding smack ensues. Then another. Then another.

A redness takes the shape of one hand as I use the other to tease my cock against her slit. Clearly the aphrodisiac is having its desired effect as her juices slicken my shaft. Before I even mean to, I slip inside. Where I belong.

My eyes roll back in my head as my thighs smack against her.

“Hng!” Comes Elenora’s muffled moan.

“Fuck!” I groan, losing control of my own body.

I thrust and thrust into the beautiful woman before me, letting my hand wander up her back and tangle into her hair. Just how she likes it. I pull Elenora’s head back, leaving Keiko whimpering.

“But…Sir…I...” She whines, squirming in her bonds.

“Wait your turn, Slut.” Elenora moans as I slam into her again and again. “It’s my cock now.”

Elenora’s magnificent ass smacks into my thighs, echoing through the chamber.

“Goddamn.” I groan barely holding back inside her. I hook my arm under her torso, pulling her up to me. She wiggles her ass against me. It feels so incredible my mind goes fuzzy. “Fuck, woman. This is why you’re my favorite.”

“Eager to please, Boss.” Kissing me over her shoulder.

“Good girl. Do you like showing off for our guest?”

“Yes. Sir.”

“And Miss Keiko,” I gently wrap my fingers around Elenora’s throat, brushing my lips over her shoulder as we grind into each other. “Do you like watching this lovely Slut take it from behind?”

“Hmm. She’s…She’s gorgeous, Sir, but…but…”

“But what, Slut? Do you want something?”

“I want you inside me, Sir. Please! Please fuck me, Sir. Please.” Keiko squirms against her restraints. Her pussy glistens with her juices and Elenora’s saliva. As I watch her, a wet drops trail down the inside of her legs.

“What do you think, gorgeous? Has our guest earned it? Has she been a good enough girl for us?”

“Hmm. Not yet, Sir, but I’d bet if we let her off the table, she’d be more than willing to show us how much she wants it.”

“Need it, Sir. I need it. Please.”

“Very well.” I reluctantly slide my cock out Elenora, eliciting moans and whimpers from us both. With a last kiss and grope, we part.

Keiko wriggles as we unbind first her legs then her arms. She slides down until her feet are firmly on the floor. Well… sort of. Her legs quiver under her weight, the intensity of her first time here taking its toll.

It’s so cute seeing her all flustered.

I slip behind her wrapping my arm around her waist for support. I pull her against me, pressing my cock into her perfect bare ass. I run my hands over her supple skin, exploring every inch of her. First her stomach, her hips. I trace my fingers over her thighs. Then I suddenly, hungrily grab her tits, groping and kneading. She moans and shudders under my touch. I pinch her nipples and kiss her neck. She writhes against me, grinding into my crotch. I grunt her ear, my own need overtaking me.

Elenora positions herself in front of us, touching between her own legs while watching closely. She reaches out, taking Keiko by the throat and pulling her into a long kiss. The two women moan into each other’s lips as I fondle Keiko’s body.

Aggressively, Elenora buries a two of her fingers into Keiko’s eager cunt. She tries to cry out in pleasure, but Elenora’s kiss muffles the sound. When Elenora pulls her hand back, her fingers are dripping and slick with Keiko’s arousal. She pushes back from the kiss and sucks her the juices off her fingers.

“I think she’s ready, now, Boss.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Mhm. Feel for yourself.”

I slide my hand between my little Slut’s legs. She’s already spread them open for me. When I feel just how wet she is for me, I lose it.

“P-please, Sir. I need you inside me, Sir.” She whispers in my ear. I lose all semblance of restraint. I spin Keiko around to face me. I scoop her up into my arms, her legs wrapping around me and locking behind my back. Her tits bounce in my face as I press her back onto the bench.

I line myself up with her entrance and take her. Her moans turn to screams as I thrust up into her. I lose myself inside her. Any thoughts I might muster swirled into every passionate thrust.

Over and over and over and over again, I drive my cock as deep inside her as I can. My thighs clap against hers as she clenches around my shaft. Our bodies all but merge, lost in pure extasy.

I can’t tell how long I last. Could be seconds, could be minutes or hours. But I keep going and going, her erotic screams drowning out all else.

Then before I can stop it, before I can pull away, I’m racked by the most intense orgasm I have ever felt.

I can’t stop shaking as my cock throbs and sprays every ounce of cum deep inside her. With the last of my life force released in her, I collapse on top of her.

At this point, I can’t tell if she’s the one shaking or if I am or both. All I know is that I can’t move. Not even to pull myself off of her.

“Goddamn, Boss.” Elenora sighs into my ear, hovering over Keiko and my entwined bodies. She kisses my exposed cheek, trailing her fingertips down my spine. I shiver at the contact. “That was so fucking hot. I think you might have a new favorite Slut. I don’t even think you’ve ever fucked me like that.”

I only muster a weak smile, brushing my lips on Keiko’s shoulder. She moans softly, mumbling something I can’t make out.

“This has been lovely as always, Boss, but I’m going head back to the floor. I’m drenched after your little performance. Find me after you…recover.”

“That might be a while.” I mutter.

Minutes pass before I’m able to move off of Keiko. But even when I can, she keeps us locked together with her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. She’s barely conscious now, her energy utterly drained. Elenora had the aphrodisiac gas shut off on her way out, so neither of us have the extra boost.

Once I can move again, I lift her up off the bench, carrying her close to my chest. She sleepily nuzzles into my shoulder as I take her back to my office. I set her down on the couch against the wall and coax her to release her grip. I slump into the cushion beside her letting my head lull back and my eyes drift closed.

Just as I’m about to fall asleep in my own office, Keiko groggily climbs into my lap, straddling me nestling her head into my neck.

“So…I guess you enjoyed the tour.”

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Anyway, Hope you enjoy my work. I do pour my heart, soul, sweat and tears into it.

PS: Please read more than my smut story.I beg

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