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Extra Credit

This was further education as he had never imagined it….

By Jupiter GrantPublished 2 years ago 14 min read
Image by Mihai Paraschiv from Pixabay

Despite the high hopes of his parents, teachers, and high school guidance counsellor, Samuel Hughes’ first semester at university was proving to be less than spectacular.

He had been having a fantastic time partying with his new friends, all of whom were reveling in being out in the world on their own for the first time, freed from the party-pooping influence of parental eyes.

Sam had hooked up with a pretty blonde chemistry student he’d met at the Student Union Bar during Freshers Week. She’d lost interest in Sam within a fortnight when a member of the Rugby Club had caught her eye. He’d even shagged a couple of second-year engineering students at his Halls of Residence.

Sam’s social life was on fire. His academic performance, however, was a damp squib.

Thus, he wasn’t too surprised when he received an email from Professor Antonia MacLean, Head of the Anthropology Department, requesting his attendance at a meeting in her office that Friday afternoon at 2 pm. “Requesting” was too mild a word, in fact. There was no doubt in Sam’s mind that this was a compulsory meeting and, accordingly, he resolved to dress himself up smartly, turn up on time, and be on his best, most obsequious, ass-kissing behavior.

Hell, if he had to, he’d even get down on his knees before Professor MacLean and beg her not to kick him off the course.

Having received Professor MacLean’s email, Sam was anxious for the remainder of the week and, as his Friday morning lectures in Classical Studies wound down and the moment of truth loomed, his gut was a nervous, churning tangle of dread.

He was ashamed of his performance during his first year of university, especially having been such a studious, focused student all through high school. He’d always taken pride in his academic results, and had been considered something of a Golden Boy by the faculty. Sure, it had earned him the bruising moniker of “Teacher’s Pet” from his classmates, but over the years, Sam had learned to block out the cutting jibes and sneering smirks of his peers. As the high school years lumbered towards the hallowed seasons of tertiary education, with the ivory towers of academia gleaming like the turrets of Camelot in the distance, Sam’s determination and steadfastness had been unwavering.

Had being the operative word, of course.

Well, no more.

“Gotta straighten up and fly right, Sammy,” he muttered to himself as he took the staircase up to the third floor of the Anthropology Building and strode towards Professor MacLean’s large and imposing office, fidgeting nervously with his cheap polyester tie.

When he reached her office door, a solid block of red cedar with a shiny gold name-plate directly at his eye-level, Sam took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and knocked.

“Enter,” came the Professor’s husky voice from the other side of the door.

He squared his shoulders and steeled himself, plastering an unctuous smile on his face as he pushed the door open and stepped inside. His grin was more like a terrified grimace. He could feel his cheeks aching already.

“Ah yes. Do come in, Samuel,” she said, sharply. Indicating two black tub chairs in front of her desk she added, “Take a seat.”

Samuel cleared his throat nervously as he lowered himself into one of the plainly upholstered chairs.

Here we go, he thought.

“I’m sure you know why I’ve called you in, Sam,” Professor MacLean began, setting down the red pen that had been in her hand and peering at him over the top of her glasses. “I’ve been concerned about your progress in the course. Your attendance has been poor; I haven’t seen you attending lectures very often. I presume you are staying in bed, recovering from the night before, and getting lecture notes from your friends.”

She went silent for a moment and fixed him with a stern, piercing look. Sam felt his stomach drop. He found he couldn’t meet her gaze and had to look away. He picked anxiously at a black cotton thread that was poking out of the armrest. Unsure as to whether her last comment had been a question or a statement, he decided to keep his mouth shut. He was sure that he’d only trip over his tongue if he dared try to speak anyway.

Of course, it didn’t help that Professor Antonia MacLean was such a stunner. With long brown hair, dazzling eyes, and sensual curves, her body was the stuff of almost every teenage masturbation fantasy he’d ever had. As she rose from her office chair and began walking around the room, Sam snuck a surreptitious look at her long legs and ripe, voluptuous ass. His prick twitched inside his trousers, and he cleared his throat, nervously.

“I’ve been watching you, Samuel,” she announced, the pointed tips of her black stilettos making a dull but distinctive thud as she paced behind him. “I believe that you have great potential, and I want to help you reach the kind of heights that I know, deep inside, you are capable of. I would like to make you a proposal, and I very much hope that you will take the opportunity I’m about to offer you.”

Samuel turned in his chair so that he could look at her. Her black pencil skirt clung to her curves like a second skin and, as she strode across to her office door, she turned, set her back against the door, gave a flirtatious smile, and turned the lock.

Samuel tried to suppress a gulp as Professor MacLean began to walk back towards him. The thin white silk of her blouse seemed to caress her full breasts, and he thought for a moment that he could see her nipples projecting against the material.

“I don’t make an offer like this to just any student, Sam. Only those in whom I sense something… special.”

“Uhh, well thank you, Professor,” he managed to croak. The Professor responded with a throaty, seductive laugh. Sam could feel a pulling deep inside his groin, and quickly crossed his legs.

She’s not….is she… coming on to me?, he wondered, awestruck at the possibility. Surely not. I couldn’t be so lucky to have a sexy older woman like her interested in me. Least of all my university professor….

“To those few worthy students, I offer the opportunity to bolster your grades by earning extra credit.”

His jaw dropped, and his cock twitched.

“Wow. That would be amazing, Professor. I’d really appreciate that. I know that my results this semester haven’t been great, but I really enjoy the course, and I promise I can improve. Whatever’s required for the extra credit component, I’ll do it.”

“Is that right?”

Professor MacLean had returned to her desk now, but instead of taking her seat behind the desk, she stood directly in front of Sam and perched her ass on the desk’s edge. She was only a foot or two in front of him, and he had to uncross his legs to make space for her. He could smell the warm, spicy scent of her perfume wafting gently through the air.

“Yes, Professor.”

She licked her lips as she placed her hands on the desk beside her. They sat just next to her curvy hips and, with the way she leaned forward ever so slightly, her cleavage seemed to appear even deeper and more inviting than usual. Had she undone a couple of buttons when she was pacing around behind him? He could have sworn her blouse wasn’t gaping so much when he’d first entered her office.

Holy shit, I think she IS coming on to me! Sam thought. Fucking A!

“Now, Sam, I can’t just dole out extra credit for nothing, you understand. You will have to work hard for it.”

“Of course, Professor,” he replied. His tongue felt thick and swollen in his mouth. “What would I need to do?”

Sam watched as Professor MacLean lifted her hands from her sides and reached down her legs to the hem of her skirt. Slowly, she began to raise it teasingly over her thighs. Sam’s cock lurched suddenly in his trousers, becoming rock hard as the entire length of the Professor’s long, shapely legs were revealed, the straps of her suspender belt tugging slightly on the lacy tops of her stockings. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

The sight of her glorious mound, with its neatly-trimmed thatch of dark pubic hair made Sam’s mouth water. The Professor opened her legs, exposing the soft, rosy lips of her glistening pussy, and said, “There’s an oral exam.”

Reaching for Sam’s tie, she twisted it firmly in her grip and used it to pull him towards her. It was all the encouragement Sam needed; he sank his mouth between her milky thighs and feasted voraciously on her cunt. Her juices tasted salty-sweet. Her pussy smelled of a heavenly musk. He buried his face in her pubic hair and inhaled deeply.

Professor MacLean maintained her grip on Sam’s tie, opening her legs wider and rotating her hips in slow circles against his face.

“Slow down, Sam,” she moaned, as his tongue flicked briskly back and forth on her clit. “Take your time. Make it last. I’m not one of your inexperienced undergrads. Impress me.”

He took her instruction, decreasing the speed of his tongue and slowly drawing her inner lips into his mouth. He sucked on the fleshly folds, and heard the Professor moan appreciatively.

“That’s it. Yes…. yes, Sam. That’s much better. Now, use that clever tongue of yours to rub circles around my clit…. Mmmmm, very good, Sam… Very good…”

As Sam found the right tempo and a blend of sucks, licks, laps, and flicks that made the Professor sigh and moan, she let go of his tie and lifted her hands to her blouse. She unbuttoned it with quick fingers, pulling it off and throwing it over to the empty tub chair. Looking up from between her legs, he watched her unclasp the front fastening of her white push-up bra to reveal a pair of beautiful breasts, topped with pale dogwood-colored nipples.

She cast her bra aside, tossing it toward the tub chair, where it landed on top of her discarded blouse. She then brought that left hand up to her breast, rubbing and pinching at her erect nipple. Her right hand found its way into Sam’s hair, teasing and toying, then grabbing at handfuls as her arousal increased.

Sam’s prick was throbbing inside the constraints of his smart black trousers. Between the taste and smell of her pussy and the salacious way she played with her own tits, his erection was harder than he’d ever felt it before. He desperately wanted to unzip his fly, take out his cock, and start stroking his rigid length. He didn’t dare do it without her permission, though, and his mouth was too busy elsewhere to make the request.

“Put a finger inside my cunt,” Professor MacLean demanded, abruptly. “Finger my pussy while you suck on my clit.”

Sam was quick to obey, and slid his middle finger inside her sopping wet slit. It felt as though her cunt was slurping on it, the muscles contracting and relaxing as the swollen walls of her tunnel undulated around the digit. He took a chance, and pressed a second finger into her warm, wet pussy.

“Fuck, yes,” the Professor growled, and brought both hands to steady herself on the edge of her desk, her thighs tensing. “That’s what I like to see, Samuel. Initiative.”

The teacher’s pet in Sam beamed with pride, while the turgid manhood between his legs pounded with an almost painful pulsing. God, he needed to free his cock soon. He was desperate to empty his swollen, aching balls. He focused himself as best he could, then started thrusting his fingers in and out of Professor MacLean’s cunt while he flicked and sucked on the enlarged nub of her clit. The sooner he could make her come, he reasoned, the sooner he might be permitted to unleash his tumid beast.

Sure enough, Professor MacLean began to pant urgently, gasping, “Yes, Sam…. Yes…. Oh God, don’t fucking stop! That’s it!”

Sam felt her pussy tightening around his fingers as the Professor came with a long, low moan. He almost jizzed in his pants, right there and then.

Professor MacLean suddenly pulled away from Sam’s guzzling mouth, and pushed him backwards. He was confused for a moment, and hoped this didn’t mean it was all over. His cock was pounding like a jackhammer.

The Professor grabbed at Sam’s tie again, and yanked on it roughly, pulling him up to his feet. Urgently, she unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped his fly, then reached inside to take hold of his rock-hard cock. It twitched excitedly as her hand closed around it.

“Hmmm,” Professor MacLean cooed, appreciatively. “Yes, I see great potential here, Sam. Great potential.”

Her mouth was millimeters from his, exuding warm breaths against his face as she gave long, teasing strokes up and down his shaft.

“Thank you, Professor,” he breathed, and as he opened his mouth to continue speaking, she captured it in a ravenous kiss. Her tongue plunged inside, urgently seeking his, while her erect nipples pressed against his chest. He wished he weren’t still wearing his damn shirt; he would love to feel those taut peaks on his bare skin.

Professor MacLean pulled out of the kiss as quickly as she has lunged into it, leaving Sam panting and gasping. He watched, dumbstruck, as she turned to face her desk, pushing a pile of books and a stack of essays out of the way. With sufficient space cleared, she looked over her shoulder at Sam and smiled seductively.

“You performed exceptionally well on your oral exam, Samuel. I think you will pass with flying colors this semester.”

The Professor reached an arm out behind her and took hold of Sam’s throbbing prick.

“Now, come here, and let me show you how I reward my top performing students.”

Eagerly, Sam pressed himself close against the Professor’s peachy ass and allowed her to guide his cock inside her gloriously soaking cunt. The sensation as her pussy swallowed the entire length of his thudding erection in one silken slide was unlike anything Sam had ever felt before, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to contain himself for very long. Consumed by the burning need to shoot his load, he began thrusting, hard.

The Professor grunted as Sam fucked her, doggy-style, over her desk. Pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts, she panted, “Yes, Sam. That’s it. Fuck me hard and fast. Pound this juicy pussy.”

Sam grabbed hold of Professor MacLean’s voluptuous hips and pummeled her cunt with all his might. His balls slapped against her clit, and each time those full orbs hit her swollen button, she groaned, and he felt himself edging closer and closer to the precipice.

Sam didn’t want to blow his load before he’d made the Professor come again. Like any proud teacher’s pet, he wanted to impress, wanted to be her favorite. With that in mind, he let his right hand reach around the front of her body and pressed two fingers to the top of her vulva, one on either side of her clit. He rubbed and circled her nub urgently as his hips pistoned wildly back and forth.

“Ohhhh, fuck,” Professor MacLean moaned, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. “Ohhh, yes Sam, yes! Make me come, Samuel. Make your Professor come.”

Sam was nothing if not obedient, and as instructed, he maintained the rhythm of his thrusts and the motion of his fingers against the Professor’s clit. Soon, he felt her cunt tighten and contract around his cock, as she grunted, let out a keening wail, then tumbled forward, her legs shaking.

His own orgasm ready to explode, Sam pulled himself out of the Professor’s quivering pussy, gave a few quick strokes of his cock, and shot a huge load of hot, thick spunk all over her ass and lower back. He almost sobbed as pulse after pulse was ejected from the purple-hued tip of his palpitating prick.

Professor MacLean sighed as Sam tapped his cock against her sticky, come-covered bottom and purred, “That was very well done, Samuel. You’ve really performed today…. with Distinction.”

Sam continued to meet with Professor MacLean every Friday to work for his extra credit. When he received his grades at the end of the semester, he was delighted, though unsurprised, to have been awarded an A+.

©️ Jupiter Grant 2021


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