Elsa Jean Fucked!

'Petite Ballerinas Fucked' Review

Elsa Jean Fucked!
The cute pornstar Elsa Jean.

I've got to be honest, I do enjoy writing these articles and sometimes I'll just watch a scene out of 'morbid curiosity.'

Some porn scenes/ concepts are just bizarre and it can be pretty amusing analysing them from a critical capacity. I remember watching that 'Feral II' scene from MissaX.com and thinking 'What the fuck?'

Yet at the same time still enjoying it as the bizarre concept brought about an opportunity for amusing scrutiny. Although not to the extent of that scene, I found an unusually named porn series called 'Petite Ballerinas Fucked' on the 'Nubiles' site. I'd just done a review of a scene from a series called 'Teachers Fuck Teens' which was really good and also by Nubiles. So my curiosity was there as well as the comical visual in my head of watching tiny girls fucked by massive dudes. Unfortunately the reality was a bit of a let down and it also lacked the realism I was hoping for too. I'm not sure if this is a fetish in America or dudes may have a thing for innocent ballerina types but it wasn't bad entertainment. The episode I picked up starred a female performer I'd heard of who'd caused controversy by using the name of the main character from Frozen; Elsa Jean.

Now 24 years old, Elsa Jean the pornstar entered the porn industry at 19 years old. She does have a very distinct look about her and does look very similar to the Frozen movie Character. She has ice white blonde hair and green eyes which makes her very unique looking to the porn business as well.

This small honey with petite curves of 32A-24-28 was born in North Canton, Ohio. In her teens she attended 'Hoover High School' and did various jobs such as work in a grocery store as well as a Starbucks. Elsa graduated High School at the age of 16 and attended college at George Mason University.

Elsa isn't as innocent as she looks.

Here she began studying to be a surgical assistant but after two years stopped to become a pornstar at the age of 18. Elsa has stated in interviews that she does intend to finish training to be a surgical assistant as she believes education to be important.

Elsa's co-star in this scene is the likeable Johnny Castle. I've seen a lot of Johnny's work as he seems to be in high demand from the production companies. A native of Pennsylvania where he attended Whitehall High school and later Monmouth University. Here he played for the Monmouth Soccer team and earned a masters degree in psychology. After graduating he worked as a model and then a pornstar. He's actually a pretty decent actor too bringing charisma to the roles he plays in porn.

Charisma doesn't seemed to be required in this scene though as the plot is fairly thin. The scene begins with Elsa doing some ballerina type movements on a training bar in the studio. Pretty basic stuff; I wouldn't know if she'd trained as a dancer but she certainly appears to be flexible. Johnny comes along in a moment or two and basically gets up close to her dancing.

Their dancing becomes intimate until an innocent looking Elsa decides to pull Johnny's pants down and suck his cock. It's not bad stuff but I found Elsa's moans throughout a bit annoying. I even had to turn the volume down at one point because they were giving me a headache. This is the first time I've watched her so I couldn't really compare it to her other work but she did seem to be exaggerating a bit. That said she knows how to work a camera as she stares confidently into it while sucking Johnny's cock. When Johnny bends her over to fuck her its a welcome sight as Elsa has a very cute behind. He smacks it for good measure which we probably should of seen more of throughout the scene.

Johnny Castle is unable to 'Let it goooo!'

Elsa's definitely got the type of body most men would enjoy licking from head to toe. Her pussy was absolutely bare and cute looking when we get a better look at it in the cowgirl position. I don't know what it was but the scene seemed to lack a bit of chemistry between the stars and Elsa's groans seemed a bit forced. There was no acting and it literally was just straight into sex. Elsa is cute looking and the sex is watchable so I'd probably give it 3 out of 5 but you wouldn't be missing much by not watching it.

3 out of 5.

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