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The roommate

By DSPublished 3 years ago 9 min read
Dorm Visit Gold
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My name is Sally. I have short brown hair. My breasts are 36 C and I have very big nipples. I am a whole five-foot one inch tall without heels. I am widowed and raised my son by myself since he was five. I never really remarried or looked for a new mate. It has been thirteen years since anything besides a vibrator or my hand has touched my love monkey.

I decided I would surprise my son for Christmas break and drive up and meet him a week earlier and hang out till his finals were done. He was a freshman and had to stay in the dorms. I got the resident assistant to let me into his room where I was waiting on him to come back from class.

I logged into his computer and started one of my favorite playlists that my boy had on his laptop. It was mostly eighties stuff that his dad listened too. I was jamming out and flipping through my phone reading my email.

The door burst open and in walked a massive hunk in a towel. His coal black hair was wet and hanging down in front of his eyes. His shoulders were still wet from the shower. I could see his bulge under the towel. It was very big and beautiful. If it were limp, I would love to see it stiff as a board.

I introduced myself, " As Sally, Kevin's mom. I came up to surprise him for Christmas break. Are you Alonzo? "

Alonzo answered, " Yes I am, your son's roommate. He will not be back for some time today. He was able to talk his professors into letting him take all his finals today so he could start home tonight. He had the idea of surprising you at home. "

I answered back, " Well that was thoughtful of him. Do you have any more classes today? "

Alonzo replied, " I am done for the day, I was just getting ready to go out for a bit and relax some. "

I stood up and grabbed Alonzo's towel and pulled it off his body. I revealed a huge member and a rock-hard abs. He was well endowed. I pushed him onto the bed and took his limp member into my lips and started sucking his tip. I was overtaking with lust. I could barely contain myself. I started taking his shaft deeper into my mouth. It was quite large. It filled my whole mouth and he still had more to give. I went deeper, he was in my throat, and I was rubbing his balls. They were full of juice. Big and jiggly. His sack was tensing up just from my mouth. I slid back to just the tip and sucking it hard. I flicked his tip with my tongue, and I could feel him start to throb. I started stroking him while I sucked his head. He was moaning loud now. I took my other hand and started rubbing his balls and right under them by his booty. He exploded with a loud moan. His member was shooting into my mouth a huge load. I swallowed it down and kept milking his hard rod. I was able to drain all his load and keep his shaft nice and firm.

I stood up and pulled my dress and bra down under my breasts. I revealed my beauties and his shaft stiffened even more. I took off my panties and straddled his huge throbbing muscle. I took it into my hand and guided him into my hot love. I was so wet from having sucked his cock he just glided right into my deep love cave. His tool was so nice. It parted my lips and slid into velvet walls. I could feel him with every ounce of my being. It was like being a virgin again. I started pumping up and down. Pounding harder and harder with each stroke. I was able to fit all of him into my love nest finally and I just stopped right there. I started swiveling around and grinding down hard. I wanted him deeper.

Alonzo wrapped his arms around me and swung me around and grabbed my legs. He pushed them up by my face. My love nest was sticking straight up in the air. He pushed his tool even deeper and ground on me. I moaned so loud, and my juices flowed like a tsunami onto his tip and shaft. My whole body was shaking and quivering from my orgasm. He started pulling out a little at a time and slamming it deeper. My mound was taking a beating. He did this about ten times and with each stroke I could hear my juices splashing about. His eleventh stroke he stiffened his whole body and plunged deep in my love cave and moaned a long low moan. I could feel his shaft pumping his hot juices into me. He was having another orgasm deep inside me. It was wonderful. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled his head to my chest to lay on my breasts.

We lay that way for a long while. His shaft was just starting to return to its normal size when he pulled out and set next to me. His tool was coated in my juices and his. My love machine was aching from our romp. I could still him in me pounding away. My body made a huge wet spot all over his bed.

I stood up and took off all my clothes and set them on the desk chair. I turned and went and set on Alonzo's lap and started kissing him and left him a huge mark on both sides of his throat.

Alonzo was so nice. He went to the RA to see if I could borrow her shower to get freshened up for tonight. I was on an all-male freshman floor and the RA was the only one with a shower of her own. He came back and said it would be alright. I grabbed my son's shower caddy and wrapped a towel around my body and went to take a shower.

I got back to the room and Alonzo had taken another shower and was dressed again. He looked so nice in his dress pants and a nice button-down shirt. He had on a big wool sweater with it.

I asked him to go grab my suitcase from the car and gave him my keys. He was happy to do it. I set in my towel waiting on my suitcase.

Alonzo finally returned with it, and I stood completely naked and started dressing in front of Alonzo. First, I put on some long black stockings. Then came the crotch-less panties. Next, I pulled on my lacey garter belt and clipped it to the stockings. My pushup black bra was next, it pulled my breasts up and the nipples were still in sight. Then to finish this great outfit I donned my thigh level black silk skirt. I turned for Alonzo to zip me up in the back.

I spun back around and noticed that Alonzo had another problem in his pants. He was hard as a rock and about to bust the seams on his pants. I grabbed his belt and pulled him over so I could set down at the desk. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his meat through the hole in his boxers and out his fly. I kept his pants all zipped up. I put his tip in my mouth and took both my hands and jerked him off till he spurted his juices into my awaiting mouth. I made sure to get every drop. I milked his rod dry, and he returned to his limp mode once again.

I tucked him away and we went out to my car and put my suitcase up in the trunk. I got to the lobby and my son was walking in behind me. He hollered at me, and I spun around.

We hugged and he said he wanted me to meet his roommate. I did not have the heart to tell him. So, we went upstairs together, and we walked in the door. My son introduced me to Alonzo, and Alonzo to me his mom.

Alonzo played it well. He said, " Hello, sally it is nice to finally meet you. "

I took both out to eat at a nice family place on the town square. We all laughed and shared a great meal. I took Alonzo back to the dorm and we picked up my son's stuff and we headed home for the break.

Alonzo and my son stayed good friends all the way through and were each other’s roommate for all four years. Although Alonzo never told my son what we did he would make it a point to visit with him every chance he would get. We would have a nice round or two and we both enjoyed the nice change of pace.

On graduation night I drove up and rented us all three a suite of connecting rooms at the local hotel. We all went to the clubs and got our dance on and about one in the morning we made it back to the hotel. My son had a cute little bunny he picked up at the last club. She was eighteen and had just graduated herself from high school but she was of legal age now. They both ran into his room leaving a string of clothes behind them. That left me and Alonzo sitting in the common area.

I stood up barely and stripped off all my clothes. I grabbed Alonzo's hand and drug him to my room. I stripped him down and slammed him to the bed. I climbed on top and stuck his huge tool into my love cave and started pounding him so hard. We were being so loud our neighbors were bearing on the walls. I spun around on top of him and buried his shaft deeper. I made him scream in pleasure as he dumped a load into my hot love monkey.

Before he could roll over I grabbed him and pulled him to the hot tub in the front room. I turned it on and we dove in. I straddled him and managed to get his whiskey rod into my love monkey. I started stroking him with my love nest and he began to get bigger. I was busy pounding him again when I looked up and saw my son through his door being rode by the love bunny he brought home. She was doing the reverse cowgirl and looked right at me. We both sped up and before we knew it we were both moaning loud as ever.

We both climaxed together and after we unloaded our partners were right behind us leaving their hot seed deep in our bodies.

I led Alonzo to his bed and tucked him in for the night. On my way back to my room I was met by my son's love bunny. She was so cute. A nice tight body. Short blonde hair. Her breasts were huge though. My son did like him some huge breasts. She followed me in and set on the bed.

We got to know each other and her name was Kathy. She planned on going to the same college my son was graduating from. We set and talked for a while and I got her contact information. I guess she has been secretly in love with my son for a while now. He was working at the local burger joint that she always visited. Now that she was of age she thought she would seal the deal. I gave her our contact info and she wanted to come home with us for a few weeks. I decided it would be alright if my son wanted you too.

The next morning I awoke to find everyone naked in the hot tub. I had my robe on and was getting some coffee from the room service tray.

Kathy hollered, " come on in mom as she stood up completely naked. The water is great. "

Kevin said, " Yes mom come on. I have seen you naked. The only one who hasn't is Alonzo and I am sure he will not mind. "

Giggling I replied, " Well maybe for a little bit. "

I just got in the water and Kathy stood up and put me right on top of Alonzo's lap in the reverse cowgirl. Then she climbed on top of my son the same way. We had a grand time.

Now years later we are all happily married and loving it.

The End.


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