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Coworker Surprise

Overnight shift

By DSPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Coworker Surprise
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I work overnights at the local grocery store as a stocker. My name as if it matters is Jerry. We have a small crew that stocks the shelves overnight to be ready for the next day. It has like five guys and one cashier. The manager always stays in the office most nights. We usually bust tail the first half and have it about eighty percent done so we can slide and take our time on the easy products.

Our cashier we work with is Amber. She is in her upper thirties. She has wonderful breasts. The manage to catch everyone's eyes. Long beautiful legs with a shapely figure. Her hair is extremely long and coal black. She always wears something frilly under her uniform that you can see peeking out by nights end.

It was Saturday morning by the time we finished shift and all the first shifters were pouring in at the last minute trying to beat the clock. We overnighters waited calmly to punch out.

I made it to my car and grabbed a soda from my cooler I had left over from lunch. I set and sipped on it before I set it down and got ready to drive off. I looked up and Amber had her whole purse dumped out on her hood. She looked as if she lost her key to her car.

I got out and went over to see if I could help. She had locked her car key in the car. It was setting on the other seat with her cigarettes and lighter. She had her house keys and another car key at home. So I offered to take her home to get it and then I would bring her back so she could have her car. We were off tonight so it would blow her whole one day off trying to get a ride back up and everything.

We went to my car and she guided me to her house. She lived right down the road from me and I had never noticed. She invited me in while she was busy looking for her keys. She said to get comfortable as it might take a little bit.

I had heard the shower running from the living room and I could hear some other noise coming from the other bedroom down the hall. I turned on the tv and it was on the video channel so I hit play on the video that was in it. It was a homemade video. It had Amber in it with two other women. They were all in a big triangle eating each other out and enjoying it very much. It was starting to make my jeans rise. I felt like it was naughty seeing Amber completely nude and having lesbian sex. It was so hot.

I was busy watching the video and did not notice that a girl from the video had appeared in the doorway with just a towel on. It was the girl on the video that was eating out Amber.

She came over and set beside me and put one leg over mine and one leg on the coffee table and spread them wide open to reveal a very bald wet monkey. She pulled the towel off and grabbed my hand and placed it on her mound of happiness.

I started exploring her mound of happiness. I rubbed on her nubbin and she started moaning. I could feel her juices starting to rise. Her lips were getting wet as I slipped a finger into her tight wet love nest. I started pumping my finger back and forth making her moan even louder.

That drew the attention of Amber. She came from the bedroom in a pair of lace black panties with no bra on. Her nipples were so hard. Her chest was heaving from looking at the video and at me fingering the other girl.

Amber spoke, "I see you have met one of my roommates. Her name is Vicki. She tastes so sweet, you should taste her. "

Without even a thought Vicki moved around and laid out the towel beneath her and pulled my awaiting mouth to her sex. I started licking all around her little nubbin that had swelled so big now. She was moaning even louder now. I started moving my tongue in and around her beautiful slit. Her lips were glistening from her juices starting to flow. I could see a puddle forming on the towel already. I stuck my long tongue deep into her honey pot and licked the insides. It was heaven. She tasted so sweet you would swear she was a fountain of chocolate pouring out into your mouth. I went back to nibbling on her little nubbin lightly with my teeth and flicking it with my tongue the whole time.

She let out a monster screeching yell and exploded all over my face. She was climaxing and covered my whole face and soaked the towel that was beneath her. She grabbed my hair and pulled me deep into her sex just holding me there.

I could feel someone undressing me. First they pulled off my shoes and socks. Then they unzipped and pulled my pants completely off. My underwear was next. I was naked and bent at the waist with my head in one beautiful mound of happiness while another woman was stripping me. What a great end to a week of hell.

Amber got on her knees and took me into her mouth. She was extremely talented. She was stroking my balls lightly with her free hand. Her mouth was busy sucking my tip like a shake from Steak and Shake. Her tongue flipping my head making me throb even more. She started going a little deeper each time. Sucking me the whole way. Her tongue massaging the underside of my member.

Vicki finally let me up and crawled up beside me and started necking with me while Amber was busy trying to make me explode with her ever quickening strokes. Vicki started sucking and nibbling everywhere. At one point she had my whole left side of my throat in her mouth. She was ravenous.

I was moaning so loud. I knew I was about to blow my load. My member, all nine inches was throbbing so hard as if it were my first time again. Amber knew too. She worked on my head with her tongue and sucking on it with her mouth. She started stroking my shaft with her hands. I let out an intense moan and exploded into her mouth. She swallowed some. Then after she was done milking me she climbed on my lap.

She grabbed Vicki by the hair and pulled her close and started kissing her. Giving her the rest of my huge load. They were kissing and groping one another with Amber on my lap.

Vicki reached around and found my semi-erect member and brought me back to life and stuffed it in Amber.

Amber rode me nice and easy. She kept a slow steady pace. Vicki was right there kissing us both and playing around with our nipples. She even took Amber's nipples and rubbed them on mine for a bit. It felt so wonderful. We set like that for a good twenty minutes and Amber started making squishy noises with each stroke. She was busy climaxing all over my shaft. She coated me with her juices and all the while kept a straight face.

Amber looked over to Vicki and said, " It's your turn to finish him."

Vicki came over and switched spots with Amber and she was bucking like mad. She was a wild ride. She was pounding me so hard and deep within her I could feel her holes within the hole. At one point I was penetrating something within her and she screamed in pain and pleasure and let out a wail. Her body let loose a tidal wave of juices and covered my shaft a thousand times over. It was too much. I exploded again but this time deep inside Vicki.

She slid to bottom and just milked me with her velvet insides. I could feel her muscles tighten around my shaft. She kept me in so long.

Amber grabbed our hands and we went to the master bath. She had a huge shower in there. We all stepped in and washed each other down. It took longer than a normal shower because Vicki and Amber were busy playing with me the whole time. No sooner than one would take from a hole the other was putting me back into another. We did everything in the shower. Vicki and Amber even took turns eating one another out while I pounded the other one.

We all finally climbed out and dried off. We all walked into their bedroom. Amber got into her drawer and pulled out a lacey pair of crotch-less panties and put them on. She grabbed another pair and put them on me. She made sure to pull all of my parts through the opening. It felt weird and sexy at the same time. She then grabbed up some of her sweats from the closet and a monster sweat shirt and helped me on with them.

Vicki had climbed in bed and was just watching.

I took Amber back to get her car and she invited me back that night for a second round. She said I would not want to miss it because Julie would be home and she loves to play. Plus she was all of twenty years old and can go all night.

That was over a year ago and every Saturday night me and the girls make a new video to add to the collection. The girls want me to move in with them and I think I will. They all saved up and got a huge round bed for the master bedroom that we all fit into very nice. It has plenty of room and everyone shares. No drama about anything. We all get along quite well.

The End.


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