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Discovering a New Wavelength to Pleasure

Lifetime Best Friends find the cosmic sweet-spot to pleasure

By Derick SinclarPublished 9 months ago 9 min read

Discovering a new wavelength of pleasure

Derick Sterling

“Don’t be late, you both have been burning the candles at both ends and I need your 4 hands tomorrow around the boat” said the captain as she put the last of the dishes into the sink.

“We won’t, don’t worry. We won’t,” said Marcus the first mate on the 65 Foot Sailing Yacht.

“Boy, I hope that she will go to bed early tonight. She always wants to hear what the movie was about, who starred in it, and if there was anything special about it. I just want to go to bed when I get back to the boat,” said Marcus to Celeste the cruise director.

The two leave the boat nearly running to get away from the questions, and the judgments. They are within a few blocks of the movie theatre in their small-town marina. Once free of the tether from the boat, and the captain, they slow down and join hands to walk to the movie.

“Marcus, when were you going to tell me that you tried on my new clothes?”

“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done it without asking if it was OK with you. I couldn’t resist when I felt the fabric. The satin was so cool and soft to my hand I had to see what your skirt and blouse felt like on,”

“Marcus, I know it is hard for you being a guy on the outside and a girl on the inside but please ask if you try on my clothes,”

“I will, and I am sorry,”

“I have an idea. Why don’t we set up a time to try on all my clothes you want,”

“Wow? That would be something,”

“I would be happy to help you,”


“How about tomorrow?”

“Sure, the crew will be gone all day, and we can have the whole day to do a fashion show,”

“Can’t wait, let’s make a day of it,”

Marcus leaned over and kissed Celeste on the cheek.

“What was that for?” said Celeste.

“I love you. Nobody I know would even consider a fashion show to let me be a girl for the day,”

“I can’t wait to see you all dressed up. I will do your makeup and hair and we can pretend we are in New York getting ready for a national TV show,”

“Do you want to see the movie tonight? I am so excited to try on your clothes it is all I can think of,”

“Yes, I do but I have an idea. How about we trade clothes right now, and go to the movie,” she said.

“That sounds like fun. Where can we change?” said Marcus with all the optimism of someone who would like to see more from their relationship.

“Let’s go to the bathroom at the store and change there,”

“OK, let’s hurry,”

Marcus and Celeste walked into the grocery store. The restroom is at the back of the delivery area. Looking both ways and dashing into the woman’s restroom, Marcus and Celeste set out to change their future for the night.

“Will you help me with the bra I can’t seem to get it hooked,” said Marcus.

“Yes, here let me show you how to do this the easy way. Take the bra and hook it in the front first. Then spin it around to the back. Easy, peasy,” she said.

“What about the panties? Can I wear those too,” he said.

“Yes, here,” she said as she handed her panties over to Marcus.

“Here are mine, sorry not nearly as nice as yours,”

“It’s OK. I have never tried them so I will let you know,”

“Marcus, your thing is looking angry,”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. This is very exciting to me,” as he tucked his member into the panties.

“Can I do anything to help?”

“Celeste, I am not sure we should go down that road. It might end badly,”

“Marcus James, you get over here,”

“Look me in the eye when I say this, there is nothing that we don’t share at the core level of who we are.

If you feel it, I feel it. If you hurt, I hurt. Got it?”

“Got it”

“I have something that I want to talk to you about after the movie. Kinda personal, but it can wait until we are headed back to the boat,”

“OK, let’s go see the movie,”

Throughout the movie, they held hands and occasionally looked at each other with curious eyes. The movie was nothing memorable but they both knew they needed to have a play-by-play in case the Captain wanted the review.

“Marcus, you look so natural in my clothes. If I didn’t know you better, I would say you are a pretty girl,”

“Thank you. Your opinion is the one I use to judge if I am on track or not,”

“I mean it. You look beautiful,”

“I do want to talk to you about something,”

“Oh yeah, what’s on your mind?”

“You are going to think this is the ultimate in creeper stuff so just hear me out and don’t judge anything I say,”

“I’m listening,”

“Ok, so the other night I think we shared something that we didn’t plan. I was reading some erotic literature and well one thing led to another and, well, you know,” said Marcus.

“You had an orgasm,”

“Yes, but that isn’t the full story. I not only had one, but I swear that I could feel you watching me,”

“I wasn’t but let me tell you something to add to your oddness. Out of nowhere, I was suddenly swept up in an erotic dream while wide awake. I could see you taking care of things and then I felt the orgasm as if I was creating it for myself,” said Celeste.

“Wow, that is kinda weird. Has it ever happened to you before?”

“No that was the first time. I think. I may have had something once before, but I am not sure if it was you or me doing the work,”

“You think we could do it again?”

“I don’t know. We would need to recreate the same situation and see if it is possible or was a one-time thing,”

“I’m game, how about you?”

“Well of course. If you are going to create those feelings in me this could be something so fun,”

“Let’s go back to the boat, we can figure things out,”

“We still have to change back again,”

“I know, let’s change here at the theatre, there aren’t many people, we can go straight home before we are late,”

“OK, but let’s hurry. I don’t want anyone to see us,”

They made the quick change in the restroom of the theatre and left to get home by curfew. The Captain was in bed asleep when they came in, the dreaded interview would be held in the morning.

“Marcus, are you still thinking about transitioning to a girl? I know you would be a beauty. You have just enough difference from me, you would be the pretty one,” said Celeste.

“Thank you, I wish I was, but honestly the thought of not being able to have an orgasm gives me pause to think about my future. What if something went wrong and I ended up numb or even worse, numb and disfigured.”

“I know, the risk is pretty high if something were to go wrong and …”

“Stop, I would rather die than not have that feeling,”

“I get the risk-reward factor is high. I support you either way. If you want to dress up as a girl and never do the surgery, that is fine with me. I will help you be the best girl you can be,”

“Celeste, you are amazing… Just like me,”

“I know, you might think we are twins,”

“Are you ready to try and recreate the…astral orgasm?”

“Yes, how do you think this will work,”

“I will start reading the book I was enjoying the other night. One thing will lead to another and wham bam, I hope you can ma’am,”

“I am a little freaked out right now. The Captain is in the next cabin. What if she hears us.?”

“Just be quiet. I want to see if we can come at the same time as we did earlier,”

Marcus raced to get undressed. He took a moment to get focused on the research at hand. He started reading the book, as before one thing led to another and he was on his way to an orgasm.

“Marcus, I can feel it,”

“Don’t do anything to yourself just stay tapped into me,”

“Go for it,”

“Does this feel good?” he said.

“Yes, it feels amazing, but It doesn’t feel the same to me this time. I can feel the tingle, but it is so much less than the bull in the China shop it felt like before,”

“I can put more energy into it. How about now?”

“I can feel you now. The sensation is building. You are breathing at the same time as me,”

“There that’s perfect. I can feel the heat coming off my skin. Oh, my goodness, Marcus, this is amazing. I want to try something. Will you picture somewhere only you and I would know where we have been together? I want you to picture doing this there,”

“I have the picture in my mind. Do you see it?”

“Really, there?”

“Yes, it was the first place that I can remember having an erection,”

“I can feel it. The feeling is building. I can feel you getting closer to coming,”

“Marcus, keep going…YES,” she said as they both came at the same time.

“Wow, I think we are on to something. Have you ever felt this way before?”

“Only partially, I came one night for no reason. I was reading and all of sudden I got all warm and squishy and came. It was amazing, and I had a story in my mind about you doing something in the bathroom,”

“When, when was that?”

“Last week on Tuesday,”

“It’s true, I was watching a movie on my phone and had to take care of things. I went into the bathroom and made myself come. I did notice you looked a little different when I saw you afterward,” he said.

“Marcus, we need to…we need to do… Marcus, we need to do this again to see if we can duplicate the result,”

“Aren’t you the scientist all of a sudden?”

“This is so cool, now that we have tapped into each other do you realize all the fun we can have?”

“In the spirit of science, I agree to make you come again,” said Marcus.

“We should be in our bunks and take turns. I know I have a couple more in me,” she said.

“In the true spirit of science…me too,”


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