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Men - Same sex experience. You didn't know.

Is pleasure pleasure or is there more to the story?

By Derick SinclarPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Does enjoying a sexual experience with someone of the same sex change your orientation?

Well, does it? What if you didn’t know you were having an experience with someone of the same sex. Is it about intention or outcome? Difficult questions if you’ve had an experience and found out that a same-sex experience? Can you imagine your Alpha juice being consumed by a Beta and not even knowing a Beta? Then looking back and struggling with the reality that you didn’t know and what the heck difference did it make then or now?

Here is how it happened to Steve, a Captain of a luxury yacht, and he is still uncertain what he thinks. Let’s take the ride with him. How would you feel? What would you do? They are on the bridge of a ship at night. All the lights are off nearly total darkness on the bridge, no way to tell who is in the space with Steve. Let’s see how it goes.

“Jonathan, what is this sharing experience with Amanda about?” said Steve.

"What do you mean, the arrangement, the free flow sharing of her?" said Jonathan with no to be anything but straightforward.

“Yes, don’t you get jealous. I mean I can’t imagine meeting someone and putting your marriage in the trashcan and going primal,” said Steve.

“Well, we agreed to this long ago, and have made a couple of forays into the sharing,” he said.

“So how do you see this working, I’m not attracted to you so how does that work,” he said.

“Well, I am not attracted to men in general but, the feeling of pleasure is that, pleasure. Who delivers less about the traditional norms and more about does it feel good? For example, I am not interested in making out with you, but if in some wild moment your hands found their way to my cock, I doubt that I could tell the difference between you, or Janine, in the throes of passion. It’s more situational than lust for a man,” he said.

So, any port in a storm kind of thing? I know I would know the difference, guys are different, he said.

, said Jonathan.

“Well, that’s different and I can understand, to a degree. I didn’t think that I would. The thought, before meeting you two, was not one of the pillars of who I am I was willing to compromise. But here I am, running through scenarios in my head,” said Steve.

“I can see that you like the idea,” said Jonathan as he was looking at the tent developing in Steve’s shorts in a sliver of light coming from one of the instruments.

“Can’t help it, this is one of those moments that set your sensibilities in a turmoil while at the same time providing a crazy amount of lustful pondering, he said.

“Close your eyes and follow along with what I’m saying and tell me you don’t understand,” he said.

What are you asking?” he said.

“It’s dark up here, I will lay out a situation and you tell me if being a guy or a girl would change the outcome,” said Jonathan

OK eyes closed, said Steve.

“No peaking, stay with the fantasy and ride it out. To make it more interesting I am going to place a blindfold on you to prevent you from peaking. Amanda is here on the bridge with me. Say hi," he said.

Hello, Amanda,” he said.

“Hi Steve, I hope you enjoy this story. It gives you something to think about. I can wait to be with you,” she said.

I’m with you on that, said Steve.

“OK so here is the scenario. I want you to imagine every step along the way you are the person I am talking to you about, OK,” she said.

“I am with you,” said Steve.

You’re on your bunk. It’s dark and you hear the door opening. The hall light is off so you can’t see who is entering your cabin. You hear nothing, then a “shh” sound. Since you know that nobody on the boat is a threat, you wonder why they are coming into your cabin so late. You are not alarmed.

The shape moves toward your bed, and you feel a hand slide up your leg. You feel a stirring in your cock. The hand is rubbing your leg like a wonderful massage. You assume it's your massage therapist. You are letting her trade out her keep on the boat for massages. roll with the feeling and relax as though you are going to get another massage, but this one is a little more cock centered and you firm up to full attention.

Before you know it, you are getting into the sensation and are soon to need relief. You feel the tension building of your orgasm and you have entered the final stretch. You feel the hand taking extra care with your balls to rub them and squeeze your orgasm out of you.

Pow, it happens, the fluid flows, your buck with the sensation of the orgasm is overwhelming. You think to yourself that you have never had a better hand job in your life. All your little quirks are being ow you are in repose from the flood of the post-orgasmic chemistry. You are aware of whom provided this mind-blowing orgasm as you get a whiff of a cologne that one person on board uses.

Your guest and traveling associate, but not the massage therapist. He leaves the room still under the darkness of the low light. No words were exchanged. The door shuts behind the “man” who gave you a hand job, said Jonathan as he lightly traced the outline of Steve’s cock in his shorts.

Jonathan kept the light tracing of Steve’s cock. Steve was starting to feel what he had long fantasied to be true or was he. Who was touching him? Was it Amanda or Jonathan?

All his “what was” is now dismantled right in front of him. The story, the touch, the build-up he was moments away from changing the path that he would have forevermore.

He was willing to let a guy make him come, he hoped, or was it, Amanda?

“Oh my God, I’m coming,” said Steve.

“Go with it,” said Amanda.

Steve thought to himself after he had a moment to , phew, that was Amanda. Hell, I’m not gay.

After that moment of reflection, Steve released his load into his shorts. The full power of the realization that a feeling is a feeling, and the provider of the feeling could be... unknown. He was sure that Amanda was the sensory fulfillment officer he enjoyed the experience.

“Stop. I can’t take anymore,” said Steve as he bent at the waist and pulled back.

“I hope you enjoyed that little story,” she said.

“Thank you, Amanda, that felt . It’s so dark in here I can’t see you. I want to give you a thank-you hug,” he said.

Don’t thank me, thank Jonathan, she said.

“What…,” he said in a startled, shocked, and confused state of an exploding and ripped the blindfold off. Seeing for the first time that a man had indeed given him pleasure.

“So, you see, the pleasure is more powerful than your conventional thinking,” she said.

I get it, I get it, said Steve as he undid his belt and took a napkin to clean up his release.

“So now that you understand from personal experience, does that change anything for you,” said Jonathan.

“Yes, it does, and you can do that whenever you feel like it,” said Steve.

“You as well.” Said Jonathan.

All was quiet on the bridge. The moment that had been shared was being replayed by Steve in his mind, and he was again hard as a rock. No, he couldn’t. There was too much to do. He had responsibilities. The crew depended on a Captain that was fully vested in the proper execution of his duties. He could do that again. He had to move . Or did he?

“Steve, you OK,” said, Jonathan.

“Yes, I am a little too new to this but my body is telling me with no exceptions, that was ,” he said.

“Hard, again?” said Jonathan.

“Yes, but I don’t think we should do anything about that right now,” said Steve.

“Why,” he said.

OK, I don’t have a great answer and would like to. I don’t think that

Jonathan moved closer to Steve and unzipped his pants. Still, partially wet from an incomplete clean-up after the first orgasm.

“Stay calm, let’s get you back on track. Wouldn’t want you exploding in front of the crew would ,” he said.

Jonathan took Steve’s cock in his hand and stroked him ever so . Using the leftover come he swirled his palm around the head of Steve’s cock and had him begging for release. Without of course. Steve is the captain, in charge, and always under control. He took his other hand and caressed Steve’s balls and could feel that he was not long to enjoy the orgasm pleasures. Since this was the first time Steve had been handled by a man, Jonathan took pity upon him and sped up the conclusion of the action, and let Steve enjoy a second orgasm without any judgment. the pleasure of the sensations.

“Feel better,” said Jonathan.

Yes, I feel . Thank you for opening my eyes. I feel like I entered a foreign country where I don’t speak the language, but all the people seem so friendly, he said.

“I knew you would enjoy it,” said Amanda.

“I think that you need to go to your cabin and clean up a bit before the crew sees you,” said Jonathan.

What’s your thought. Can a same-sex situation define your sexuality? Does it matter? What would you do?


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