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Dirty Diary Entries

20+ smut series

By JadedPleasuresPublished 2 months ago 9 min read
Dirty Diary Entries
Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Time: 9:45 p.m.

Modern Fiction,

Location: Best Friend Mason's house.

Tonight is like any other night for me and Mason. We sat on the couch watching movies. I have tried to ask Mason for years now why he continues to call me princes instead of my name since we are just friends. We have known each other since college. He still refuses to tell me. Quiet frankly, I still do not know much about him, with reason seems to disapprove of talking about himself much. Though there are times when he holds me in his arms for a prolonged embrace, it is not just for friendship reasons. His attitude towards me has changed a bit too. Gone is his carefree and friendly character that I know and love, swapped with an almost possessive and protective side. I supposed I had never noticed before. It's not that Mason is an unattractive man. Generally, he is my ideal dream human being. Recently, I have felt he is way above my level with the dating factor.

Have you ever seen someone with impeccably styled fluffy hair and a nearly flawless complexion? It's hard not to be mesmerized by such a sight! This man even has the sexiest eyes one person could ever stand. And, when he looks at me even when out and about. I am not going to lie about the multitude of times I wonder. What are his feelings for me? Would he want to date me because of how long we have been friends? Would he tell me no? My questions go unanswered because I fail to act on voicing them out loud. I do not wish to feel rejected and pathetic. I devotedly value Mason's friendship.

Ideally, to my knowledge, Mason isn't enchanted by another. I feel Mason's arm wrap around my shoulder and pull me closer to his body. My breath hitches in my throat quietly while I shyly move closer to him while he adjusts closer to me.

I have been secretly crushing on Mason for some time right now, add-on while knowing he has no clue about how I feel towards him. I am supposedly his best friend, making me feel like shit that I am this way. I lean against his side while my head rests against his shoulder.

"Hey, Mason?"

Which gives me the same response I always get from him.

"What is it, princess?"

Inciting a soft pale pink blush to creep over my cheeks, finally propelling me quickly to cast my gaze downward to hide my emotions and rampaging heart.

"Why do you insist all calling me princess? Do you have any idea what the heck that kind of emotion that makes a woman feel?"

I was not expecting the rumble of laughter that bubbled out of his throat, the profoundly low rumbling in his chest that caused his shoulder to shift up and down gently with his laughter.

"Princess, I know just how it affects women. Besides, who says that I didn't want the reaction I just received?"

What is he implying? The thought wandered through my mind.

"Can you stop being confusing for once in your life and be direct with me here, Mason? Do you even flipping like me in such a way that would cause you to become emotionally attached to me?"

I rushed the words out while my nervousness was on full display. I hoped Mason would clear the air between us a bit. I need to know where I stand here. Mason is not making this easy for me.

Never mind the hate that is coursing through me for him. Damn him!~~, for flashing me that sexy fucking smirk and his perfect white teeth that make my knees like fucking Jell-O.

"Awe, are you nervous now?"

I hear him growl out in a low rumble, which does nothing but send shivers down my spine while pressed against his side. I feel his hand touch my cheek as his lean fingers splay gently over my neck and jaw.

"And, what if I did say that I would love to have you as my beautiful little princess? Would you be too scared to come and lay with 'Daddy' for a while?"

I heard him speak in a low whisper next to my ear, impulsing me to blush a deeper red. I know I did because I could feel how hot my face was.

"You know there are times you tease too much. But, if we are being truthful. I would not mind seeing where that aspect of our life could go."

I shyly and timidly respond to his questions.

The next course of action was unexpected and almost intimidating because of how intimate the act was. Thundering roars of my pulse sped into my ears as Mason's lavish lips pressed in tender rapid succession as he showed me his true-nature intentions through a passionate session of kisses. My senses dulled to the delusion of impeccable bliss that courses through my body as his hands leisurely roam over my sides and hips.

Trembles from pleasure run alongside my spine, shaking in my body passes through me while still in his arms as soft gasps unintentionally escape my lips. My well-cared-for hands slowly caress gentle patterns over his arms and shoulders in a show of reciprocation of wanting the same as him.

Within a span of a moment, his hands grasped my buttocks with his lengthy fingers to allow me to wrap my thick thighs around his waist so he could comfortably carry me to the room like he had practiced this a multitude of times over again. With that practiced ease that Mason exudes while we enter into the privacy of his bedroom, kicking the door closed behind him. Mason laid me on my back against the bed before clasping my hands into one of his to then raise them above my head while pinning them there. My thoughts are scattered at the intense sensation while the feeling of his body weight rests on top of my body.

Even I am aware of how relaxed my body becomes under his gentle ministrations brought on by his hand clasping my wrists to his other hand trailing leisurely down my side. With his ministrations, soft little gasps are composed of my throat and lips in a symphony of delight and satisfaction.

"Princess, I never knew you would respond to me so beautifully."

I hear his sensual words caress my ears while he speaks.

I heard his sensual words caress my ear while he spoke. Mason's body hovered only slightly above me. At the same time, my heart hammered inside my breast from the intimacy of such a moment. My core trembled at every tender caress and touch that Mason bestowed upon my clothed form.

"Mason, you are driving me crazier than I usually am."

Jokingly meant in my whisper tone as it left my pursed mouth. Although, the tone in my voice sounded sultry and lustful. Uncontrollably, while pressed into the bed sheets of the mattress in the bedroom, my hips press down into the mattress further as an arch forms in my lower back while constraining myself from getting closer to Mason in this moment of desire and need.

What I had done only spurred him further as I began to feel him roll his hips into our touching clothed areas. The action elicits a soft whimpering of a gasp to pass between my parted lips. At that aforesaid, shivers caused a trembling in my body under his gentle caresses and touch only, driving me further into the pits of insane desire and lust for my best friend.

"Oh, princess, what if I want you crazier?"

I hear Mason's low reverberating growl while then feeling him biting my neck while he continues grinding plus lightly thrusting his hips against mine. Everything he does drives me higher into the fever pitch that we have created between each other. My whimpered gasps turn into low moans as he teases me in ways I had no clue would be such a turn-on.

Mason's hands traveled slowly over my body while leaving leisurely teasing strokes over my covered chest as if he was flicking my nipples through my bra, prompting me to take in a sharp breath of air.

"Mason, stop teasing me like this. You have no idea how much I want you."

I groaned out while doing my utmost to restrain my deepening desires for Mason.

"I want you, too."

I hear him groan at my words, sending my heart into a flurry of flutters and skips.

"No take-backsies if we go through with this."

I sternly say to convey the severity of this moment.

With a smirk that could rival Gods, I hear him tell me.

"No take-backsies."

Mason growled to me before his lips crashed down on mine in a deep, passionate kiss, which I happily returned. Our lips move in perfect unison as we show each other our feelings. Unable to stand it any longer, we began removing clothing from each other first with our shirts. My eyes traveled down his tone athletic form. At the same time, I can sense his eyes traveling over my form.

Without thinking, I reach out, trailing my fingers over his toned stomach to the protruding bone where his hip lays. I could feel Mason's muscles flex under my touch as if he was my soft touch enjoyable. Glancing up to see Mason's face, there is a look of pleasure on his features while he bites his lower lip with his head leaned back from the bliss of the intimate touch.

Mason's hands then cup my cheeks in the palm of his hands before leaning down to press another kiss to my lips. Any thoughts of leaving went out the window as we began our slow, gentle exploration of each other's bodies. The music that played in the living room could be heard in his bedroom as our bodies moved in sync with each other, moving our hands and bodies to the sound and beats of the music.

During our exploration, we decided to finish stripping each other of our clothing to be pressed flush to each other's bodies. Mason's warm flesh felt fantastic pressed against my soft curves. It is as though my body is for him and only him. Goose bumps rise down my arms as our bodies press and move to the tones and beats of the music. With the highs, I feel him undulating his hips harder into mine before slowing back down as the bass evens out.


His name left my lips in a begging tone. I can't handle this torment anymore. I feel as if my core is on fire with the need for him to fill the hole that pulses with the need for his cock inside me. Without further encouragement, Mason positioned himself between my thighs. His lean fingers move down my body before gripping his member in hand to move to my already hot and slick entrance. In a swift thrust of his hips, I felt him penetrate my walls, distributing a guttural moan of pleasure from my parted lips.

Mason groans above my body as he feels the walls around him stretch taunt over him. Mason pauses, to allow my pulsing walls to adjust before he begins a slower and gentler pace. Instinctively, my arms wrap around his neck as I feel his gentle thrusts inside of my womanhood. A sheen of sweat forms over our bodies from the restraint he shows.

"You feel so fucking good princess."

I hear Mason growl out through gritted teeth before he adds.

"I can't hold back anymore, princess."

With that, he begins to piston his hips against mine, thrusting deeper into my womb with reckless abandonment as our pants and moans fill the room, taking over the sound of the music. I could feel him leaning into the thrusts to place passionate kisses over my lips before traveling lower to my neck as his hips continued to pound into my wanting flesh.

The lewd sounds of our hips connecting send a thrill through both our bodies, heightening the sensation of the moment to extreme levels. While our moans come to a louder pitch and volume, my walls pulse harder over Mason's member while he continues to pound inside of me, as my vaginal walls milk him for their mutual climax.

I scream out in pleasure while my walls clamp down over him, tightening around his shaft as he thrusts. Reaching my peak, I fall into the abyss of ecstasy. My head is leaned backward into the bed below me, while I scream his name to the air above while my release squirts down over his member, triggering his release. Both of our intense climaxes flow down over his hardened member leaking from my hole to drip from his sack.

I feel Mason collapse on top of my naked body, to which I happily accept his weight and hold him tenderly against me while we both catch our breaths from the intensity of the moment.

"I think I want to do this again princess."

I hear him say.

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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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