Desires Untamed

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Desires Untamed

A rough breakup of 10 years and time for a fresh start. Amaris was headed for New York, for promises of a better life. Now in her early 30s and unsure about anything she knew, she was hungry for true love, self-love, and a great job that could take her to the places she dreamed of. A friend of hers for the last 25 years reached out to her at her lowest and darkest of times, and said he was there for her. He reminded her of how far she’s come and how many love her.

He lived in New York and she found comfort knowing he wouldn’t be far. He offered her a job as his personal assistant for the mortgage company he worked for. They hadn’t seen each other in 12 years and he’s married with kids. She settles into her apartment and lets Carson know she will sleep on the job offer and call him in the morning.

He puts her to work immediately, having her to work through the paperwork that’s been piling up.

She knocks on the door, “Knock, knock.”

“Come in," Mr. Fitzpatrick replies.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick, I need signatures on these documents.”

“Call me Carson, we're friends," he says as he signs the documents.

His eyes wonder staring at his beautiful friend. Her emerald eyes, copper hair flowing down the middle of her back, wearing a tight black pencil skirt, a sage green buttoned dress shirt that shows off her eyes and high heels to elongate her hourglass figure. She looks up at him and gets lost in those almond brown eyes. They can’t deny their attraction and he put his hand on her back to gently pull her closer. They know what they desire, and she politely says, “Carson, I should get back to work.” He asks her if he can look at what’s underneath. She gives him a gentle nod as his hands start to unbutton each button one at a time.

She can see the excitement and feel it through her spine. She puts her hand on his hand and says, “You know we shouldn’t.”

He says, “I’m sorry I had no intentions to make you feel uncomfortable.”

She gets back to work, and Carson calls her to his office. Amaris, would you let me buy you lunch to apologize, just friends enjoying each other’s company. “Sure, Carson I’d like that,” says Amaris.

They exit the building and take a walk down the street as he shows her some of the local businesses along the way. They enter a small café take their seats and begin to order.

He tells her that what happened wasn’t planned and he hopes he can be forgiven that he loves his wife. She reassures him that all is fine that if he didn’t have a wife it would be different. This intrigues his interest and asks, “Could we and just keep it a secret?"

She gets quiet and her mind gets to thinking. He sees her wheels turning and she responds, “We've known each other for so long and you’re an attractive great guy, I'd be flattered but you are married.” He leaves it at that, they eat, and catch up.

As they are leaving, he says, “How about we go for a walk to see more of the city and continue catching up?”

She loves talking to him and said, “That’s a lovely idea.”

They walk about a block and she excitedly says, “There’s my apartment, do you want a tour?”

Carson says, “I’d like that.” They enter and she takes her heels off to get some relief. Here is my kitchen, living room, the extra bedroom, and down the hall is my room as she walks upon it and opens the door.

He says, “You have a nice apartment, and if I may be frank, a beautiful body.” She laughs, but adds don’t tease and say things because you’re my friend.

“I’m serious that’s why I wanted to look," Carson says. "We're friends, what, would it hurt?

Amaris unbuttons slowly as a tease knowing he wants to see.

Carson pulls her hair back and starts to kiss her neck. She feels helpless to his seduction as she knows she wants him. There is something about wanting what you can’t have that makes you pine for more. They move to the bed and she pins him down as she puts her lips on his earlobe softly nibbling as she unbuttons his shirt to explore. With her lips, she moves to the neck soft kisses and looks up to see his approval. She takes her lips to explore his chest and unzips his pants while he takes them off. Kisses awakening nerve endings and causing more anticipation.

Her back and neck dip low as her ass in that tight skirt is in full visual view as she makes her way to his thigh dry lips pressed softly against his skin yearning for pleasurable reactions. She makes him think she’s going for the penis, but teases as she moves back to meet his eyes. They look into each other’s eyes as he kisses her oh so passionately long and slow. He moves his hands to unzip her skirt and slowly pulls it over her curvaceous hips to reveal a black lacy thong. He proceeds to look at her stomach and voluptuous breast kissing them in delight. He slides his hand under her thong and gives her a taste of his fingers inside her.

He slides the thong off and she slides her fingers through his brown locks and meets his eyes again for more kisses and bites the bottom lip gently and gives a smirk. She moves to his penis to tease kissing everywhere but where he longs for her mouth to be. Suspense building she’s driving him crazy. When he thinks it can’t get any better, she kisses his penis looking into his eyes and gives him a blow job he had been waiting for. Swirling her tongue, sucking and deep throating while playing with his testicles. He can’t take it anymore and guides her to meet his face, he wants to feel her all of her. Moving his penis into her wet pussy a sexual release satisfied only to want more. He thrusts while she moans in the missionary position. His hands cup her hip as they get deeper and her legs wrapped around him. Its as if their souls have awakened and the passion smoldering hot.

She takes charge to ride him and kissing him as he fondles her breast. Gripping her waist for a deeper connection she’s moaning loudly as his dick pulsates and her hips rocking. Her back arches as the orgasm take over and wetness succumbs his dick. He takes her to the edge of the bed and comes in behind her. Her neck leaned back on his shoulder as he pulls her closer to be deep inside. Her moans are so sinful he bends her over and rides her hard and fast. Her body shudders an orgasm like she never had before. Screaming his name in such euphoria. He's climaxing and cums all over her stomach as they smile at each other. Her head on his chest falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

The next morning, she wakes to smile about the wet dream she had and calls Mr. Fitzpatrick to say she can’t take the job he offered her. He asked if she was sure about her decision, but she responded saying, "I don’t want anything to ruin our friendship. I appreciate your kindness."

"Don't be a stranger," he said. "I wish you the best."

Scarlett Price
Scarlett Price
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