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With apologies to S.T.C. (and W.W.)

By Doc SherwoodPublished 4 days ago 4 min read

“Well, you didn’t do too badly,” Artesia said meekly.

I almost preferred my unbearable little cousin when she was teasing me, to when she was saying things that simply weren’t true! “I wouldn’t exactly call Sally shoving her…her knickers in my face for half an hour not doing too badly!” I flung back.

“At least she was wearing some,” was all Artesia could say. Though to be fair, after my performance, even Pollyanna would have struggled!

I was still quivering with infuriation as I walked Artesia home from the competition. Every moment of that awful game kept blushing into my mind, one after the other. Each cheeky smile on Sally's freckled face, flare after flare of her short navy-blue PE skirt, and the endless times I’d run straight up against her bottom in her plain white knickers, filling my nose up with girl-smell that I still couldn’t seem to get out of my nostrils even now. And just to top it all of, I'd also had to watch Artesia playing her game beforehand, which of course she’d won. She’d played a boy older than her and beaten him, even teased him while she was doing it, just as Sally had later teased me. So my girl-cousin had won, whereas I'd suffered a painfully embarrassing defeat. How was any of this fair, I fumed?

I remembered my first encounter with Sally, a couple of weeks ago. In fact it would have been hard to forget! Everyone had been saying this new girl with the freckles was a real Little Miss Perfect, so I'd never guessed what she was like if she got you on your own. Then, as soon as no-one else could see her, she did the most spiteful horrid things. I'd been walking down an empty corridor minding my own business when she'd taken me by surprise and hiked up my underpants up my butt, hard enough to hurt.

“Your fingers are so going to smell unpicking those,” Sally had remarked contemptuously as she sauntered past and into my line of sight.

I knew she was right, because I could feel just how badly she’d stuffed them. I'd felt such a flash of indignation that I determined there and then to get my own back on her for it. For a boy, of course, forbidden by one of those great double-standards to ever touch girls without their permission, that had to mean the next time we played at sports together. Unfortunately though, as today had proved, for me to take Sally down a peg or two in that particular way was easier said than done!

After seeing Artesia safely home - like she couldn't look after herself! - I didn't much feel like going back myself yet. I had a desultory look around town, when all at once my eye fell upon a soft light blue sweater and soft fair hair. In fact the girl, who was also wearing tight black shorts, looked lovely and soft all over. It was however the see-through nature of her shorts that most excited me!

For I could see she had white knickers on underneath, just like Sally had been wearing in our game, only this girl was so soft and sweet I couldn't imagine her ever being a horrid little tease. Her friend beside her, who looked funnier with brown hair all piled up and big glasses, was flaunting her bumcheeks rather more and her jacket was half off one shoulder. Then she hiked this up for a second, showing ever more bum, and I saw that although her green lycra was tighter than my favourite's she did have knickers on underneath too!

They were a very cheesy pair of girls, in other words. I was close behind them and getting sniffs of how clean and sweet they were, and it almost sent me into a daze. Why couldn't they all be like that, and not like Sally?

The two girls proceeded to climb the stone steps in front of me, and I couldn't resist. Creeping as close to them as I dared, I moved my face to those double peachy butts and rapturously breathed in the backs of their shorts and knickers, sniffing just as much of that precious girl-essence as my senses could hold. It was so lovely, and neither of them ever knew!



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