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Dear women, with these 7 erotic adventures men will never forget

by Omara 7 months ago in advice
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When has a number ever been so great that you definitely won’t forget it? Exactly! Unforgettable sex adventures are rare, but guaranteed with the following 7 ideas for bed

Allow me, gentlemen, a woman writes to you. About things that a man should have done during sex with a woman. Why a woman, you probably think, where it is about the male love life? Don’t men know better? Know yes, only they do not talk about it with each other.

Because men are silent among men on the subject of sex, but tell a good friend like me everything, I take over. I bring you what was reported to me on this subject. The cross sum of the most important experiences in the sex life of a man.

Sex adventure#1: Shave her pubic hair

WHY. From a female perspective: because, quite honestly, for most of us, this is a thousand times more intimate than anything else men do to us, including in, out. That’s why a lot of my gender mates are nervous about it and not open to it at first. In reality, the shame threshold is high. If you manage to overcome that, it’s a demonstration of absolute confidence. Styling in the depths of the room also promotes the handling of shame twice over: because it stimulates playfulness and improves local knowledge on the pubic turf.

Don’t stare at it all the time, look the creature in the eye sometimes too. Otherwise, it is safest to borrow female shaving tools and follow female instructions. Agree on the new hairstyle beforehand, otherwise there’ll be trouble afterwards. We girls are just as sensitive on the bottom as we are on the top. If it’s fun for both of you, there are no limits to shape and color. Afterwards, praise how well the new look suits her. You know how it is.

Sex adventure #2: Sleep with two women in one day

WHY? Because for once you’re not the politically correct “sorry, I’m coming” lover, but take sex when it comes. My good friend Peter, 32, described it to me: “I felt strong. Masculine and desired — in control of the situation. It came like this: I had gone to my ex for breakfast after months. There we did it spontaneously in the shower.

And the same day, in the evening, I ran into Marcia in a club, 24, brunette, uncomplicated, and turned me on. We went to her place. Afterwards, I went home, totally high.” Sex as doping for the ego: If a man pleasures more than one, he is desired, potent, all man — in the archaic sense. Fall asleep satisfied and alone to remain independent — master of the process. Enjoy the one-time double-shot without secrecy. Don’t brag about it, it’s chavvy. This kick can’t be planned, and when it’s planned, it’s no longer a kick. It arises spontaneously. So? You must be able to wait.

Sex adventure #3: Do nothing at all

WHY? What is meant, of course, is: let your partner love you, you do not raise a hand in the process. Your beloved should seduce you, because it is a proof of sexual maturity to be able to receive love as well.

Sexual scientists agree that it is not easy for us to break the old active-passive schema. The clichés that a man has to be the leader because otherwise he’s not a guy, while the woman can’t show her desire because she runs the risk of looking willing, still run very deep. If you do not forget to show how much you enjoyed the act, there is nothing to stop you from repeating it.

Sex adventure #4: Say no

WHY? The great little one is digging at you. She wants to! But you say no. Simply because you are worth it. Even if the cute runway snail makes it easy for you, coos, lays down in your arms — sometimes a man has to pass up opportunities. Because he doesn’t need to. Because he already has the experience. Because he’s waiting for better things.

Not mean or demeaning, please. Wrap your no nicely. Or slip in a little white lie. But don’t leave scorched earth, who knows what kind of girlfriends the girl has.

Sex adventure #5: Sex that makes her cry.

WHY. Tears don’t lie — no woman has ever given herself to you like this. This is the moment when love is immeasurable. It’s hard as hell. I can only give you a few clues. The three components of a stirring act of love for us women are: a) a lot of time, because it takes us a long time, b) a stalling technique that keeps us permanently stewing in pre-orgasmic limbo, and c) feeling.

How does this work exactly?

a) Time: You should plan for two hours. Invest one hour in foreplay, so that your partner relaxes to the last nerve ending — with kisses, caressing massages, verbal eroticism. Sex follows in the second hour.

b) Stalling: Manually stimulate the hot spots. Penetrate only when she begs. Stop again and again, this increases the pre-orgasmic tension. The whole thing is called the stop-start technique and is recommended by California sex researchers Jennifer and Laura Berman. After the, let’s say, eighth stop pleasurably, slowly make him come, but with …

c) … Feeling: hold her close. Look into their eyes. Say something. Example: “I am very happy with you.” I bet no one has ever said that to her at that moment.

Sex adventure #6: Sex with a mature woman

WHY? Once a man must love a woman who has nothing to prove to anyone. A woman who doesn’t think about how she looks in the meantime. Because she just follows her instinct. As Florian, my otherwise rather pale banker friend reported: “It was sex, nothing else. I’ve never experienced that before. With Elke, you didn’t have to push a button. We just did it. And again.”

How to actually do it then is still one of the easiest things. She’ll tell you what she wants. What’s hard is finding a woman who has that Iris Berben appeal. You’re most likely to find it in career women, i.e. on the business floor. Because these women have a desire for more and are willing to take on responsibility. Also, she should be ten to 15 years older.

Sex adventure #7: Give away the 1st orgasm.

WHY. Because she has been craving it for so long. Many of my girlfriends have had to experience sex for years without orgasms. At least when having sex as a couple. Most of them didn’t find that bad, they didn’t know it any other way. And then it happened to all of them at some point. That they met a man who knew how to do it. Uwe, if you are reading this: Thank you again!

I have already hinted at it: women experience orgasm most safely and frequently through manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris. Be disinterested, you’re doing this for the honor, and for the beloved, of course. Expert Lou Paget says it takes “95 percent determination and dedication, and only five percent talent.”

And you, too, can discover unique things in the process: U.S. researchers Hartman, Fithian and Campbell have found that every woman has a unique orgasmic pattern, which scientists call an orgasmic fingerprint. That’s also why each one needs it a few shades differently, due to different body types, different arousal abilities, fantasies. You are the chief explorer: you discover and show her how she comes.

The most important rules for you: 1. play Prince Charming on this day, accordingly your sweetheart will serve you. 2. tell her that you desire her and wish nothing else than to be seduced by her. Praise animates. 3. make her feel she can do anything. Let her use your body. 4. Don’t be afraid to give her instructions.

What a man must have done with a woman, you now know. Dare! Because only those who do something they don’t know will remember it later. These erotic moments you will certainly not forget.


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