Daddy's Brat Has a Birthday!

by Phoenixx Fyre Dean 11 months ago in fetishes

A day in the life of a birthday brat!

Daddy's Brat Has a Birthday!

Sunday morning at seven o'clock sharp, Daddy woke me with a smack on the ass.

"Wake up, Princess! It's your birthday!"

Daddy was home all week and he had promised to wake me every morning with something special. This was the last day and I was super excited to see what Daddy had planned for my birthday. I turned over and smiled at Daddy. He kissed my nose and smiled, his blue eyes shining and full of mischief.

"Good morning, baby girl. Take a quick shower. I've set the items you will need for today on the counter in the bathroom. I'll finish making your breakfast while you shower. I'll see you downstairs in twenty minutes."

Before I could respond, Daddy kissed my nose again, rolled off of the bed and disappeared through the master suite door. I yawned, stretched, and threw the covers off. My feet landed on the purple area rug Daddy had laid on my side of the bed. It is super fuzzy and super soft. Purple is my favorite color, and Daddy had the master suite painted in a purple gradient. The carpet is white, and Daddy had area rugs scattered throughout the master suite in shades that matched the gradient on the walls. The bed is a wrought-iron monster that dominates the sleeping area of the master suite. The mattress is king size and is surrounded by black wrought iron. The headboard is intricate in its design and held several anchor points that allows Daddy to easily maintain control when I am in bondage. At each corner of the bed, posts rise eight feet and attach to the roof of the wrought-iron canopy. Each of the posts and several places on the canopy hosts additional anchor points, as well as the bottom of each post and the railings on both sides and the foot of the bed. A well prepared Daddy is a happy Daddy, and mine loves to be happy.

I made my way to the bathroom and found a new outfit hanging on the shower rod. A pair of jeans and a purple tee shirt that had the word "brat" emblazoned in silver across the front, purple matching bra and panties, purple ankle socks that matched the shirt perfectly and tennis shoes in the same hue as the socks and the shirt. I moved the clothes to the back of the door, undressed and got into the shower. I turned the water as hot as I could stand it and washed my hair with the mango-peach shampoo Daddy left for me. After conditioning my hair and using the accompanying body wash, I rinsed quickly, shut off the water and slid back the shower curtain. Daddy had been in the bathroom while I was in the shower. He very quietly slipped in and left a note attached to a purple bow and a single purple rose on the counter. I dried my hands quickly, my excitement building like a kid anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus and reached for the envelope.

"Put your hair in a single braid. Tie it with the bow I have provided. When you have finished, be seated at the dining room table. I will join you soon."

I dried off quickly, using the mango-peach powder and body spray before I dressed and fixed my hair the way Daddy wanted it fixed, being sure to tie the purple ribbon to the bottom of my long braid. I left my mess in the bathroom and hurried downstairs to the dining room.

Daddy wasn't there, but I knew which seat was mine. Daddy had another single purple rose laid on a plate. I sat down in the chair situated in front of the rose-covered plate and waited to see what was next. I didn't have to wait long. The door to the kitchen swung open and Daddy sat a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage links and pancakes on the table in front of me. One more trip to the kitchen and I had my favorite drink, Mountain Dew with a splash of orange juice in my cup in front of me. We ate breakfast together, and I tried to get Daddy to tell me what he had planned for the day. I knew I wouldn't break him, but it was fun to try.

After breakfast, I rose to clear the table and was admonished. It was my birthday, and I wasn't to lift a finger. Daddy cleared the table of the dishes then came back to the dining room.

He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet. His hands slid around my neck, a gold chain dangling between them. A gold lock connected the ends of the chain together and was locked with a tiny gold key, which Daddy made a show of throwing in the trash. It was my collar! I threw my arms around his neck, squeezing hard and thanking him for my gift.

Daddy wasn't finished for the day though, and he hurried me out the door and into the passenger seat of his truck. After a short drive, we arrived at one of my favorite places, the Umpqua Lighthouse. There were several cars there when we arrived, as it was whale watching season and the lighthouse was a favored spot for the locals to view them passing. Daddy took off his seat belt and reached over and unlocked mine. I reached for the door handle, thinking we were getting out for a walk. Daddy pulled the hand I used to reach for the door to him and smacked it hard.

"Nobody asked you to get out of the car, little girl. Sit still."

I sat back against the back of the seat, waiting for my instructions, and Daddy's little pussy was soaking wet with a combination of pain from the smack and anticipation of what was yet to come.

"Lower your pants to your knees."

I did as I was told, as the truck sits high enough that I knew nobody could see in. Daddy moved his big hand between my knees and used the tips of his fingers to trace a line to my dripping wet pussy and back again. Each time Daddy's hand moved back up from my knee, his fingers teased the opening of the little pussy he so thoroughly owned. I watched Daddy's dick grow hard underneath the fabric of his jeans, and I asked Daddy quietly if I could touch him. He answered by unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, reaching his hand inside and pulling out his cock. I reached my hand over and wrapped it around Daddy's super-hard dick, applied a little pressure and stroked him up and down a few times. Daddy moaned and pushed my head towards his crotch. I did as I was told, laying across the front seat and kissing the tip of Daddy's dick.

"Suck it, baby. Suck Daddy's dick."

I did as I was told and my lips closed around the head of his cock. Daddy's left hand was on top of my head, his right moving up and down my back. Very slowly, I sucked him into my mouth and Daddy moaned softly. His hand slid down my back, his fingers finding my tight little butt hole quickly. At first, as I lightly sucked him, he used his fingertips to tease my hole, but refused to give me what he knew I wanted. I sucked a little harder and he responded with a fingertip in my ass. As he slowly worked his fingertip in and out, I sucked a little harder still, but just a slowly as before. I was sucking Daddy all the way to the back of my throat, but no further, and I knew that was his favorite. With the hand on my head, he applied a little pressure, and I resisted. He tried once more, and once more, I resisted. His hand smacked my ass hard, and I responded with just the head of his cock in my throat. That was enough for Daddy to reward with the tip of his finger in my willing ass. I raised my ass towards his probing finger and was met with another smack on my ass. I knew better than to do anything that I hadn't been given permission for, but it was my birthday and, let's be honest, I'm a brat. While Daddy slowly rubbed the hand print that he'd left on my ass, I very slowly sucked his cock all the way into my throat. I couldn't breathe with his cock in my throat, and he knew I wouldn't stop. If he didn't pull me off of his cock, I would pass out with him still in my throat. As I worked his throbbing cock with my throat, he would occasionally grab a handful of my hair, pulling his cock from my throat and allowing me to breathe. His fingertip was moving in and out of my tight ass and as I swallowed his cock again, he buried his finger in my ass. Just a few breaths later, I swallowed Daddy one more time, tightening my throat around him and felt his hot load shoot down my eager throat. I continued to suck softly while Daddy slipped his fingers in my dripping wet pussy. He pulled his cock from my mouth, and I laid my head in his lap while he used his fingers on me. I hadn't asked Daddy if I could cum, but didn't have to ask when his hand left my head and closed around my throat.

"Cum. Right. Fucking. Now."

Oh my God. Daddy's voice was so deep, and though I knew he would never hurt me, it was menacing enough to send me over the edge. Completely forgetting where I was, I made no effort to hide the orgasm that was rocking my body.

After a few minutes, I sat up in the passenger seat of the truck. It didn't take long to realize that we had become the tourist attraction, and everyone was looking in our direction. I immediately knew what was coming next, and I was proven right moments later. Daddy had a wicked smile on his face when he told me to fix my hair and then my pants. I smiled back and did as I was told, completely aware that we had become the attraction. As I buttoned and then zipped my pants and gave a little wave to the onlookers, Daddy fired up the truck and backed out of the parking lot, turning the truck towards home.

It was still really early in the day. This would promise to be an amazing birthday!

Phoenixx  Fyre Dean
Phoenixx Fyre Dean
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