Stacy's Mom

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The Summer I Became a Man

Stacy's Mom

1973 was the year that held the best summer of my life. I had just had my birthday in the middle of May, and the end of May saw an end to school for the year. My sister was going to band camp, my little brothers were going to my grandparents for the summer, and my parents worked full-time jobs. They would be out of the house every day of the week, as work would take the Monday through Friday hours and their newly purchased beach house would occupy every available moment on the weekends.

I lived in the same house I was born in, and all of my friends had been my friends since birth. Ours was a small, tight-knit community. Everyone knew everyone and when someone new came in town, we all noticed. Just a year earlier, old man Barley died and his house quickly went up for sale. It sat empty until the last week of May, when Stacy and her family moved in. Stacy was fourteen and gorgeous. Long blond hair that hung past her perfect pear-shaped ass and legs that were perfectly sun-kissed and long. So long. Her ass was only slightly outshined by the perfect tits she kept barely covered most of the time. Stacy had three siblings, a brother that was nineteen and in college, a sister that was ten and a baby brother, just a year and a half old. It was Stacy's mom that changed all the plans for that summer and turned a group of boys in to men.

There were four of us guys that were always together. My three best friends were Steve, Jeff, and Joey. We were all born in the month of May and our parents have been friends since they were children. I don't ever remember a time that I didn't know these guys. My parents left for work and we slept in until 11 that morning. I was the last one in the bathroom that morning and when I came out, the three guys were gathered at my bedroom window, staring intently at whatever it was they were looking at. I hurried over to join them at the window and satiate my curiosity. There, before our teenaged eyes, was the most exquisite sight we had ever seen. Stacy's mom was laying on a chaise lounge by the pool in a bikini.

Stacy was beautiful, but she was nothing next to her mother. Dad, we found out, was in prison and wouldn't be out anytime soon. She was on her own with her children. She was of Russian descent with hair the color of coal and blue eyes that seemed to pierce through to your soul. Her skin was a deep olive, and her eyes were a stunning contrast to the color of her skin. She was 5' 9" tall and weighed about 120 pounds. Tall and slender with every muscle in her flat stomach perfectly defined, her ass tight and heart shaped. Her tits were massive. She had obviously taught her daughter to dress, as she, too, wore barely there clothing. There was nothing like that bikini, though. It was hot pink and two very small triangles of fabric stretched themselves over her huge nipples. Hot pink strands of fabric were connected to the triangles of fabric and tied around her neck and mid-back. The bottom part of the bikini was a small triangle of pink fabric that covered her plump pussy, stretching and conforming itself to the shape of her thick pussy lips, the fabric stretched to the maximum in an effort to cover the mound between her beautiful legs. We watched as she suddenly sat up in her chaise lounge and reached for the baby monitor that was on the table next to her. She stood, and we watched her walk in the house. The disappointment showed on all of our faces but was very short-lived as we watched her come back out to her spot on the chaise lounge, baby boy in tow. He had obviously just awoken from a nap, and his eyes were still sleepy and his hair unkempt. The four of us sat and stared as she untied the string around her neck and allowed her beautiful tits to free themselves. Without further ado, she popped one of her perfect nipples in the little boy's mouth, and he hungrily fed from her tit. The sight was too much for me to handle and I quickly felt the hot cum shoot from my dick and in to my underwear. A quick glance around told me I wasn't the only one, as Jeff and Joey both had evidence of uncontrolled hormones on the front of their shorts and Steve had a raging hard-on that I was sure Stacy's mom would have seen, if only she had looked up. Steve excused himself and ran to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later sweaty and out of breath, but wearing a huge smile.

We couldn't take our eyes off of her. I felt a little guilty for sitting in my window watching her, but I couldn't stop. My God, that woman was beautiful. I had the window open slightly and the four of us were gathered around the window. I giggled nervously, and I saw a look of recognition come over her face. She grinned, almost imperceptibly, and looked towards my window. The four of us flung ourselves on the floor, horrified that she may have seen us. I slowly stood back up, and I watched in complete amazement as she stood and turned her chaise lounge towards my bedroom window. She WANTED us to see her! We watched that day and several days after that, as she put on a show for us every afternoon. We watched her and dreamed of the day that we have cause to make a visit to her house. We didn't have long to wait.

My parents left for the beach house and did what parents always do, left instructions on who to call in case of an emergency, phone numbers for the neighbors and doctork and the phone number and address for the beach house. There it was! Stacy's mom had made it to the list! Now, I just needed an emergency! Think! What would I reasonably need her for? I had a great idea. I would nick my finger and make it bleed and then call her for help. I ran to my parents bedroom where my dad kept his lancets for his diabetes test kit, quickly inserted a new lancet in the pin, pushed it against my finger, took a deep breath, and pushed the button that would send a tiny needle in to my skin. A small bead of blood formed on the end of my finger, but it wasn't enough. I poked myself twice more with the same lancet and then squeezed hard. That was enough to send drops of blood rolling from my fingertip and down my hand. I had to squeeze a few more times, but I thought it looked gruesome enough to warrant a phone call.

She answered on the first ring. There it was! She instructed me to wrap a towel around it and come to her house immediately. I grabbed my mom's little towel with the ribbons out of the bathroom and wrapped it around my finger. The bleeding had long since stopped, but my teenaged hormone-soaked brain believed the sight of it would illicit a response from her.

She was waiting at the door for me. There she stood, in a white robe that was only closed at the waist by a thin belt. She didn't have a bra on, and I could see her huge, dark, hard nipples through the fabric, and I could see her bright purple thong under the sheer white robe that reached just below her amazing ass. A single gold necklace with an anchor charm hung from her neck and large gold and diamond rings adorned every finger. Her long fingernails were painted the same color purple as the thong she wore and as she pulled me in to the house and shut the door behind her, I could smell the sweet, fruity smell of her perfume. She wore no shoes or slippers and she moved silently, almost gliding down the hallway and towards her master suite. She led me quickly to the sink in her master bathroom and turned on the water. She removed the towel from my hand and stuck it under the water. Her hair had fallen forward over her face as she leaned over the sink and watched the blood wash away from my finger. Her hair didn't hide her grin though, as she could quickly see I hadn't cut my finger. She reached over my hand and grabbed a bottle of hand soap, squirted a little on to my hand and started to rub it in. Her nipples brushed my arm as she leaned forward and my cock sprang to life instantly. She rinsed the soap off my hand and reached for the towel that hung from the rack behind her. When she leaned back, her tit peeked out from under the robe and my cock twitched. As she turned back around, her elbow brushed my cock and I almost lost it. She touched my cock! Stacy's mom had just done what I had dreamed of many, many nights. My face reddened, and she reached for my wet hand, wrapping the towel around it and patting it dry. I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect tits as she sat on the counter beside the sink, her long olive legs crossed at the knee. My face deepened its crimson color when she reached out and took my chin in her hand, lifting my eyes to hers. I was horrified. I couldn't look at her! I dropped my eyes to the floor, and she grabbed my chin with a little more force.

"Look at me. Look at me. It's ok. I don't mind."

I slowly raised my eyes to meet hers and the most wicked smile I have ever seen to this day danced across her lips and flashed in her ice blue eyes. She didn't take her eyes from mine as she guided my hand to her tit. One perfect tit was in the palm of my hand and her nipple hardened against it. I couldn't believe this was happening, and my eyes dropped to my hand.

"Have you ever touched a girl before?"


She untied the belt around her waist and the robe hung loosely from her shoulders. She uncrossed her long legs and pulled me closer to her. She was still sitting on the counter and her beautiful tits were right in my face.

"I saw you and your friends watching me feed the baby. Did you like that?"

I couldn't speak and just nodded yes. She once again took my hand and put it on her massive tit.

"Do you want to kiss them?"

I couldn't believe this was happening. I slowly lowered my lips to her nipple and gave it a peck. She grinned, and I turned bright red again.

"You are too cute. Try again. This time, suck the nipple in your mouth. Easy. Take your time."

I did as I was told. I lowered my head slightly and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking softly. Her hand found its way to the back of my head, and she ran her long nails through my hair. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back away from her nipple then immediately pushed my head back towards the other one. Again, I sucked softly. She reached for my belt buckle, loosened my belt and pants, and reached for my cock. Her hand didn't even make it all the way to my cock before I shot my load all over her hand and my stomach. She didn't miss a beat and my heart nearly stopped when she leaned over and licked the cum off my stomach. My cock was still rock hard, and she took full advantage of that when her lips lowered to the head and then swallowed me all the way to my balls in one quick motion. My knees were weak and I stumbled a bit, she put one hand on either cheek of my ass and pulled me hard in to her mouth. She was moving her tongue up and down the full length of the shaft while her throat massaged my cock. My hands found their way to her hair, and my hands were quickly tangled in the long, dark strands, I watched as she dropped one of her hands to her pussy and started massaging her clit while she sucked my cock for the first time. My moans were getting louder and the louder I got, the harder she sucked. She began to moan around my dick as she brought herself closer to climax. I pushed my cock hard in to the back of her throat, holding her head there with all my strength. She swallowed hard, and I bucked and shot my hot cum straight down Stacy's mom's throat. Moments after I let loose, she did too and her satisfied screams filled the air.

She helped me get cleaned up and get myself together before I took off for my house with empty balls and a story to tell my friends. Stacy's mom would spend that entire summer teaching all of us boys exactly what a woman wants and how to give it to her. Stick around, you may get to hear about when Stacy's mom introduced me to anal!

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