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Cuffed and Pounded Pt.3

by Kira Lydia G. about a year ago in fiction
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daddy and princess pt.2 birthday pt.1

Artie Hines, my dom was asleep and normally I'd wake him with breakfast and a BJ but he looked so cute and all I want some days is to stare at him and wake up to the sparkling gray eyes and sweet smile. We're in love and getting married soon but also enjoying our time together in every way possible. He smiled and looked to me gently.

"G'morning Princess..." he moaned softly and I kissed him. "Good morning Daddy." I whispered and he smirked.

"So what are we doing today for your birthday?" He asked. I blushed, forgetting my own birthday. after thinking about it I grinned. "Can we switch roles for today?" I asked nervously. Artie raised and eyebrow, pulling me close gently. "I think that would be alright for today, you want me to change Princess?" He asked and I looked down at his tank top and tented boxers. "Yes... something sexy ... maybe just my cat ears and your apron while you make breakfast."

"And what does my lovely Princess want for breakfast?" He asked. Though when he saw the look on my face he stood and got undressed, heading to the kitchen quickly. He returned with fruit and waffles. "Syrup?" He asked and I stroked him over my food. "Icing." I ordered and he picked up stroking himself until his semen covered my buttered waffles. I ate happily, his face blank as he watched me eat my breakfast. I finished quickly and looked up to him. "Service your princess." I ordered and he dropped to the bed as I laid back.

He kissed up my inner thigh and rubbed up my bare stomach to my breasts. "oh puppy! good boy..." I gasped as he looked up at me. This had him licking at my slit lovingly while teasing my nipples, pinching and tugging them just right. I reached to the nightstand and found the cuffs I loved being in so often. As he lapped at me, teasing me perfectly I smiled down to him. "Good puppy."

I pushed him back shortly and motion him to a chair, quickly cuffing his hands behind his back. "Ah... Princess... do you want another puppy to play with as well?" He offered, since he had a friend who would come and play with us occasionally. I shook my head and leaned down to lick him. "Not yet puppy, I'm going to enjoy this right now."

He gasped and growled as I teased him fully hard once more, then sat over him, sliding onto him quickly. "Thank you Princess... thank you." He whimpered, pushing his hips up slowly what little he could. I pulled his hair and cried out, bouncing harder over him now as he looked at my large breasts. "May I have a nipple Princess?" he asked and I nodded, moaning as he took one in his mouth suckling and nibbling the way he knew would drive me crazy.

I bounced faster and pulled his hair until he groaned. Artie dropped my nipple and looked to me. "Princess... may I cum inside you?" He begged, his eyes glimmering with lust.

"No. Hold back until I get off of you." I ordered, mostly wanting him to let me punish him a bit. He growled and really tried but once my orgasm hit he lost to his own. Soon as I felt it I grinned and looked to him.

"I guess I should punish you then puppy." I said as I stood. I looked and took up the crop from the dresser, also looking at our many other toys. I picked up an anal vibe and he shook his head. I nodded that I would respect that boundary and stuck with the crop, smacking him with it until I remembered the vibe fleshlight he enjoyed. I quickly put it on him and turned it on.

"Princess! I'm sorry for being a bad puppy!" he cried and I rubbed the crop over his chest before striking him. His cries had me getting needy all over again but I want to go out. "Perhaps I should leave you like this.." I say as I pull on a dress and grab my keys. He nodded since he could get out of the cuffs if needed.

After leaving I decided to get myself a cute new plug and walked around with it and my new wearable vibe buzzing in my panties at the mall. No one noticed but that constant fear had me dripping, soaked through my undies in no time. I decided to get my Daddy and I some sushi for lunch before heading back. He sat in the bedroom moaning and whimpering when I returned. I showed him what I had in my panties before uncuffing and freeing him from the toy.

"Oh Princess... you're really enjoying your birthday... May I eat with you or am I just eating you again?" He asked and I took him to the kitchen table for a lunch break.


About the author

Kira Lydia G.

I love writing even if I'm not great. I've lost almost everything else I care about...

I also write fan fictions! Check it out and come back to tip me if you like it!

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