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Cuffed and Pounded Pt.2

by Kira Lydia G. about a year ago in erotic
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Daddy and I

"Princess!" He called. Daddy, my dom, Artie Hines with his olive green dyed hair and gray eyes, not to mention fit body and huge cock. I mean really huge. I rushed to him and hugged him.

"Yes daddy?"

"I guessed by your text you had a rough day... so I got you a new toy." He said before pulling a box out of his satchel. I opened it to find a wearable G-spot vibe with a suction clitoral stimulator arm. I kissed Artie gladly while whispering my thanks and excitement. "Shall I put it in for you princess?" He offered, and in response I dropped my skirt, already having taken off my panties earlier. Daddy smirked and growled before turning me around, pushing me to lean on the wall with my hips out. He held the toy to my lips for me to begin licking as his other hand slid up the back of my leg to my rear. His slightly calloused hands caressing me drove my supple skin crazy and he knew it. Artie had taken so much times to learn exactly how to push me over the edge quickly.

"mmm... Daddy please... please let me feel my new toy." I begged as my breathing grew ragged. He chuckled and took it away from my mouth, his hand still rubbing my hip and ass gently. He stepped back and squatted down to stare at my folds as he rubbed it against me. I let out a small desperate moan and roll my hips. "Okay Princess." He said as he finally pushed it in and made sure the piece for my clit lined up. He moved back as I stood there blushing. "Thank you Daddy!" I call before going back to stirring the soup I was making for dinner. Suddenly it turned on and began vibrating and sucking very lightly. At first I yelped then moaned as the sensations took over. I was grinding and rolling my hips as I continued on dinner. Soon he came in and grinned.

"You okay there princess? need help with anything?" He asked as he moved to get a couple bowls out and set the table. I was shivering with anticipation as I looked and saw the hardening outline of his thick ten inch cock in his sweats.

"Just f-fine D-daddy... the soup is done finally." I stutter as the toy continues on working me up. He takes the pot to the table and I grab a ladle to join him. After serving our favorite potato soup I sit and smile to him. He starts eating before me, but I quickly take a few sips after a deep breath. A few minutes later the toy amps up a bit and I groan "Oh Daddy..." before he turns it up more and I can't help but moan while trying to eat. He reaches over and unbuttons the top three on my shirt, showing him my satin red bra. He finishes eating and turns to toy back down so I can finish and do the dishes quickly. The second I finish drying the bowls he turns it up to the fourth or fifth speed and I lean on the counter, crying out at the intensity. Soon I feel him move up behind me and rub my back and shoulders.

"Come to the bedroom and we'll get comfy.." He whispers and walks me, holding me up. In our room he helps me strip down entirely and spanks me. "Daddy.... may I please cum?" I ask as he pulls my hands behind my back. "One moment." He told me before I suddenly felt the soft cuffs sliding onto my wrists and being tightened. He pressed his length against the toy and rubbed my breasts gently. "Cum now my needy Princess." He whispered and I felt the pleasure and release bounding through me before I let out a weak "Thank you Daddy" scream.

Artie turned off the toy and rubbed my arms, allowing me a moment to come down. He moved to pulled out the toy and set it on a towel gently. I looked back to those gray eyes and he rubbed his raw head against my folds gently. As he pushed the entire rod into me slowly I cried out, loving the feeling of him filling me up fully.

"Thank y-you Daddy! I love y-your cock!" I whined before he was moving slowly. "You've been such a good girl princess." He growled before picking up speed and gripping me by my handcuffs. With each thrust he was gaining speed until he was slamming into me fully, eliciting cries of pleasure from me constantly.

He felt me arching and squirming and growled. "Cum with me Princess!" he told me before we both climaxed. I panted and whined happily as he slid from me but his seed lingered in my womb.

"Thank you Daddy... I love you Daddy."


About the author

Kira Lydia G.

I love writing even if I'm not great. I've lost almost everything else I care about...

I also write fan fictions! Check it out and come back to tip me if you like it!

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