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by Lee 2 years ago in fiction
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Lost the Bet

With a small sigh Lyra dragged her feet along. Her metal boots actually thudding loudly with her fatigue, Jeremy wasn't in better shape either.

"How many bases was that?" She asked with a tired flat tone when Jeremy began opening up the new hideout.

"26 bases across 3 states. None having the specific matches we were looking for." Jeremy sounded just as tired, they spent the better part of 5 days going from infiltration to infiltration to look for the hired ghouls.

They stayed neutral, but that only caused the target to move from them to more personal holdings, mainly Jeremy's. In extension Lyra's also.

Since activity, it seemed they created a new faction. Those being set aside for their neutral grounds while they went out for blood. Working independently from their facilities and corporations, it's a personal matter.

Didn't mean they couldn't have fun while cleaning out the rodents, from each location they would have a little race.

Each needing to beat the other to the next base, over 26 bases it was close up until Jeremy fought as dirty as Lyra did. Thus meaning Lyra lost their bet.

So now, vendetta achieved and satisfaction ebbing away to their weary and tired bodies they got off the grid.

"That payment Lyra" Jeremy muttered once in Lyras personal quarters. Her body shook as she began taking off her armored suit, dropping it on the ground as she made her way to the rooms.

Jeremy close behind her, she bit her lips once the last piece have fallen away. Weight off her taxed body she turned to Jeremy and began removing his suit as he stared down at her with a softened expression.

The work they've done throughout the days catching up to them hurt, Lyras muscles were screaming and along parts of her body bruises have already began to form, especially those that's been impacted with bullets and blasts from missiles scorching her limbs.

Jeremy having the same problem, has also been working heavily in armed forces doing more of the physical labor in annihilating those that stood in their way.

Humming, Lyra turned on music and began heating up the equipment. Leading Jeremy to the bed where he laid, watching her as she stretched to at least lessen the pain.

A smug smile on his face as Lyra glared at him, he only shrugged ruefully "you're the one who lost Lyra." She did, throwing a blindfold at him she murmured "get some rest" he took it and laid back further.


She walked away, Jeremy gets to get the r&r treatment while Lyra deals with the fallout and precautions.

Meetings, establishments, headcounts, war meetings and signed documents later Lyra came back into the room. Turning off the equipment and hesitantly poking Jeremy.

She giggled when he gave an agonized groan, his injuries and aches have settled in. His in more pain then she is, but she feels exhausted both mentally and physically "all finished up." She whispered.

He nodded, sitting at the edge of the bed as Lyra trailed her fingers up his arms to his shirt sleeves. Gently squeezing and massaging out his corded muscles, earning an appreciative groan.

Hand trailing down his chest, abs and to the waist band of his pants. Unbuckling before grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifting it up, easing the shirt off Jeremy as he studied her face.

Thumb trailing over bruises and tightened muscles she hummed "you're a little tense." She murmured as Jeremy chuckled "wonder why." She glared up at him, turning away to grab the heated massaging oils.

Putting them on a tray at the bedside table, she lifted her own shirt over her head. Freezing when Jeremy got up and strolled behind her- thumb trailing along her bruises on her arms, up to the straps of her tank top.

It hurt. "No touching." She hissed and he chuckled "right" she unbuckled her pants and let them slide down, in black shorts and a tank top she turned back to Jeremy and leaned against him.

Arm going around him to grab the towel that was behind him, hand trailing up his back once she had it. She gently massaged out some knots and let her hand trail around his side, back to his abs and fiddling with the hem of his pants.

Unzipping she let them fall as Jeremy let out a slow breathe, hooking her thumbs against his underwear she slowly slid them down. Staring at the bruises along his abs and chest as she wrapped the towel around his waist and looked away with a small blush.

"It's not like you haven't seen it before." He whispered, lifting a hand to brush hair out of her face and curl it around her ears. "Just...lay back down..." she whispered while turning away and grabbing one of the bottles of oil.

Chuckling, he did and Lyra stared down at him. He was laying on his stomach, arm folded beneath his head and face tucked in the crook of his arms. Already, she can see the relaxed and content smile on his face "lucky bastard." She uttered out making Jeremy chuckle.

Crawling onto the bed, she's grabbing his arms first. Stretching them out, dripping heated oil onto them and slowly squeezing along the corded muscles. Thumb trailing along the indentions and the palm of her hand pressing down on his slick skin.

He groaned the higher her hand traveled, working her way up to his shoulders before moving onto the other arm and repeating the process.

Once done with his arms, she trailed her knee up his leg before lifting over him to straddle his back. Biting her lips she watched the oil drip down onto his back and shoulders.

Small hands spreading the oil, gently increasing pressure being pushed against his back she began working on his shoulders "Lyra " he groaned out ,soft music drowning out his more breathy responses.

Humming, she methodically worked on giving Jeremy a deep tissue massage. Her thumb tracing over his scars before rubbing down in circular motions. The lower her hand traveled, she would shuffle her knees down.

Grabbing the oil, she poured more onto the small of his back and began spreading it, massaging first his sides and increasing pressure and circular motions when bringing her hands inward to the spine.

Going down his spine, she let her thumbs rub against the curvature of his back to his tail bone. Next putting more pressure going back up along his spine, bones resetting back into place as she let her hand travel up his back slowly to his neck.

Massaging his neck, biting her lips as she trailed her hand along his shoulders. Palm pressing down hard to ensure all the kinks and knots were worked out and going back down along his spine, pops as his muscles loosened and he gave an appreciative exhale.

"You sure you don't want to do the same for me?" She whispered in a husky tone, knee lifting over Jeremy so that she can be at his side and she scooted lower.

"Sorry lyra, you lost so you've got to wait until your aches go away on their own." He said, cracking an eye open to stare at her flushed face.

She sighed, adjusting the towel so more of his legs were exposed while keeping him covered. She poured oil on the backs of his thighs and slowly spread it out to the back of his knees.

"Not fair." She whispered, massaging out his legs and trailing down his calf. Pouring more oil and working on loosening up the muscles first before doing harder circular rotations for deep tissue.

Working out a knot Jeremy groaned and pressed his face back against the pillow. Lyra rolled her eyes, finishing up she took a warm towel and used it to gently wipe off the oil she used.

Hand pressing and cupping against his loosened muscles as she worked the warm towel over his slicked skin, eyes trailing over sculpted muscle and scars.

Throwing the used towel onto the floor, she grabbed another and continued to rub the oil off his back and arms. Pressing and cupping against loosened muscle, looking back up to his face she felt her lips curl up when she saw that he fell asleep.

Humming, she finished up with the oil and threw the towel up with the other one. Putting a heated blanket over Jeremy's legs and halfway up his back, Lyra crawled back into the bed and curled up on the heated blanket a little away from Jeremy.

Trembling arms settling down as the heat seeped into her skin and helped to relax her enough for her to drift off to sleep also.


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