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Collection of Moments

by Lee 2 years ago in fiction
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Lyra was making her way back to the compound that she was being summoned to. Leaden feet crunching dry soil beneath her boots, a noticeable slump to her form as she walked up to the gates. Headlights being trained on her, she ignored it and waited for the clearance.

The gates finally being opened, she walked inside. Looking around at the employees doing their jobs, those on guard duty were watching her expectantly. Those at the building gesturing for her quickly, desperate for her to hurry up.

With a small sigh, she went up before a carrier was sent to bring her up. "L-lyra. We were expecting you for the past hour." One new recruit stuttered out. Causing another to hush them, they only shook off the reprimand to bring Lyra inside.

Going down through the training sector Lyra saw that those who were scheduled for training today have sustained quite a few injuries. No doubt Jeremy was here recently, came to train and left once the physical output and strain was not enough for him.

Lyra was left to walk the rest of the way to their assigned barracks. Jeremy and she share the commander's squadron, no other being housed with them. A silent eerie vibration in the air. Unspent energy making the hair on her arms stand up.

Walking up to heavy wooden doors. She brought up a hand to hesitantly knock, despite the fact that she also stays there. The door was wrenched open before she can do so, within a disorienting moment she found herself lifted and pressed against Jeremy's quivering form.

A breath exhaled slowly, she brought up a hand to press against Jeremy's stomach only for her to be brought inside and the door closed behind her.

"Jeremy, you cant keep-" her back impacted the door, heavy wood shaking and slamming against the hinges and she made a small squeak, a hand on her shoulder keeping her in place and a forearm next to her other shoulder.

Jeremy slumping over her figure and face pressed against her hair, nuzzling her and she waited for him to confirm that she was indeed alright. "Don't do that again" he breathed out, shaking as he stayed in place.

She nodded slowly "it was a miscalculation Jeremy. How was I to know they were damaged goods before hand?" Jeremy growled and she felt her arms caged in place. His other hand trailing up her arms and body to check for injuries that he didn't think to look for after the accident.

"A miscalculation that threw you through a window Lyra!" There were no lacerations or slashes on her person from said accident. She opened her mouth to protest but she was picked up and thrown onto the fluffy couch kept in the main entrance.

Leaning up on her elbows "it was a volatile reaction resulting from previous substances introduced in past experimentations!" She hissed out, Jeremy strolling to her and easing the jacket off her shoulders.

She watched his face, a scowl in place at the gentle pained expression as he took off her jacket, visually inspecting for damages the failed experiment could have caused.

"It makes no difference." He muttered, eyes trailing to her legs and she sat up quickly, tumbling off the couch with an annoyed squeak "I'm fine Jeremy!"

Turning away from him, she stomped to the main area of the squadron. Kicking off her boots once in the personal living space. Jeremy trailing behind her "you are not fine Lyra, you were-"

She threw up her hands "I liked it better when you were pissed off. I'm. Fine." She threw off the button up shirt she wore and her black tank top on display.

Holding out her arms, gesturing to her person "I didn't sustain any injuries." She whispered, his hand going up to cup her cheek, thumb trailing beneath her closed eyes.

"I'm sorry" he whispered, walking forward. Her arms going around his neck when he picked her up again, only to walk to the couch and collapse into it. Cradling her smaller form and trying to convince himself that Lyra was indeed fine, uninjured and whole.

Her eyes still closed, she leaned against his frame and pressed her face against the crook of his neck. Lips against his speeding pulse.

"I'm sorry" he murmured, hand going up to her head and resting there as he tried to calm himself, images of a wounded Lyra still flashing through his mind.

Holding her closer and reassuring himself, he was able to stop the images from being conjured up.


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