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Can Cheating in a Relationship be Helpful?

With so many options in the world, we can't help but wonder if cheating in a relationship can be helpful.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 9 min read

A rose is a rose, and sex is sex, but once in awhile it's fun to do someone other than your faithful partner. Sure your chick's nice looking and has gigantic melons, or your man is bearded with a good job, but sometimes, you need something else.

Get it up—your nerve and your penis and tell your woman that you're going to shoot pool with the boys or have a trivia night at a local bar. Ladies, you can participate, too! Tell him you’re having a girls' night out or spending Friday evening at your girlfriend's house for a wine night. Then pick up the first good-looking person you can find and fuck the ever-lovin' shit out of him or her—cheating in a relationship will make you feel like a brand new (wo)man.

Adultery may be good for you—and your relationship. But sometimes it may take you a little time to convince your partner of that. So if he or she comes at you with insults, threats to post your sexts on social media and tell your mother everything you’ve done, don't get yourself all upset and bothered. Instead, try to calm your partner down a bit, and then let them read this article.

In no time at all, they'll forgive your cheating in a relationship and will be begging to fuck your quivering ass off—you lucky devil—because they'll be knowledgeable of the following excellent, rational reasons why thou shalt commit adultery!

Safe Sex is Great Sex

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Thanks to the miraculous advances of modern science and technology, you can fuck around with as many people as you want without suffering the heartache and fear of STDs... Just have a rubber handy, whether you’re the man or the woman, and your partner will never know what's going down, unless you, or one of your friends, has a big mouth.

But what if I do contract something unpleasant? The answer is simple. Don't panic. Visit a doctor for treatment. If you’re a woman, tell your partner you’re on your period (again) and guys, tread lightly but say you’re tired or something. Within no time at all, you'll be all better. Just kidding. You should always be honest with your partner about what’s going on down there.

Class is in Session

If you want to become a chess master, you have to play thousands of games with hundreds of different opponents; if you want to become a champion swimmer, you have to get into the pool every day and swim until your arms feel as if they're going to fall off; and if you want to be a sex wiz, you have to fuck as many people as you possibly can.

Not only will you have a lot of fun, you will also improve your relationship with your partner. You will know a lot more than a person who has only had sex with his or her partner. And the more you can make your partner’s body feel fantastic, the more the sex you’ll have.

Practice makes perfect—and cheating in a relationship is practice—so cheating is perfect? There’s only one way to find out: Do it and see!

Get Rid of Jealousy

Image via Time

Dr. Fritz Steinhart, a leading psychiatrist in New York, said the following at a recent male-female relationship symposium at Madison Auditorium in the Bronx: “Most men and women are violently jealous individuals—if they admit it or not. This is not their own fault, but the fault of a society which frowns upon polygamy. If more couples, both married and single, would have affairs– open affairs—then the disease known as jealousy would disappear."

“Sex is a natural biological function,” he continued, “and most men crave to have physical relationships with more than one woman. And today following the sexual revolution and with more women being sex positive, many women are also participating and speaking against the double standard forced upon women.”

Greg, an advertising executive in Detroit, talked about the open relationship he has with his girlfriend:

"Julia and I have been living together for three years. The first two were real shaky, let me tell you. But then we went to a swingers’ party and everything changed. We had sex with other people right in front of each other."

"I was really upset at first and Julia broke down and cried. But after the evening was over and we discussed what had happened, we realized that we felt closer than ever. I actually enjoyed watching Julia make love to another man. It made me appreciate her even more—and the same held true for her."

“Now we frequently date and sleep with other people. But we don’t try to hide our affairs. We are very open with each other. No longer are we jealous lovers. Even our sex is better. We understand ourselves more now; We’re much more secure in our daily lives.”

The only way to fight jealousy is to confront it. Attack, don't retreat. Lay your cards on the table. Be honest with your honey and don’t think of them as just your exclusive property. But when it comes to consensual cheating in a relationship, both parties have to be on board to get the successful results that Greg and Julia have.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Dr. Ellis noted, “Many individuals have distinct needs for sexual variety, especially during certain periods of their lives.” And the best way for them to fulfill their needs is to engage in affairs with as many people as they can.

Daniel described what happened when he decided that he needed variety in his sex life:

"I loved Paula (the girl he was living with), but I was getting bored with the relationship. Every night, we'd do it exactly the same way. Sometimes we tried to alter our positions, but in the end, I was always on top—straight missionary stuff. Yech."

"One night, I just couldn't ejaculate. Paula tried everything to make me come, but nothing worked. I felt bad, so I put on some clothes and went to a bar. I had a few drinks and I got a little high."

"Jenn, a tall blonde with big tits, sat down next to me and I offered to buy her a drink. We hit it off well, and then I decided what I needed to improve my sex life—I needed a change pace. With that in mind, I allowed Jenn to persuade me into coming back to her apartment."

"Before I had time to even get to her bedroom, Jenn was nude. I stripped and my dick rose towards the ceiling. I felt so good, so alive, so excited. Jenn and I had sex all night."

"I had found the key to my sexual problem. After that memorable night, I had affairs with dozens of shapely, sexy women. And my sex life with Paula improved tremendously. I never again had trouble shooting my wad—and I owe it all to cheating in a relationship!"

Cheating May Help Mental Health

Image via Statista

Science says that men are prone to several partners and it's in their DNA and blah blah blah. Well why can’t it be in a woman’s DNA too?! Studies have said that a large percentage of the male population are hornier than their respective partners are. But I call bullshit. If these women aren’t horny, who is everyone cheating with?!

Individuals who are sexually satisfied are happier than those who are constantly frustrated. So if one partner denies the other enough sex, and he or she isn't getting any on the side, that partner will take it out on his mate; but if he or she is fooling around with other people, then who knows! It could be a win-win for everyone. Therefore, unless your partner is a nymphomaniac, you may be doing them a favor by fooling around.

“Cheating made me healthier” confessed twenty-nine-year-old Victoria. Ridiculous, you think? Well, it's not! Why? Because people who have affairs with many others are conscious of their health. They strive to stay trim so that many members of the opposite sex will be attracted to them, and they are more apt to go to their doctors to make sure that they aren't “sick” with you know what!

Victoria had this to say: “When I was just dating Steve I weighed 150 pounds, but after he moved into my apartment and we began cooking for me every night, I gained 75 pounds. I looked like a blimp and I was embarrassed to go outside."

"One day, I was at the food store and I saw the hottest man ever walk into the gym next door. I knew he wouldn’t fuck me looking the way I did. Hell, I wouldn’t fuck him if he looked the way I did. So I joined the same gym and asked him to help me out. At first it was innocent, but watching him work out turned me on. And as the weight began to come up and he got to know me, I knew he was feeling me too. Eventually we took our workouts to the bedroom."

"Steve was so impressed, he wanted me more than ever. I was a happier person and so was Steve. Cheating made me thinner, healthier, and happier."

It can work for you, too. Cheating in a relationship can knock off excessive pounds. Add years to your life and have fun while you’re doing it. All the extra sex you're having will also strengthen your heart and increase your endurance, which will come in handy if you have to run away from someone’s enraged partner some cold, rainy night!

Don't Fear Fetishism or Fantasies!

Many people in our fast-paced, complex society become involved with some form of sex fetishism because it brings some variety to their sex lives. Let the people live! They may feel like their partners won’t like their fetishes or fantasies, or they’ve already talked to their partners and have been shut down. She wants to be spanked like a bad girl and he wants his balls stepped on with high heels. But their partner wants nothing to do with it.

What can you do? Beg them to participate? End the relationship and start all over with someone else? Finding someone who allows you to act out your fantasies or fetishes when your partner won’t lets you get out that sexual need while still keeping your relationship intact.

Everyone Needs an Ego Boost

Image via The Huffington Post

If you're feeling down and your partner can’t raise your feelings of self esteem or your libido—perhaps it's time for you to get out of your shell and to find a sensuous stranger to fool around with. There's no better way for a person to gain back their self-confidence than by having sex with some some new person.

Monique was dating the same woman for three years. Initially they had an active sex life, but as the months passed, Monique and her partner Stacey only got it on once or twice a week. Monique’s ego was shot to hell!

"We used to fuck several times a day, but then things changed. Our sex got bad," confessed Monique. "I tried to talk things over with Stacey, but she got so damned uptight whenever we talked about sex. Shit, I thought I was going to lose my mind."

"One night, after I had worked out at the gym, I felt unusually tight and tense, so I decided to spend some time in the hot tub. When I arrived there, a woman with dark hair and green eyes joined me and when she slipping in the tub, she removed her skin tight one piece bathing suit. She sat close to me despite the fact that it was just the two of us in the tub. I was immediately turned on..."

"We began talking and as she moved closer to me, her hand went higher and higher up my thigh. I felt as though I had to touch her too, and as my hand went higher up her thigh, I eventually reached her bare pussy. We knew the hot tub was no place to continue our interaction, so we headed to the sauna. The woman, who’s name was Alyssa, was a trainer at the gym, so she turned the lights off in the sauna while still keeping the heat up, so no one would join us. We were both so turned on from the teasing that was taking place in the tub. The sex was amazing!"

"Stacey noticed a big change in me when I got home that night. I stripped her immediately and began eating her out. I didn't even take off my clothes, that's how horny I was, and Stacey changed, too. She treated me like a queen."

“I haven’t told Stacey about the sauna, or all the other girls that I’ve been fucking recently. All she knows is that we’re having sex again and she views me like the sex goddess I am—and that's all that matters to her and me.”

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