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Sexiest Pillow Fight Scenes

Comical and full of sensual desire, the sexiest pillow fight scenes have something to offer viewers of all ages.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 5 min read

What kind of images cross your mind when you hear someone says "Pillow Fights?" The funny kind, the enthusiastic kind, the power-hitting kind, or the feathery snowflakes kind...? You may imagine these sorts of pillow fights if you are under ten years of age. However, it is no surprise that the quintessential adolescent or adult will start dreaming about the sexy, bouncy, furry pillow fights that spark sensual desire among viewers (or participants). This list of pillow fight scenes fuels the imaginations of the second category of people, bringing fun and games to a newer, sexier level.

A shoe-in for one of the sexiest pillow fight scenes, the pillow fight in Scary Movie 4 is the only scene worth watching in the entire film. The direction is below average and the acting is sub-par. But each of the women has got an attractive physique. All of them are alluring—to say the least. You don't need to just imagine former Playboy bunnies Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson, and Holly Madison jumping on the bed, wearing matching bra and panty sets as they gently strike each other with soft, satin cushions. All you need to do is snap out of your fantasy and watch them enjoy themselves in the movie! There is a very strong reason why this particular scene is given a place right at the top of our list.

When two of the funniest actors in Hollywood cinema are brought together in one movie, then you can certainly expect a bagful of absolute hilarity. Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are two marvelous characters who will make you roar out in laughter during every scene. The pillow fight scene in particular is not only positively comical, but also exquisitely sexy. In the shot, the two protagonists are casually hit with pillows by a throng of seductive women in the initial stages, which later balls up into a thoroughly entertaining fight. We are sure that you will rewind the scene several times over before moving on to the next one.

This is an inspiring story of a young lad portrayed by Don Dixon, who goes out of his way to create a musical play at a camp for adolescents. While the pillow fight scene is admittedly quite small, it is not bereft of the "oomph" factor. This time around, it is between three young girls whose assets are accentuated by the use of a table-fan—not that they need it, but it certainly ups the sensuality of the scene. This is, without doubt, one of the best pillow fight movie scenes we have ever set eyes upon. It underlines the heartiness of youth (with a touch of passion).

Based on the epic comic strip of the same name, this movie was a box office hit with both fans and critics alike. Flash and Dale embark on an adventure to the planet Mongo, where they encounter several obstacles that test their skills and mental strength. The pillow fight is staged between two of the hottest actresses ever to grace the silver screen—Ornella Muti and Melody Anderson. Though both of them are fully covered in satin cloaks, it doesn’t mitigate the sexiness of the scene. You will simply love how they fall on each other by the end of the pillow fight.

These commercials are well known for their wacky content. However, the one commercial that I am referring to is "whacky" with an "H"—and brutally so! Initially, four exceptionally attractive women dressed in tempting nightgowns are seen gingerly hitting one another with pillows. You can’t help but admire their well-toned physiques and enchanting beauty. In comes the brawny chick—who is apparently high on Bud Light—and whack! One woman topples on the floor. Whack! The second woman hits the hardwood. Whack! The third one goes flying over the bedside cabinet. And last but not least... whack! The fourth one flies out of frame.

As a character in the movie, Rachel McAdams might be the unluckiest woman alive. However, Rob Schneider is certainly the luckiest bloke to step into this world. Rob plays the part of a transfigured woman who has many hot girl friends. And guess what—he even gets to play pillow fight with those friends— each of whom hardly wears any clothes. Imagine his good fortune before one of those chicks whacks him hard on the face and at the back of his head. This is one of the few pillow fight movie scenes which are as hilarious as they are sexy. We would give anything to be in Rob’s shoes!

This is one pillow fight which is actually packed with lots of action. Both women are wearing minis and sleeveless tops. One of them jumps from the bed onto the other, aiming her pillow bang at the second one’s head. The second woman lashes out with a bloodcurdling scream, striking the first hard across the face. When the first one aims her hit, the second one does a kind of half back-flip to dodge it, and immediately retaliates with a heavy strike to the first one’s head. This girl blocks it, followed by a smack over the second one’s face. All this while two perverts are zooming in on the window from the top of a nearby tree. Oh, how we love Michelle Rodriguez!

Before Chris Evans became a household name as the great American superhero, he enacted the lead role in a fairly bad feature as the quintessential college boy. Again, the pillow fight scene is probably the only reviving factor of the movie. Two insanely gorgeous actresses indulge in a mellow fight with the feathery pillows—both women are covered with tight, hot bikinis, hitting each others' cushions with laughter etched upon their faces. The movie may not have worked at the box office, but this particular scene certainly caught our eyes. We were about to let this one slip through our fingers.

One of the most hilarious flicks of the bygone era, Animal House is an absolute laugh riot. You will find yourself smiling throughout the movie and overtaken by a spontaneous chuckle every minute. There is a small moment when the protagonist, John Belushi, is peeking through the window of the girls' dormitory. He catches the scantily clad women smacking each other softly with pillows. It will certainly bring about a tingling sensation—followed by a mirthless laugh. At the moment, we can only wish that there were an uncut version of the scene... we would have rewound it several times over.

That intricate yet beatific phase of adolescence could never be captured better than it was in this particular series. While the series did end on a satisfactory note, we could not help but wish that it would have continued to the present day. This is one of those magical phenomena of television ingenuity, which entraps you in its fresh content and vivid imagery. While the pillow scene may not be the best in the market, it is certainly worth a mention. Three alluring girls in their nightgowns are seen playing the milder version of the game, hardly flicking each others' hair. They do keep jumping on the bed, however!

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