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AKA Longing


The longing I feel for her is palpable. We are only a few feet away and I ache to touch her. A heated argument a few days ago has us in the middle of a cold war in our own home. The once summer warm bright love-filled home is now a cold abyss filled with hurt, pain, and unending longing. It is private hell for any couple. I have always found the fact true for a couple could sit in the same room, sleep in the same bed, and deny themselves each other.

I sit here across from her in silence, only giving brief answered to the question she asked, only elaborating when needed. We have gone from no communication to forced polite conversation, something I hate. This form of communication comes after the apologies and hours of talking about the what, why, and how this should never happen again. We have made up in a way, but the connection isn’t there. Right now, we are two separate entities, not the deeply connected couple we have been since our first date. I miss her. I miss us, something I never thought could happen, missing someone you are literally feet away from, but those few feet feels like miles emotionally. It was like walking endlessly through the darkness, trying to feel your way out, without the usual bright warm light that you once sprinted towards.

All I want to do is reach out and hold her, feel her body close to mine, getting that jolt of energy that I have always gotten from just the touch of her hand. The need to have her close almost hurt. My body was on edge. Every atom in my body vibrated violently because of my need. Not just mine, hers. I can feel it. It flowed from her in waves, violent hitting me hard in my chest, jump-starting my heart, with an aching pain. I know she can feel the longing I have to be close to her. I am emitting longing and need, not a sexual need, just a hug. I need her embrace, her arms wrapped around me and my arms around her, pulling each other close, so that our hearts met so they once again beat in tandem with one another.

I close my eyes and imagine her body pressed against mine, feeling her wrapped in my arms, smelling the light strawberry scent of her shampoo. The fruity fragrance mixed with the spiciness of Tess’s natural fragrance would fill my nose and make me dizzy with delight. I felt my pulse rise. As I opened my eyes, I see Tess’s chest heaving up and down; her breathing was quicker. She could feel me. I go to reach for her, but she moves away.

“Don’t,” she says hoarsely. “I can’t, and I don’t want to feel you right now. You need to stop.”

“I’m not doing anything,” I almost whisper back.

“Yes, you are.” She looks at me with anger and yearning. The anger was thick and heavy, but the yearning came through like a small light in the dark. She is still pissed, still upset with me for being inconsiderate but more upset because her body is betraying her mind, which says stay mad. Our bonding betrays everything she wants to feel.

In our world being bonded to someone for life isn’t just words; there is a literally chemical exchange the night of the bonding ceremony. We become one in every way possible mentally, emotionally, and physically. We can feel what our bonded partner feels, mentally speak to each other without opening our mouths, kissing melds out pheromones together, making it so that others can tell we are bonded. These things make it so hard to be apart. The lack of connection for any bonded couple drains us of energy; it is like you are literally missing the spark in your life.

“I can’t help it, you know it. I can’t just turn it off. We are bonded, Love, that’s the way it happens,” I say as I scoot closer. I touch her arm with my hand and electricity shot through both of us. My heart sped up, beating hard and fast. The surge of feeling ran through me, sadness, hurt, and love all at the same time. The feeling is so strong that I almost double over from the weight of it. These were her feeling and I was drunk in them. When I look in her eyes, I could tell she could feel the remorse and sorrow I felt.

“I’m so-,” I start to say.

“Shut up,” she cries. “I don’t want to hear it. You don’t understand!”

“I do. I’m sorry I added to the stress you already feel. It is not right for me to unload all my feelings without consideration of what you have been going through. Between our little Loves, and me you have had a lot to deal with. And I’m sorry.”

“Why does it take me getting upset with you before you realize shit, Nelle? We are bonded. We are connected. How come you couldn’t tell?” she says with a look of hurt in her eyes that ripped through me, leaving tiny scars on my heart. I walk closer to put my arms around her and she backs away. The tiny movement crushes me. She was right; being bonded should have made it easier for me to know these things. But being lost in my own emotions can block hers.

“Baby,” I say closing the gap between us, “please forgive me for my lack of awareness. I love you. I need you. You are my world, well part of it. The babies make you have to share the space in my heart.”

She giggled a little and I smiled because I felt the jolt of happiness. It was small, but it was there. I take the chance and pull her close and kiss her temple. We both quake at the same time, both of us feeling the dynamic sensation from the skin to skin contact. The small contact shot the signal to my body that this is what we were missing. I feel her hand go under my shirt to run her hand down my back and her warm soft hand gliding up and down my back was picking away at my self-control. I use that as encouragement to go in for a kiss. When our lips met, the soft full plumpness of her lips left me weak and breathless. The slow kissing was like getting to know each other again. After a few pecks, it turned in to ravenous lustful kisses.

“Mm, I missed you,” I say between moans and kisses. “The way you make me feel with just one kiss is mind-boggling.”

“I like having that effect on you.” She sighs. “I always have.”

I pull her in for a deep kiss, walking her back, forcing her body between me and the wall. When she felt the wall on her back, she gasped in surprise. She reaches up to cup my face and I can feel the love radiating from her and through me. I kiss her again with the same passion I have had for years. I let my hand roam over her body, exploring her soft curves like I had never touched her before. We kiss again, and I feel my nipple grow to a hard peak that felt rough against my clothes. I feel the wetness pooling between my thighs.

“You’re wet, aren’t you?” she teases, as she kisses my neck, biting down on my pulse and sucking. “My kisses got you creaming your pants.”


She runs her hand down between my thighs and rubs the crotch of my pants, pushing into me, rubbing against my hard nub, and then cupping her hand around it in a sign of possession. My eyes roll in the back of my head and I let out a small moan of pleasure. She giggles in delight. She knows I’m close to a bumbling mess. She could do whatever she wants to me right now and I would enjoy it.

“You want me, don’t you? You want this,” she says, grabbing my hand and slipping it under her skirt, allowing me to feel the warm slickness that saturated her panties. I shiver and come on the spot feeling how turned on she is. I moan a little and start to rub circles on her clit. She starts to moan, kissing me. She runs her fingers through my short wavy hair before she stops my movement and clicks her tongue.

“Oh no, you need to be on your knees in front of me.” She pushes down on my shoulders, smiling as I willingly drop to my knees, obeying her command. I kiss her inner thighs softly and she made a low rumbling noise. I run my hands up the back of her thigh to cup her ass, squeezing, pulling her closer to me. Just feeling her skin on mine makes me high, just like if I had smoked two joints. I inhale her scent and my head began to spin. I was giddy with pleasure, happy that she has allowed me to kiss her, let alone be inches away from her pussy.

I trail my tongue up to her panties, licking and kissing the area where her skin and the soft cotton met. My fingers glide along the edge of her panty line and I pull them to the side so I could get a sneak peek at the marvelously wet pussy I was on my knees in worship of.

I kiss her soft swollen clit and she quivered. The taste of her sweet nectar sent wave after wave of pleasure through me. I drink from her like someone who had been dehydrated. With such need and want, it was as if I would die without it. She grabs a fistful of my hair to hold on while she threw her leg over my shoulder to better grind her pussy into my mouth. I lick her labia deliberately slow before stiffening my tongue and diving back in to indulge myself in her love.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy,” she coos. “I’m gonna enjoy coming in your mouth.”

With a few more skillful swipes of my tongue, she throws her head back and comes, sending a flood of warmth down my throat. I do my best to lap up every drop, not wanting to miss even a little bit of sustenance I crave. I reach up with one hand and rub her clit. She let out another moan and bucks into my face coming again. I smile, looking up at the ecstasy she is in. Watching and hearing her enjoy the vigorous tongue lashing she was getting sent my body into absolute overdrive. A warm-cool burning sensation started to travel through my entire body, and I shiver a little.

“You're gonna come eating this pussy, aren’t you?” she questions. “You like how I'm grinding and coming all in your mouth.”

I explode, coming hard, violently shaking, trying to hold on, while she erupts again into me with a happy giggle and moans. She knows how much I like her dirty talk it has always turned me on.

“Yess, I love it when you come eating my pussy,” she says as she grinds herself deeper into my face and erupts with her another orgasm, shaking and moaning. The hot come coated my tongue like candy and I start to come again. She pulls herself from my mouth and I whine, instantly missing the delicious flavor she was spilling into me.

“Okay, you be a good boy and suit up,” she tells to me, as she pulls me up from my kneeling position, kissing and licking her come off my chin. “I think it’s time we bang out some of this aggression.”

She points toward the drawer where I keep the strap, with a smile. I walk over to it and pull out the shorts that has a nine-inch dildo attached to it. I pull them on quickly and felt a jolt of energy run through me, physicall ylinking me up to the strap. I turn around to find her staring at me like she was ready to devour me. She licks her lips and my entire body heats up under her gaze. If I were a white girl, I would have been a nice shade red, but my cocoa brown complexion stopped that, but the big Kool-Aid smile I am wearing speaks volumes.

I watch as she walks towards the bed and lays down, looking at me, radiating beauty. She was glowing. I stand there mesmerized by her, so turned on I was hard literally and figuratively, sending more chills up and down my spine. I can feel how much she wants me to inside her right now. The pulsating between my legs match the beating of her heart.

“Do you need an invitation, Nelle,” she questions raising an eyebrow, as she opens her legs so that I can see the glisten slick lips of her pussy.

I smile and put lube in my hand, staring deep into her eyes as I stroke my dick, shuddering at the sensation I felt from this extension of me. She visibly shudders in anticipation, inhaling deeply as I walk over to the bed. She knows what to expect when I strapped up. She knows that I paid good money to link to it. Before this new and improve strap was created, Tess had always said it seemed like I link up with the dick the way I fucked her. So, when I went out and bought the one that really does, she knew she was in for an excellent lay.

I introduce myself to her slowly, feeling her tight soaking wet pussy wrapped around my dick. She contracts on me, squeezing my dick, sending a surge of titillation threw my body causing both of us to moan out loud, at the wonderful sensations we were both feelings. I push deeper inside of her, filling her completely, and her hands fly up and she digs her nails into my back. The stinging burning sensation sent my head swimming. I became dizzy and intoxicated with pleasure. I put my hand firmly on the bed to steady myself on the bed.

“Breath, baby,” she says placing a quacking hand on my face. “Don’t come too fast. I want you to make this last for me.”

I take a deep breath and controlled myself, I want this to last just as much as she does. Sex between bonded couples can be intense. Our bond makes it so that we can feel everything the other one feels which made having an orgasm feel like dying in the best way ever.

She moans loudly as I push into her again. She curses, and I can’t help but chuckle at the foreign-sounding words coming from her mouth. She smacks my ass and shoots a disapproving looking and I respond with a more forceful thrust.

“You time is up sweet heart,” I rumble low into her ear as I lick and nibbled on the lobe, “You have had your fun. It's time for me to have mine.”

She tries to push me up but releases. Coming as much as she had before has left her body weak and I chuckle again. I pick up my pace getting into the steady rhythm we both love, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before we were both on the brink of being mad with pleasure.

“Oh. My God,” Tess cries out. She tosses her head back and let out a silent scream. I kiss her and lick up her neck, stopping to suck hard on the pulsating pressure point. She grabs a hand full of hair and wraps her other arm around me holding me in place, “Don’t stop. Don’t you fucking stop.”

“You like how I’m stroking this pussy,” I say, “You’re gonna come all over this dick. Aren’t you?”

She vigorously shakes her head, yes and I am hit with an overwhelming sense of happiness, and pleasure. I look down and Tess has tears streaming from her eyes. She opens them, and her glisten brown eyes shot through me and I can feel my own emotions rising to the top. I close my eyes and feel the love she has for me. When I open them, she is staring up at me with all the love I feel showing in her eyes. I kiss her deeply, sticking my tongue in her mouth playing tag with hers. She racks her nails down my back digging her nails into my ass, pulling deeper into her. I shudder feeling how open and wet she was for me, knowing that I was giving her the pleasure she needs.

I look at her with worry in my eyes because my own orgasm is about to explode through me. The combination of both our emotions and feeling of pleasure making it almost impossible to last any longer than I had.

“I can’t. I’m going to...,” I stammer trying to keep control of a few my senses. Before I can finish I was coming. The waves of pure ecstasy shot through me almost leaving me crippled when I feel the second wave hit me so hard that I was sure I would pass out when I notice that this feeling is Tess. Her eyes are rolling back in her head and her mouth was agape. She inhaled and let out a loud gut sound that sounds almost primal.

“Fuck me,” we both scream out at the same time as our climax took us over, leaving us breathless.

We are in our own world of pleasure, riding out our climax, not caring what was going on outside of our own little bubble. Nothing and no one else matters right now, the house could burn down around us, and we would have never known. We are only in tune with each other, in love with each other, completely bonded, the way it should be.

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Yae Yae
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