Supernatural Love

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Can Robin trust her senses?

Supernatural Love

Knock. Knock.

A shadow darkens my office door. I look up to see Brianna in a black spandex bodysuit that hugs her curves like a race car in the Indy 500. She wore a cat mask that her curly wavy black hair was streaming out the bottom. Her lips painted red, like candy apples. The spandex covers everything but still gives you a peek at the perfection of her. I study her frame, letting my eyes linger over her. Seeing how the tight suit pushes and lifts her breasts, making them look like warm and inviting pillows that you want to lay your head on.

Brianna has been the object of my affection since she started two months ago, when she bumped into me looking for her office. She is visually stunning, but her intelligence and humor are the things about her that I find the most attractive. I can have a conversation with her about some simple things and walk away with soaked panties. The way she explains things turns me on. I have never experienced something like that. I never had an intellectual conversation and walked away horny. But any conversation with Brianna, whether it was politics or video games, I walk away aching in desire.

“Hey, how come you up here and not down at the party,” she asks.

I look to see she is smiling and her brown eyes shine. She’s watching me undress her with my eyes, peeling that suit off her piece by piece. The sexy curve of her lips makes me want to run my tongue across them and nip at her plump lower lip. I want to stick my tongue in her mouth and let out tongues dance together to the loud dance music coming from the floor below us. I see that her eyes go from sexy happy to question, and I realize I haven’t spoken.

“Um… I have too much work to get done. I can’t really party right now.”

“You work too much. The reason for the office party is to relax, and you’re sitting here in your office with no costume, and working.”

She walks into the room in slow motion. I feel my breathing quicken, as I watch her sashay towards my desk. Her hips sway to their own rhythm, different from the awful thump of techno music. I can hear the drums beat with every tick of her hips, and my heart soon matches her rhythm. Now her hips and my heart are beating in tandem. She stops on the side of me and purrs in my ear.

“You should really chill, dude.”

“I am chill,” I reply, trying to fake the chill I don’t have.

“Really, you seem… tense. You need a drink.” She sits a red solo cup next to me.

I look up at her wondering where she pulled this cup from. I don’t remember seeing her with one when she walked in. I close my eyes trying to rewind to the moment she walked in when I feel lips on my ear. I can feel her breath on me. The stench of alcohol on her was stronger than the Paris Hilton. I would usually step away from alcohol riddled people, but I oddly couldn’t.

“Don’t over think this, Robin,” she says, as she put the cup to my lips, so I can drink.

She licks the tip of my earlobe, and I feel my nipples grow into stiff peaks against my cotton shirt. I can’t believe this is happening, I dream about stuff like this happening but always knew it wouldn’t. I have been a self-proclaim geek my entire life. So, to have a woman who looks like a walking wet dream licking on me, brought me to the brink of my wavering control. It is like I was stuck in a trance, I couldn’t speak or move, I can only feel the heat that started in the pit of my stomach. The fire starts to slowly spread from my toes to the tip of my head. My pussy throbs and aches wanting relief. I have never felt the yearn for someone’s touch before. I know the only way to get relief is for her fingers to be deep inside me, fucking me, until I come all over her hand. I was ready, soaking my panties and she did nothing but lick my ear.

She ran her hand up the back of my neck into my hair and pulls just a little. I gasp from the shock of how much pleasure I got from it. I have fantasies about her hands all over me every time I masturbated in the shower. Her hand is softer than I could imagine. She releases my hair, turns my chair around and lowers herself onto me slowly.

“Robin, why are you always alone? Don’t you know how gorgeous you are,” she says.

“No,” I said, able to speak again.

“You have the fullest lips I have ever seen,” she kisses me softly, sending shockwaves of energy through me, and I started coming. Moaning into her mouth, letting our tongues play around together, she chuckles because she feels me as I buck and shake against her. I pull away to catch my breath. I look into her hazy grey eyes and they look right into me, and she smiles as she did. It felt like she was reading my mind.

“You just came,” she moans and started to grind on me, “I like that. You respond well to me, always knew you would.”

She starts to unbutton my shirt and runs her ice-cold hand over my nipple. She moans when she realizes that I don’t have a bra on, and touches hot flesh. I lean into her touch wanting more contact. I open my mouth to moan but she kisses me again and finishes unbuttoning my shirt. She cups my right breast and squeezes, sending a new flood of wetness to my already soaked panties. She bites down on my neck and licks the indentation of her teeth, sucking on my neck making me cry out. She runs her hand down my six pack.

“Your body is amazing. I love how your skin feels on mine,” she moans.

She unbuttons my pants and shoves her hand inside them. She runs her fingers through soaked curls. She giggles as I squirm under her, trying to lift my hips so that she can have better access to me. I feel the tip of her finger grazes my clit. The soft touch of the pad of her finger on my hard, slick nub made me shiver. She applied pressure and rubbed in fast circles, quickly about to bring me to orgasm. She abruptly stopped as if she could tell I was seconds from exploding.

“I want to taste you when you come. I want your pussy in my mouth,” she said, as she played in my juices.

I lift my hip so that she can get my pants and underwear off. The cold air touched my bare skin and I shiver. The next sensation I feel is her tongue on me. The warmth of her mouth makes my head spin. I feel like I’m floating. With every swirl of her tongue on my clit made me high. I had never felt something like this. I had women go down on me, but I never felt this. I never felt like I was going to explode like I was going to have a complete meltdown when I finally came. She licks and sucks me, driving me to the brink of pleasure that was sure to kill me.

I grip the edge of the armrest to ground myself, trying to keep the last bit of consciousness when she slowly slips one finger, then a second into me. Filling the aching void that I had been feeling since she walked through my door. I thrust my pussy into her face and eagerly impale myself onto her fingers, desperate to come all over her hands. She pushes deep into me over and over. Each time with more force and deliberation. She hit every spot I didn’t know I had.

“Come for me, Robin. I want you to come for me before I go,” she whispers into my ear, “I want to finally feel your pussy clench around my fingers.”

I can’t take it anymore. I let go, flooding her hand and mouth with hot juices. Closing my eyes arch my back, and through my head back to release a powerful moan. I moan her name louder and louder, grinding my pussy into her face and fingers. Riding my orgasm to the end.


My eye’s fly open, look at Brianna, and she is smiling. Her face is shiny covered my love.

“Trick or treat,” they all scream and slur the words.

“Come on Robin, we know you in there,” Todd, dressed like Sweeny Todd said, “We heard you giving yourself a treat”

All howl at the joke. I’m standing there burning with embarrassment.

“What are you talking about, I’m in here with Brianna.” I fling the door open and move out the way, so they can see her.

They look at me puzzled and scared. They look around me and shake their heads. I turn to see that she isn’t there. I turn to them puzzled.

“She was just here I swear it”

“She couldn’t have been. She got into a car accident last night.” Todd says, looking at me with pity in his eyes.

“No one told you,” Sara ask.

“Yeah. She died on her way home from a costume party. She was dressed as-"

“Cat woman,” I say, interrupting him.

“How did you know that,” Sara ask.

“I just do,” I say as I close the door.

I walk around the room, looking at the cup on my desk. She was here, I know she was. I can still feel her hands and mouth on me. I can still smell the Paris Hilton perfume she wore the was mixed with liquor. I pass the mirror to look at my neck and her teeth marks were there. I run my finger over the indentations on my neck and I can feel the sting of her bite.

I walk over to my desk, sit down, confused at what was going on. Was I dreaming? I couldn’t have been because of the cup and bite marks. I go to lay my head down and there is a letter on my desk was a letter.

Robin,I always knew it would be like this, I had to have you before I left this world. If I wasn’t already dead, I would have willing died drowning in your pussy.Bye, Brianna

I dropped the letter when I feel lips and smell Paris Hilton’s perfume again, this time without the alcohol.

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Yae Yae
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