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Birthday Surprise

Rider surprises his girlfriend with a sexy gift on her birthday.

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 3 years ago 12 min read

Rider had been planning Monica’s birthday for months now and tonight was finally the night. He couldn’t help feeling excited as all the plans were finalized and he packed up his overnight bag for their weekend.

He picked Monica up from her condo in a sleek black town car that Rider had hired to take them into Beverly Hills this evening and home on Sunday.

“What’s all this?” Monica asked as the driver helped her into the car and she saw Rider sitting inside, holding out a glass of champagne for her.

“Just the beginning of your special birthday weekend,” Rider explained.

“I hope you didn’t go to crazy, Rider,” Monica said, sipping from the glass.

Rider just smirked behind his glass not answering her.

The drive from Monica’s home in Pasadena to Beverly Hills took just under an hour, and soon the driver was pulling into the entrance of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. Monica’s jaw dropped when she realized where they were going and it took her a minute to actually step out of the car once they had come to a complete stop.

“No,” she said in disbelief. “Rider, we are not staying here for the weekend.”

“Of course we are,” Rider said, tipping the driver and wrapping his arm around his girlfriend as they made their way into the picture perfect lobby. Monica looked around as if she was in a dream. Rider’s family had money from the oil company they owned, so she was used to Rider spoiling her, but she still hadn’t expected this.

After checking in, the two of them rode the elevator up to their room where the surprises continued. Using the key card, Rider opened the door and held it open for Monica as she walked into the 1,100 square foot Hollywood Suite. While Rider tipped the bell-boy, Monica walked around the room, amazed by the luxury surrounding her. She walked outside onto the private terrace and stared at the beautiful Beverly Hills skyline.

Coming up behind her, Rider wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him and kissing her neck.

“What do you think?” he asked her.

“This is incredible, Rider,” Monica said.

Rider smiled knowing everything he had planned for the next two nights and couldn’t wait to unveil each surprise to Monica.

After unpacking their overnight bags, they changed for dinner. Monica in a sexy red cocktail dress and Rider in a sleek black suit. They took a town car to Spago, Beverly Hills, where Rider had made reservations. Monica tried not to be imitated by the prices on the menu. This wasn’t the first time Rider had taken her somewhere where the dishes were insanely expensive.

When the waiter came by to take their drink order, Monica was ready to say she was fine with just water, until Rider ordered a bottle of white wine for the table.

“I wish you would stop spoiling me like this,” Monica said, after the server walked away.

“Why?” Rider asked. “I love you and I want to spoil you.”

Monica tried not to smile. “I know,” she said. “I’m just not used to it.”

Rider took her hand in his, kissing her knuckles. “We have been together for almost two years now, Mon, it’s time you started, because I’m not ever going to stop.”

Food was ordered, delivered to their table and eaten. It was one of the best meals Monica had ever eaten and she struggled to save room for dessert, but was happy she did when a beautifully decorated piece of chocolate cake with raspberry filling was placed in front of her with a single lit candle.

“Happy Birthday my dear,” Rider smiled.

Monica smiled as she blew out the candle. She knew Rider probably had a million surprises up his sleeve for this weekend and as much as she still wasn’t used to all his gifts, she was still looking forward to it.

The check was paid and they got into another town car to go back to the Waldorf.

Pulling Monica tight against him, Rider whispered to her. “I have a little business I have to attend to when we get back to the hotel. I want you to go up to the room, take off this dress and wait for me, okay?”

“I can do that,” Monica said.

Rider smiled and kissed her hair. “Good girl. It shouldn’t take long.”

In the hotel lobby, Monica made her way to the elevators with one key card to their room. Rider couldn’t help staring at her ass as she walked away from him. Once she was out of sight, he went to the hotel bar where he saw a man sitting alone at a booth. He was wearing a grey suit jacket, had a short haircut and was drinking a glass of whiskey.

Rider approached the man, stopping at the corner of the booth. “Are you Colin?” he asked him.

“You Rider?” the man asked in response.

Knowing he was in the company of the correct person, Rider sat opposite Colin in the booth. “Thank you for coming.”

“Pleasure is all mine,” Colin said. “Do you have what we agreed upon?”

Reaching into his back pocket, Rider pulled out his wallet and took $500 cash out, placing it on the table in front of Colin. “As agreed. Half now, half after.”

Colin took the cash and counted it to confirm the amount, then put it all in the inside pocket of his suit jacket.

“Anything I need to know before this happens?” Colin asked Rider.

Rider shook his head. “Only that this is a surprise and she has no idea you’re coming.”

“Is there anything in particular you don’t want me to do?”

“I can’t think of anything, but if there is anything, I’ll stop you.”

Colin finished the remaining bit of his drink, putting the glass on the coaster in front of him. “Shall we go upstairs then?” Colin asked.

On the comforter of the king sized bed in the hotel room, Monica found a black silk blindfold with a note that read, ‘Put me on!’ She smiled as she unzipped the dress she had worn out to dinner and settled herself in a sitting position on the bed.

Underneath her dress, she wore a black lace strapless bra and matching thong. She had gone shopping a few days before the weekend and couldn’t wait for Rider to see her in all the skimpy lingerie she had picked out. She also got herself waxed knowing Rider liked her pussy bare.

Sitting on the bed, she placed the soft blindfold over her eyes, blocking out all her sight, then leaned back on the bed and crossed her legs, waiting for Rider to return.

She waited maybe 10 minutes before she heard the door to the suite open. She perked up in anticipation, listening for Rider’s footsteps. The suite was carpeted so it was difficult but she thought she heard the sound of clothes coming off and being placed somewhere.

“Rider?” she asked.

“I’m here, baby,” she heard his voice. “Just taking you in.”

Monica sat up straighter, showing off the new bra and panties she had purchased for this evening.

“You look so hot,” Rider told her. “Keep the blindfold on, but stand up and come to me,” he instructed her.

Uncrossing her legs, Monica got to her feet and slowly made her way towards Rider’s voice. Thankfully, he had his arms outstretched to her to guide her to him. Once she had reached him, he pulled her face towards his and kissed her lips. As he kissed her, he moved his hands down her back to her ass, squeezing her cheeks and pulling her into him. She could feel his already hard cock against her.

“Ready for your present?” Rider asked her.

“Another present?” she asked, reaching her hands to her blindfold.

Ride stopped her from taking the blindfold off by taking her hands in his. “Keep it on for a little longer,” he told her.

Kissing her lips softly one more time, he instructed her. “Bend down and put my cock in your mouth.”

Obeying him, Monica carefully lowered herself down onto her knees and opened her mouth for Rider. Her mouth was quickly filled with his thick cock and Monica groaned out as she felt him pushing it further down her throat.

One of Rider’s favourite things about Monica was the fact that she loved giving head. Sucking his member got her so hot and she was so fucking good at it. But how would she handle a second cock in the mix?

Pulling himself out of her mouth, Monica whined for a second, having her gift pulled away from her, until she felt it again on her cheek. Not wondering for a second how Rider’s cock moved or the fact that it wasn’t wet from her mouth, Monica took it into her mouth, moving her head back and forth on it. She continued that motion for a minute until she felt what felt like a second dick on the side of her face.

Stopping her movements for a second, she took a minute to figure out what was going on. There was a dick in her mouth that she was, until just a second ago, fucking with her mouth, and now she thought she felt a second one touching her face. It was wet and she felt it glide along her cheek.

Pulling her mouth away, she leaned back a bit and removed the blind fold from her eyes, then looked up to see what was going on.

Her eyes opened and her jaw dropped as she saw in front of her was not only Rider, standing naked and holding out his cock, but also a second man she had never seen before, also naked, with a line of spit from the tip of his cock to her mouth.

Her eyes shot back and forth between Rider and the stranger who just had his dick in her mouth, finally stopping at Rider.

“Rider,” she said softly, “what’s going on? Whose this?”

“This,” Rider said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up so she was standing, “is one of your birthday presents.”

Monica was unable to speak as she stared at the stranger. He stared back at her, grinning in a sexy way. She wasn’t sure how Rider found out she always had a fantasy of having a threeway with two guys but at this moment, she didn’t care.

All of a sudden, they both began undressing her. Monica gasped and looked down. Rider was standing behind her, kissing her neck and shoulders as he undid the clasp of her bra letting it fall to the floor beside them. The stranger got on his knees and pulled off the panties she was wearing then helped her to step out of them so she was now as naked as the two men were. Grabbing underneath one of her legs, Rider held it up slightly, exposing her naked pussy to the stranger. He accepted the invitation and pressed his mouth to her sex.

“Oh fuck,” Monica cried feeling his tongue circle around her pussy then pull her clit into his mouth and suck on it.

“Do you like that?” Rider breathed into her ear. Monica nodded as she moaned in pleasure.

The stranger then stuck two fingers inside her cunt, making Monica cry out. Thank goodness Rider was holding her up as she was losing all feeling in her legs as the stranger continued fucking her with his fingers and tongue.

Using his free hand, Rider grasped onto Monica’s tit and squeezed it as she panted and gasped. It was so hot watching Monica fall apart like this. His dick was so hard it almost hurt.

“You gunna cum, baby?” he groaned into her ear. He had seen Monica cum thousands of times and this is what it looked like when she was close. Wanting to see her cum all over someone else’s face, Rider pinched her nipple and Monica screamed out as she came hard. She threw her head back and cried out as her juices spilled down her and into the strangers waiting mouth.

He pulled away from her slowly and Rider slowly lowered her leg down, but still held her up until he knew she would be able to stand on her own.

Monica looked down and saw the stranger, his face and lips covered in her wetness. Falling onto her knees beside him, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him.

There was something so hot about kissing a complete stranger, who had just eaten her out and was covered in her juices, all in front of her boyfriend. Monica could taste the saltiness of herself on his lips and even more so when he stuck his tongue into her mouth. She wanted to pass the flavour to Rider, and was happy to see he had joined them on the floor. Monica pulled away from the stranger and began kissing Rider, holding his head against hers as their tongues tangled up in each other's mouths.

As they kissed, the stranger rubbed his fingers along her wet pussy.

Still kissing her, Rider pulled Monica up to her feet and all three of them moved to the bed. As they moved, Monica went back and forth kissing each man while each of them touched her in a new place. They settled on the bed, the stranger laying on his back while Rider was pressed against Monica’s back.

“Remember a few weekends ago,” Rider said, kissing Monica’s shoulder blades, “when I had that butt plug up your ass while we fucked?”

“Yeah,” Monica answered, nodding her head.

“How would you like the real thing now?”

“You mean?” Monica looked at the stranger, laying on his back with his hard cock ready to be ridden, and Rider behind her, his cock pressing between her butt cheeks. It didn’t take Monica long to realize what Rider was implying. The butt plug felt amazing up her ass and even more so when Rider was fucking her. It made him feel gigantic inside her, but his cock was a lot bigger than the butt plug.

“You ready, baby?”

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly.

Rider kissed the back of her neck and massaged her pussy lips. “You’ll love it, babe.”

She wasn’t sure how, one minute, she was pressed against Rider, feeling his lips all over her and his fingers rubbing her sex, but the next minute, she had the strangers cock inside her and he was pounding himself harder and deeping into her.

“Oh God,” Monica cried, throwing her head back as she felt the stranger’s huge member penetrate her over and over again.

Rider watched his girl ride another man for a minute, stroking his cock as he stared. Then he pushed her back down so she was laying on top of the stranger. He used the wetness he had collected on his hand from touching her pussy and wiped it all along her puckered asshole. He also lubed up his own cock before lining himself up with her hole.

Since the first time he had fucked Monica, he knew he wanted to one day fuck her ass, he knew she wanted it too, that’s why he had prepped her with a butt plug, but now, he was ready to use the real thing.

Lining himself up, he slowly pushed himself into the tight hole of her ass. Monica cried out as the new penetrating ripped through her body, but Rider just rubbed her back and went as gently as he could, getting her used to not only having a cock up her ass, but having one there as well as inside her pussy.

It took a moment for Monica to adjust but soon every move either Rider or the stranger made felt incredible. It didn’t take long for the pain to become so pleasurable. With two cocks inside her, she felt tighter than she ever had before. Both men fucked her so hard and she almost began to cry from the overwhelming sensations going from her head to the tip of her toes.

“She is so fucking tight,” the stranger commented to Rider.

“I know,” Rider agreed. “Cum inside her pussy,” he instructed him. “I want her dripping from every hole in her body.”

Monica screamed as her pussy and asshole tightened around both cocks and she came so hard. Neither man could hold themselves back much longer and Rider sprayed his seed inside her ass, followed soon after by the stranger, emptying himself in her pussy.

Monica lost count of how many times the three of them fucked throughout the rest of the evening and she definitely lost count of how many orgasims she had between the two men. It wasn’t until around four in the morning that Rider laid her down on the bed and covered up her naked body to sleep that he showed the stranger out of the suite, paying him the rest of the promised money.


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