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The VIP Booth

Meeting a sexy man in the VIP booth of a very prestigious club.

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 2 years ago 10 min read

Stepping out of the cab, Madi linked arms with her friend, Connie, and the two of them walked towards the entrance of the prestigious night club. Both of them were dressed to the nines, Connie in a sequin body con dress that hugged her entire body, showing off her small frame and Madi in a black wrap dress with a plunging necklace, extenuating her curves and large chest. Connie’s boss was a VIP and had gotten her and one guest on the list for the evening, so after giving the bouncer her name, Connie and Madi bypassed the massive line of people waiting to get in and were welcomed into the club.

The lights were flashing, the music was pounding a remix of a popular pop song and Madi couldn’t help but smile. Her and Connie had been talking about this club for ages and to finally be able to get in, as a VIP no less, was so exciting.

“Connie,” a masculine voice called out, turning the girls attention away from the DJ performing on stage. A tall man with short blonde hair, large arms and a crooked smile walked towards them smiling.

“Mr. Pattison,” Connie responded, leaning in towards the man and kissing his cheek. This must be Connie’s boss, Madi concluded.

“Please my dear,” he said, “no Mr. Pattison tonight. Here I’m Joel.”

“Joel,” Connie said, “this is my friend from university, Madi.”

Joel leaned in, kissing each of Madi’s cheeks in a friendly gesture. “Very nice to meet you Madi. Have you girls had anything to drink yet?”

“No, not yet,” Madi answered. “We just arrived.”

“Order anything you want and put it on my tab,” he told them. “But first, let me show you the VIP booth.” He held out his hands and the girls each took one.

Walking past the dance floor, Joel led them to a set of stairs where a bouncer stood in front of a velvet rope, opening it up as soon as he saw Joel approaching. Joel took the two girls up the stairs where they entered a small room with a reserved sign on the door. The room had a velvet couch and a private bar filled with booze and snacks.

Sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and watching the dancers below, was a man who immediately caught Madi’s eye. He looked very similar to Joel but his hair was slightly longer and he was even more muscular than Joel. He looked up when he heard Joel re-entering the room with the girls.

“Ladies,” Joel said, “this is my brother Carson. Carson, this is Connie and her friend Madi.

Carson smiled a perfect white smile, making Madi bite her lip. “Very nice to meet you ladies.”

“Sit down,” Joel said, indicating the couch Carson was on. “I’ll get you girls some drinks.”

They did as they were told, sitting down on the soft and comfy couch, Madi going right next to Carson. Joel placed bottle of Smirnoff as well as a shot of tequila in front of each of them and all four of them shot back the tequila.

The drinks flowed through the evening as easily as the conversations between the group. After introductions went around, they played a fun game of ‘Never have I ever’ then moved onto ‘Truth or Dare’ when they all began to feel tipsy. Joel was dared to take a shot from between Connie’s tits, Madi and Connie were both dared to make out with one another for a minute, Carson was dared to lick whipped cream off Madi’s inner thighs and many other sexual things. After they each popped a pill of ecstasy (a dare Carson had made them all do), Joel took Connie’s hand and asked her to go down to the dance floor with him. Connie stood up and walked out the booth with Joel, leaving Madi alone with Carson.

Carson didn’t waste anytime, leaning in and whispering to Madi, “you are so fucking hot.”

“So are you,” Madi replied.

“Do you also work with Joel?” he asked.

“No,” Madi said, shaking her head. “I go to school with Connie but tonight is the first time I am meeting him.”

“So you haven’t fucked him like Connie has, right?”

Madi giggled. “Connie hasn’t fucked Joel. Though that’ll probably change tonight.”

“Do you want to fuck me?” Carson asked.

Madi bit down on her bottom lip. “Maybe,” she replied, teasingly.

Carson grinned.

“Truth or dare?” he asked.

“Dare,” Madi replied immediately.

Resting his hand on her bare thigh, Carson dared. “I dare you to take off your panties.”

Without missing a beat, Madi lifted her ass up off the couch they were sitting on, hooked her fingers into the fabric of the G-string she had worn that evening and wiggled it down her legs, slipping it off her heels and placing it in Carson’s waiting hand.

Carson looked at the flimsy piece of fabric that was until a moment ago, covering Madi’s pussy.

“This is all you were wearing under that dress?” he asked her.

Madi shrugged, suggestively.

Putting the thong into the inside pocket of his jacket, Carson moved his hand a little higher up her thigh, going slightly under the hem of her dress now. “Spread your legs,” Carson instructed her.

Madi did as she was told, opening her legs wider for him to move his hand even further up her thigh and closer to her sex. He brought his fingers to her pussy lips and lightly grazed them, teasing her.

“Do you like that?” Carson whispered into her ear.

Madi nodded.

Biting down on Madi’s earlobe, Carson continued teasing her pussy, not entering her with his fingers, but just lightly touching her, moving his fingers around and in between her pussy lips.

“I bet your cunt tastes so good,” he said to her. “I could smell you when I was licking that whipped cream off your legs.”

Needing more, Madi spread her legs even further apart, giving Carson full access to her. Taking the invitation, Carson shoved two of his fingers into her wet and hot pussy.

“Oh!” Madi moaned, throwing her head back.

“You like that, don’t you, baby?” Carson growled at her. “You like getting finger fucked in a public club.”

The thought of them being in a public place never even crossed Madi’s mind as she felt Carson’s thick finger inside her, twisting, curling and hitting her G-spot so precisely.

Grabbing her face with his other hand, Carson turned Madi’s face towards himself and planted his lips onto hers, smothering her with a kiss and shoving his tongue into her mouth.

They made out hard, their tongues fighting one another while Carson continued to finger fuck her pussy. Madi could feel her juices dripping down onto his hand as he inserted a third finger inside her and brought her to the brink of cumming.

With his tongue down her throat and his fingers jammed inside her cunt, Madi groaned out into his mouth as she came so hard all over his fingers and hand.

“That’s my girl,” Carson said as he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. He looked at his hand, covered in her juices and immediately licked each of his fingers that had been inside her. “I was right,” he told her. “Your cream tastes fantastic.”

Madi smiled at the thought of Carson’s face in between her legs, licking and biting at her pussy while drinking all her juice. But as much as she wanted that, she wanted his cock inside her even more.

Reaching for his belt, Madi undid the buckle, and Carson helped simmy them off, not all the way, just enough to pull his rock hard 10” cock out of his boxer shorts.

Madi ran the tip of her finger up and down his thick shaft, stopping to circle and play with the hole and pre-cum at the top of it.

“That’s a pretty nice dick,” she told him, moving her face down to lick the tip of it.

Carson groaned and bit his lip as she teased his member. “You ever had one this big?” he asked her.

“No, I haven’t,” she told him. “So I can imagine,” she said, as she sat up, straddling him and positioning herself over it, “that it’ll feel like losing my virginity all over again.”

Without giving him a moment to protest (not that he would have anyway), Madi dropped herself down, feeling every inch and wrinkle of his huge cock as it went inside her.

“Oh fuck,” they both groaned. Madi wiggled herself around a couple times, getting used to the length and thickness inside her before picking herself up and slamming down again and again and again. She was right, her cunt was so tight against his massive cock, it felt like he was fucking a virgin.

As Madi rode the fuck out of his cock, Carson moved the neckline of Madi’s dress to the side, exposing one of her tits. Because of how lowcut the dress she was wearing was, Madi wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard pink nipple cried out to be played with. Grabbing it, Carson pinched it between his fingers and twisted it around, not enough to hurt Madi, just enough to send more sensations through her body.

He twisted and pinched with every bounce Madi made and soon they both found themselves getting close to cumming.

“I’m going to cum,” Madi told him. “Cum inside me,” Madi moaned to him, riding him harder and harder until she threw her head back and cried out in climax.

As she came and he felt her pussy tighten around him, Carson squeezed her nipple as hard as he could and groaned loudly as he shot a load deep inside her.

“Fuck!” he cried out, feeling her pussy milk his cock dry of his seed.

They sat there for a minute as they both came down and Carson’s cock softened inside her cunt. Once it had, Madi climbed off him, fixing the neckline of her dress so her tit wasn’t out anymore, but she didn't fix the hem of her dress, so when she leaned back on the couch, Carson was still able to see her pussy as well as his cream dripping out of it.

“Can I have my panties back?” Madi asked him.

Carson had almost forgotten he still had her thong in his jacket pocket. “Absolutely not,” he told her. “Those belong to me now.”

Standing up off the couch, Carson put his semi-erect cock back into his pants and did his belt back up. Then he held out his hand to Madi, she took it and he pulled her up off the couch. “We are going to go out on the dance floor, you are going to dance for me until I see my cum running down your leg,” he instructed her. “And when, and only when I see it touch the floor of this club, will I take you home so I can fuck you and eat your pussy all night long.”


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