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Best Anal Sex Toys for Men

Just like the men who use them, the best anal sex toys for men come in all shapes, sizes and colors!

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 8 min read

Anal sex play for men sounds scary for some, but in fact, it can be one of the most stimulating and enjoyable activities in the bedroom. Toys often stimulate the prostate to greatly enhance sexual experience! When it comes to choosing the best anal sex toys for men, most of it comes down to preference because only you know what you can handle back there!

Choosing the right product can feel like a daunting task with all the variety, shapes, sizes, colors and options out there, but perhaps a helpful tip is to decide the purpose of the stimulator you are looking for. If you're shopping for toys, do you want ones that stimulates the prostate, stretches the anal ring, or do you want them just to look good? There are all sorts of toys out there. From dildos to prostate massagers to butt plugs and more, when it comes to the best anal sex toys for men, there is something for everyone.

Created by LELO, one of the leaders in adult sex toys, BRUNO is a prostate massager that brings ultimate satisfaction. BRUNO contains two powerful motors at both of its tapered ends: the base for dual satisfaction and the curved tip for powerful and pleasureful prostate stimulation. Designed to be hands-free, it contains six different vibration settings at the touch of a button to offer a more powerful climax and longer lasting pleasure. And since it is waterproof, the fun can be taken anywhere. This luxurious prostate massager is designed to stay in place and its shape, size and performance offer intense stimulation.

Pros: Six speeds, hands-free, waterproof, silicone materialCons: Medium sized

One of the larger plugs, this rubber plug is extremely smooth and has a long taper which makes it easy to insert despite its size. The biggest problem with this sex toy for guys is that it's rubber so it's not hypoallergenic and isn't suitable for those with allergies. The other issue with rubber is that it does have a certain smell and must be kept separate from other toys or it will 'melt” into them, this is especially true of silicone. The toy has a flared base that acts as a safety stop but no suction cup. As well as the egg head and the flared base there's a midpoint ridge to provide a change in stimulation before tapering to the narrow stem.

Pros: Large head, extra smooth, safety stop, made in USA, waterproofCons: Rubber, storage issues, no suction cup, no vibration, one color, not suitable for beginners

Made of soft, pliable medical grade silicone this toy is perfect for stimulating the P-spot. Latex-free and hypoallergenic this is ideal for anyone who has allergies or sensitivities and also makes the toy easy to clean. The shape is designed to massage the prostate, improving blood flow and promoting healthy prostate function. It has a large bulb head to stretch the anal ring, providing pleasure and loosening the tissue for play. The vibrating bullet is situated in the head, while the battery section is easily accessible at the tail (batteries not included), though it's not waterproof. The tail of the toy has a wide hilt to make sure it stays in place and has a double handle for better grip and to act as a safety stop. Operation of this anal sex toy for men simple with an easy turn battery cover that switches the device on or off.

Pros: Medical Grade Silicone, easy to clean, easily accessible battery, smooth design, unisexCons: One size only, not rechargeable, one color, not waterproof, one speed

A velvet silicone gives a textured finish that can be difficult to clean because small fibers will stick to it. Specifically designed for unisex play this toy can be used several different ways depending on who it's for. The beaded probe fits into the anus while the textured bulge handle vibrates on the balls or clitoris. Extremely flexible and versatile the toy also has 10 different vibration patterns to suit your play tastes. This isn't a bulbous toy, meaning it's much easier to insert and suitable for beginners or pros at only 0.75” in diameter at the beads. The hooked design can also be wrapped around the penis for a textured stroke. The control is situated right at the grip end which makes it easy to operate during self-play.

Pros: Extremely versatile, silicone, 10 vibration patterns, suitable for beginners, unisexCons: Not medical grade, harder to clean, small diameter

Food-grade/Medical grade silicone which is not only non-toxic it's also odorless so your toys won't have that typical “plastic” smell or take on the scents of any of your lubes (or anything else!). This set of stretchers is ideal for beginners as they can aid in training the anal ring to stretch by starting small. The shape allows for gentle insertion while the suction cup base acts as a safety stopper. The suction cup is also great for hands-free use. This anal sexy toy for men four sizes which are all extremely light. The smooth surface helps to prevent tissue tearing and scarring. Ranging in size from 1”x4.1” to 1.5” x 6.1” the set is suitable no matter how experienced you are, but not for those looking for a larger stretch.

Pros: Great for beginners, medical grade silicone, multiple sizes, suction cup, hands-free, unisexCons: No vibration, small size

A massager for men! Designed by the head of luxury sex toys, LOKI by LELO is a waterproof, USB rechargeable prostate massager that will bring on hours of pleasure. LOKI's sleek shape and angle allow for comfort and ecstasy as it gently or fiercely hits all the right spots. Six variable settings on the handheld toy bring your climax to levels of mind blowing intensity. Since it's waterproof, LOKI can be used in the shower or bath or anywhere you get wet and wild. It is constructed of the highest standard of product and safety. A perfect gift for your guy or yourself, dive into the luxurious world of LELO sex toys and all they have to offer.

Pros: Rechargeable, waterproof, seamless design, high quality siliconeCons: Thicker tip, additional lube required, one hour of pleasure on full charge

This medical grade silicone that comes in a fetching purple color this has dual stimulation as well as an optional vibrator. The beads range in size for extra stimulation and different sensations depending on the depth of thrust. The detachable vibrator can also be used for stimulation elsewhere such as the nipples. The pull ring is also multifunctional and can be used as a cock ring to prolong an erection and act as a safety stop. The vibe sleeve has a textured tongue to promote clitoral stimulation with a partner. At 11” it is quite long, and may be too long for some. The vibe is also waterproof and the whole thing can be easily cleaned or used in the bath, making it one of the easiest to use anal sex toys for men.

Pros: Medical silicone, varying sized beads, safety stop, waterproof, hands-free, easy to cleanCons: Not unisex, tongue can catch on pubic hair, ring can be too small for use as a cock ring, long

With seven frequencies and a rather snazzy shape, this remote controlled vibe looks space-age. Made of soft silicone and ABS it's soft and has a slight texturing. The texturing can cause sticking so it's important to keep in a sleeve bag for cleanliness. The smooth curve makes insertion easy and the wide safety stop also features a second bulb for clitoral or ball stimulation. The remote is also perfect for partner use as it has a reasonable range. This toy is good for beginners since it's a small size at only 0.9” in diameter and a total 4.7” long. The bottom of the plus is also ribbed for extra stimulation. The vibrator itself is waterproof but the controller is not.

Pros: Silicone, remote controlled, seven settings, good for beginners, ribbedCons: Small, corded, hard to store, 100 percent waterproof

A two for one package, you get the twist plug and a simple C-pop vibe as a double package. The twist has a unique shape for ultimate sensation when it comes to sex toys for men. The silky silicone is smooth and helps with easier insertion, even with the unusual shape. The insertable 5” length makes this a pretty big toy that isn't really beginner friendly. It also has a wide safety stop that is easy to grip for rotation and insertion. The C-pop in comparison has a simple and smooth design that has 10 different vibration patterns. The Twist is also harness compatible and is made of medical grade silicone. There's a reason these two toys are packed together. Once you've inserted the Twist you can use the C-pop as an external toy to get dual stimulation wherever you need it. Ideal for partner play since they can control one while you control the other.

Pros: Two toys for one, medical grade silicone, large size, ten vibrations, unisex, good for partner playCons: Large size, two separate toys (requires two hands)

Similar to the LOKI by LELO, the LOKI Wave offers both external and internal stimulation, but this time with its innovative vibrating 'come-hither' motion for a powerful prostate massage. Offering ten stimulation modes from a teasing tickle to a deep rooted power, LOKI Wave has everything to suit your needs. It is also waterproof to allow you pleasure almost anywhere! Waves of ecstasy will come over you as the perfectly placed motors simultaneously massage the prostate and perineum.

Pros: Unique internal motion, dual motors, waterproof, rechargeable, ten speeds, siliconeCons: Not a wireless toy, controls on toy itself

For those that want the feel of a real penis, this is molded with raised veins and a flared head to feel like the perfect cock. A large suction cup makes this ideal for solo play and can be used with a harness. The latex feels like a real penis, but better since it's always hard and ready. The latex is also an issue because it requires separate storage and can cause allergic reactions, even if it's just stored with other toys that may be used by someone with allergies. The large 7” size also has 10 vibration frequencies and a remote control and is wider than most it's size. The large balls also help to act as a safety stop and a great grip for total penetration control. The cord is a little short so it's not the easiest to handle but the control is very simple to use.

Pros: Suction cup, large size, feels real, 10 frequencies, remote control, safety stop, harness compatibleCons: Latex, not waterproof, short cable, large size

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