Are Sugar Daddies & Babies a Fetish?

by Lena Bailey 4 months ago in fetishes

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Are Sugar Daddies & Babies a Fetish?

I am done having this argument in the groups so I decided to write this article to share what I know. This is not an opinion, this is fact. I want all sugar babies and daddies (and mamas) have a great experience in sugar. I also don't want BDSM people to have to wade through sugar people to find BDSM. Newbies in both lifestyle think they know everything when they don't. I can't even find any articles that say it's a fetish.

Can BDSM and sugar intersect? Yes, and it's fun when they do. When they intersect that means you are basically in a BDSM relationship for pay or you are performing fetishes or BDSM acts for pay. This is legal but when it crosses that line of sex for pay is when it will be illegal. Check your local laws on what you can be paid for.

Does sugar belong on BDSM sites? Only when they intersect. Sugar and BDSM are separate lifestyles unless there are BDSM people doing this as a sugar lifestyle. Non sugar BDSM people do not want to deal with sugar. A friend of mine had a girl message him but it turned out she was seeking a sugar BDSM arrangement and that's fine but people who are not into sugar don't want to put up with that.

There are pro BDSM people who do this for pay as well. There is also people who participate in financial domination which is also different from sugar or pro BDSM. Financial domination is an actual fetish. There are other money fetishes but sugar is not one of them. Why is that? It's because sugar is its own lifestyle that involves people getting paid for their time, that is not a fetish. Why this is confusing is a new concept. I know people want to learn and that's why I am here.

Sugar is lifestyle and so is BDSM. Both are meant for consenting adults (18 and older). While they have things in common they are not the same. They both involve consent and negations. It also take respect and honestly that is lost on some people. I've had a bunch of daddies and babies bitch at me for being honest. The topic of whether or not sugar belongs on FetLife is a hot topic that causes people to become petty and bitchy. I get it, people want to feel kinky and they want to feel like they are into something sexy or kinky or even taboo. Sugar can be sexy, kinky, or even taboo without formally being in the BDSM lifestyle.

Now you can be on FetLife if you are into sugar but it is not a sugar site nor should it be used to find a sugar arrangement. Sugar sites should be used for sugar and BDSM sites are used for BDSM. This fact should be common sense and common knowledge but people get confused. This is why I am writing this article. I wanted to clear up any and all confusion about this topic. I hope I am coming off as helpful because that's all I want to do, I just want to help. I've been involved in both lifestyles for years and I know what I am talking about with both lifestyles. Now if I don't know something I will do research. I've done my research on this topic.

When 50 Shades came out it introduced a form of BDSM into the mainstream but it also introduced the idea of a rich dom. Now that can happen but that does not mean that the rich dom will take care of the sub nor does it mean that the dom is a sugar daddy. All rich people aren't sugar daddies or mamas. To be a sugar daddy or mama you have to be willing to spoil or pay your partners. Some rich people want to hold on to their money and this does not make them selfish, they work hard for their money.

I hope this make sense and I hope I come off as helpful. Please read my other sugar and BDSM posts. I love educating people on the lifestyle.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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