Anya & Mr. Keyes

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Student x Teacher

Anya & Mr. Keyes
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"Have a good evening Mr. Keyes!" a few girls exclaim as they rush past Thomas, making their way to the bus stop only a few seconds after the bell rings at Camden High. "See you on Monday!"

Thomas smiles to himself. He had done a great job landing this teaching gig at such a prestigious high school. It was known for having a 80% graduation rate with honors, and prepped strong students for their bright future at the local university. All the students had taken a liking to him.

"You're late."

Well, maybe all except one.

Anya was a graduating senior, honors student, captain of the girls basketball team and president of the student council. She was beautiful, with a small waist, large breasts, long, silky black hair, and icy blue eyes, but she came with a sharp tongue and a determination to be the best at everything - what Thomas recognized as an admirable but annoying stubbornness.

"Sorry everyone, Anya," Thomas said with an apologetic smile as he took his seat in the student council's office, "Now that I am here, why don't we get started?"

"Alright," Anya said, clearing her throat, "I have a full agenda, so listen up as I will not be repeating any items at the end."

Thomas listened intently for the first minute, but he couldn't help get a little distracted. He watched Anya speak with confidence and poise, which drew his attention to her lips - slightly pink, plump and probably very soft. He watched as she rose from her seat to deliver the rest of her speech for upcoming student events, and noticed the top button of her shirt had come undone, giving him a slight peek at her fair skin beneath it. Her skirt was short, like the other girls, but it was almost too perfect - the hem reached just below her fingertips when her arms were at her side, and with even a hint of the wrong movement, he was certain he could see the edge of her underwear.

He wondered what it would be like to have her, a sweetness he had never tasted. She was legal, he knew since he had heard her friends talking about her 18th birthday party a few weeks ago, but she was still a student, and he was still a teacher. It would be wrong, but it made him want her even more.

He let his mind wander a bit, and became hit with a wave of exhaustion. He knew he couldn't fall asleep, she would be so angry and yell his ear off and he just wanted to get home - alone and free to wander with his mind. He could not fall asleep but his eyelids felt so heavy.

"Keyes... Mr. Keyes... THOMAS!"

Thomas woke to the sharp sound of Anya yelling his name, opening his eyes to see her face inches from his.

"Oh," he said, looking around the empty classroom, "I'm so sorry, I must have dozed off."

Anya sighed, "It's okay, I realize that you are a hardworking person. It's getting late though, so you should be heading home."

Thomas glanced at the clock. 5 PM. How did he sleep for so long? The student council meetings usually only went until 4.

"Did you let me sleep?" He asked, looking over at Anya as she made her way to her desk.

"Not really," she said, a faint blush coming over her cheeks, "I just know what it's like to need some rest. Now go, I have work to do."

"You know..." he said, slowly getting to his feet, "I'm the teacher, I should be telling you to head home. Your parents will be worried."

"They don't get home til late."

Thomas studied Anya for a minute. She seemed to be a bit sad, and he never noticed how emotional she could be. She always seemed like a stoic, intense person.

"Well then I'll wait here until you're done the work," he said, "I can give you a ride home after."

"No thank you," she replied, her cheeks flushing again.

"You look a little flushed, if you're not feeling well, all the more reason."

Holding out his hand, he placed the back of it on her forehead.

"What are you doing?!" Anya pushed her chair back, hitting it slightly against the wall.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," he said, "I was just concerned."

"Please do not touch me." Anya said, her voice shaking a bit, her right hand tugging at her skirt, pulling it down.

It's not a fever, Thomas realized. Confused, but intrigued, he thought to himself, I always thought she hated me, but now I'm thinking it's the opposite.

"I'm sorry," he said slyly, as he grabbed a chair and sat on the other side of the desk, "let me help you with the work though."

He grabbed some sheets of paper, as she reached out to take them back, "I don't need help... I can do it myself."

He let go of the papers only to put his hand over hers softly, "But I'm here for you... one way or another." His eyes glanced down at her skirt, her hand still pulling it down.

"What do you mean?"

He sighed, and rose from his chair, "You just seem tense, please trust me." He walked around the desk and put his hands slowly on her shoulders, gently massaging them. Her shoulders were tense, but slowly gave into the kind kneading he provided.

"Aah, that does feel good," she moaned quietly, and he felt his pants tighten his growing bulge.

What am I doing, he thought to himself.

"Anya, I just wanted to apologize for falling asleep again," he said, "I do respect you as a hard-working student, and I have never wanted you to feel angry at me."

Suddenly Anya rose from her chair, and turned towards him, sitting on the edge of the desk. Her face just inches away from his, she turns away slightly and says, "I'm not angry at you... whenever I see you, I feel a little irritated but it's not anger. I don't understand it."

Thomas slowly smiled, he knew he shouldn't do what he wanted to do next, but she was just so cute. He placed his hands on hers, leaning into her just a little, keeping his eyes on hers.

"Mr. Keyes..." she said, her cheeks burning.

"Thomas," he said, "You can call me Thomas when no one is around."

"Thomas...." she whispered.


"I... meant it, I'm not angry at you."

He sighed, "So what do you feel when you look at me, when I'm this close to you?"

She turned her head away slightly, "I-i don't know."

He brushed away some of her hair around her face with his hand and rested it on her cheek, leaning forward.

"You have to tell me, or I won't be able to understand," He said, "Do you feel butterflies in your stomach?"

He reached his hand down and caressed her stomach, "Or something... down here?" and tugged at her skirt playfully.

"M-mr. Keyes!" She exclaimed, her legs shaking a little as she pushed her thighs together.

"Thomas." He said, "Anya... I feel that too."

He pulled her closer, putting an arm around her waist, bringing his left hand up to her face. And slowly, he brought his lips to hers. As his lips met hers, they hungrily kissed and parted hers with his tongue, roughly playing around with hers. His body pressed against hers, and he felt himself get harder. He wanted her entirely, even though the kisses were probably enough to make him finish. She just felt so good.

"T-thomas..." She moaned into his mouth, and he pulled back putting some distance between them.

"I'm so sorry," he said, throwing his hands up, "I don't know what came over me. I am your teacher and I should never have done that."

She looked at him for a second, and took a step closer, "But... what if I liked it?"

"Anya... we can't." He said, trying to avoid looking at her again.

She stepped forward, and grabbed his hand, pressing it against her skirt. She pushed his hand towards her area, and he felt the wetness of the silk.

"Please..." she said, "I've never felt someone like this."

She reached down and unzipped his pants, letting them fall down, and pulled out his throbbing boner. Before he could protest again, she gripped it with her hands, and licked the tip in a little circle.

"Fuck, Anya..." he moaned, "Even that just almost made me.... oh fuck."

He couldn't help but moan even louder as she put her mouth on his member and began moving up and down, playing around with her hands too. She was good at that, and it took everything inside him to not explode right then and there.

As she went faster, he just couldn't help himself, he had to have her if she was willing, and he knew she was.

"Come here," he groaned as he pulled her towards him, "I'll try to be gentle."

He led her back to the desk and moved the books aside, pushing them onto the floor without a care. She sat on the desk and he kissed her again, his tongue loving the sweet taste of hers. He trailed down her neck, leaving sweet little bites as she moaned louder, leaning back onto the desk.

He continued down her chest, almost ripping the buttons on her shirt apart, and pulled her panties down to see her soaking, so much that she was almost dripping onto the classroom floor.

"Aah!" She exclaimed the second his tongue met her swollen jewel, her hands getting lost in her hair as she pulled him closer, deeper.

His tongue licked her bud up, down and around, and entered her pussy, desperately searching for more and more ways to make her feel good. She arched her back and suddenly exclaimed again, as he felt her sweetness fill his mouth.

Her breathing was fast, her body filled with passion, as he stood up and bent over her to kiss her more.

"T-Thomas..." she moaned, "I've never... but please, do it. Do whatever you want with me."

His heart almost exploded. She was so cute. He wanted to taint her.

"I'm warning you, that's a dangerous game." He said, "But I'll do as you wish."

He got up, and grabbed her arm, pulling her up and pinning her down, her lovely bottom fully exposed to him. Stroking his member, he rubbed against her plump, swollen slit.

"Sorry if it hurts at first princess, but I promise it will feel so good soon."

With that, he entered into her warmth, and began thrusting slowly, deep into her, until she had taken him fully. Moans escaped her mouth, and he grabbed her hair, pulling it back as he increased his speed.

"I-it's hurts a little," she said, wincing.

"Relax a little, focus on me." He said, as he reached under her and grabbed her breasts. He kissed her neck, and groaned into her shoulder, "I'm gonna do you good, rough, like a man should."

And with that he pushed into her, his hands on her breasts, roughly pounding her as she moaned and called his name. He returned to a straight posture and grabbed her hips, putting one of his legs on the desk as he pushed her into it, getting his deepest into her.

"Aah, aah, yes!" She cried out, "T-Thomas, aah, it feels so good, more!"

He couldn't help but smile to himself, she was so cute. He grabbed her shoulders and moved her to the wall, pinning her against it, feeling her tighten around his member. She was going to release again, and he loved it.

"Cream on me, princess," He said, "I'm gonna finish soon."

Her felt her body tense up, and shake as she shouted out her pleasure. She was shaking, "Oh, I don't know if I can keep going."

"Be patient love," Thomas stroked her hair, before pointing at the window in front of them, "Look at your face, your expression. You are loving this, and you want to make me finish."

"Yes Thomas," She said, the stoic girl long gone, "use me more, please."

He sat in the chair near them and grabbed her by the waist again. Placing her on his lap, he slid into her again, and pulled her down and met her bum with a hard thrust.

"Yes, Anya keep going like this," He moaned into her back, his arms moving her waist up and down, faster and harder, "I'm gonna fill you, damn."

He pushed her up again, and when she came down, she felt a warmth spread into her as he shook slightly under her, groaning in pleasure. She sat for a moment, just feeling him and his cream slowly filling and pushing him out of her, overfilling her slit.

They both stood up to get dressed and looked at each other, greeting their lips with the other.

Thomas looked at the stack of books and paper on the floor. "I'll stay late to help you tomorrow with that, for now we should get you home." He said, smiling softly at her.

"Will you help me with other things too?" She said.

"Absolutely, princess."

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