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After Dinner Disgrace

by Dan StrawberryHall about a year ago in erotic

A facial short story

After Dinner Disgrace

Someone once told me you can tell the difference between a cheap suit and an expensive one from a mile away. I was dubious, but perhaps they were right. As the suit He wore looked like a work of art. It was so sharp it must have been cut with razor blades. The material was so sumptuous it likely cost more than someone like me would make in a lifetime. He sat at the table before us and ate alone.

He was old, but he looked in good shape. He was tall and slim but with broad shoulders. His face was worn but clean-shaven, and his hair, although silver, was cut in a neat, elegant style. His body-language oozed wealth and power. We stood at a respectful distance and he ignored us completely.

I trembled with hunger as I watched him eat. My mouth kept filling with saliva, and I tried to swallow as quietly as I could, I was frightened I’d disturb him. I glanced at the woman next to me and wondered if she was as hungry and scared as I was. I wondered who she was. I knew she was more experienced than me, but how could she not be? Tonight was my first time, and I was terrified.

I’d been told what to expect and how to behave, but I still couldn’t believe what was about to happen. What I was going to have to do. I squeezed my hands together to stop them shaking.

He began his meal with caviar on blinis, then he ate scallops, followed by half a lobster. He ate slowly, his attention focussed on a tablet next to his plate. I saw graphs and tables of numbers scrolling across it as he swiped his long, manicured fingers over its screen. He drank champagne from a slender crystal flute.

He never finished a course. He’d eat some, then he’d push the plate away as if he’d grown bored of it. The moment he was done, a young female server would glide out of the shadows and sweep the plate away, and then another would follow close behind with the next course. I never saw the same girl twice. He didn’t speak or look at them, and they wouldn’t dare make a sound without his permission.

He put the tablet down as he consumed the lobster. He cracked and pulled it apart with quick, efficient movements. The smell of it was torture. It left me weak-legged and light-headed.

When he was done with the lobster it was removed and replaced with a small cup of black coffee and a cigar. I knew my time was coming. I was shaking so hard now I thought someone would come and take me away for making such a scene of myself, but no one intervened.

And then it happened. He lit the cigar, then made a quick gesture with one hand, just a subtle flick of the wrist you’d have missed if you weren’t watching so closely. He didn’t look at us as he did it, he just assumed we’d see. It was the sign we’d been waiting for, the one they’d shown me earlier. My heart surged up to my throat.

The woman standing next to me stepped forwards, but I was so scared I froze. For long heartbeats I couldn’t move, but then another terror came over me, the terror of what would happen if I disobeyed, and I found my foot inching forwards. I joined the other woman as she crept over to the table and sank down to her knees. She lifted the tablecloth and we slipped underneath the table together.

He sat back and spread his legs for us, the first time he acknowledged we even existed. The other woman reached up and took hold of his belt but he brushed her hands away and she cowered back. He opened his trousers himself. He slid a hand inside and pulled his cock out for her. He let go of it and it hung between his legs, long and thick and already half-engorged.

The woman next to me shuffled forwards and touched it with hesitant fingers. He didn’t react, so she leaned closer and gripped it more firmly. She pulled his foreskin back to reveal a head so purple I was shocked to see it on such a refined-looking gentleman. It looked animal and aggressive, out of place on a noble such as him.

The woman lifted his penis to her face and kissed the tip of it. I held my breath as I watched, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around that purple head and began to suck.

I felt I should look away, but I couldn’t. I was entranced. I’d known this was going to happen, but I’d never seen anyone do it before, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of his fat cock in her delicate mouth.

She began slowly. She bobbed her head back and forth and His cock slipped in and out of her pursed lips. She did it with full concentration and controlled movements, like it was an act of worship. His cock began to swell and thicken until it looked huge in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged each time she bobbed her head forwards and took more of him into her.

I realised I was holding my breath.

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and pumped her hand in time with her mouth. I could see from the whiteness of her knuckles how hard she was gripping him. She gradually increased her pace until she was moving quickly, and he began to grunt above us.

She worked more and more of him into her mouth as she sucked. She managed to sink her head all the way down until her lips met the bush of silvery hair at the base of his prick, and she held him there.

I shuffled closer.

She pulled back and great streams of saliva fell out of her mouth and over his cock and her hand. She spread it over his shaft and licked and sucked his balls as she jacked him, then she stuffed his cock back into her face.

I was still so frightened. My chest was so tight I could barely breath, but my face had grown warm and I could feel myself throbbing down there now too. I knew I shouldn’t, but I was enjoying watching her suck him. The sight of it thrilled me. It was disgusting, but in that glorious way. That way that makes you feel dizzy and hot.

I moved closer. I wanted to see everything, every detail of this wicked, wonderful sight.

The woman moved faster and faster. She sucked him with increasing fervour, as if she was enjoying it now too, and he began to make soft, regular moaning noises above us. I knew it wouldn’t be long now, and I vacillated back and forth between excitement and terror.

She kept sucking and pulling at his cock, she cupped his heavy balls with her other hand, she kept going and going until she sensed the moment was right. And then she stopped and so did my heart. She kept his prick in her mouth as she shifted to one side to make room for me.

Panic overwhelmed me again, but this time I didn’t freeze up. I found I was leaning forwards as if on autopilot. I was petrified, and this was going to be so disgraceful, so degrading and base, but I found I wanted it. I was wet and ready for his blessing.

She slipped his prick out from between her lips and held it over me. I lifted my face towards it and his thick cock filled my vision. She jerked her hand back and forth and he made a deep groaning noise above us and I closed my eyes as the first jet of his semen spurted onto my face.

Everything went still for a heartbeat, then a second pulse of warm come fell across me, and then another and another. I heard him groaning above, and more and more of it came out of him, and I realised I was moaning too. It was forbidden, but I couldn’t help myself.

His come fell across my cheeks and my nose and over my closed eyes. I felt it in my hair, and it dribbled off my chin and onto my clothes and slid down between my breasts.

I could hear the wet sound of her jerking him over me still, and it was my first time, but I didn’t move or flinch. I knelt there, under the table, between his legs, and I took it all, and I reveled in it.

I stayed on my knees with my face turned up to his cock as the last of his come dribbled onto me. I was absolutely coated in it, I felt it all over my face and in my hair and it was even in my nose. I opened my mouth to take a breath of air and some of it slid between my lips. I swirled it around with my tongue and swallowed. I groaned loudly as I did it, and the woman next to me took a sharp intake of breath, obviously shocked at my disrespectful and wanton behaviour.

I heard the table shifting above me as it was whisked away. I opened my eyes. I couldn’t see properly, and his jism stung, but I didn’t dare wipe it away. I wasn’t allowed to touch it until I was dismissed.

I raised my face so he could inspect the mess he’d made of me. For the first and only time our eyes met, just for a moment, and he sneered and wrinkled his nose at me. I saw hate and disgust in his eyes, and I moaned again.

He made another gesture and the woman next to me helped me to my feet and ushered me away so I could be dealt with out of his sight.

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Dan StrawberryHall
Dan StrawberryHall
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