A Short Story


A Short Story
Part 1

"Charlie , Cat , come downstairs into the kitchen; we’re having a family meeting." mom yelled . "We all know that you and dad are getting a divorce so what could you possibly have to tell us ?" Cat asked "well sweetheart, we’re moving into a new house big enough for all of us, Chaz and the boys." Chaz is our older brother, he has two kids named Joshua and Xavier. "Oh! one more thing Charlie, I'm going to brazil to help take care of abuela rosa next week" ;"okay mother." The next morning Chaz and the boys came over and we packed our things just like mother had planned. We loaded everything into our cars and drove. I was in my own car, Cat rode with me. There was nothing but silence on our way to the new house in trenton. While I was driving, all I could think about was how much i disliked my father, for everything he had done to our family. The ride was about three hours. when we finally arrived at the new house I was so relieved. All I needed to do was unpack and take a long nap. Cat found out that one of our friends Malachi, who we met in Brazil, lived in trenton so we were all planning on going to meet up with him and his friends later. I tried to hurry up and unpack all of my things so we could all chill. Malachi ’s friend Alex lived down the street from us in another neighborhood so we just walked over there. “aye wus good y'all “ mal said “ hey mal “ Cat said. Cat has had the biggest crush on Mal since we were 5. Cat couldn't wait to go see Malachi. That's her baby lowkey .. Well actually highkey because she makes him her #MCM every Monday on instagram. “ ahaha hi mal “ the rest of us say “ lemme introduce y'all to the crew; thats Donte, Deontay,and Alex … he don’t say much " Heey " they say I walk up and see them two flirting " I don't mean to interrupt but hey Mali" I say. " I missed you so much " " Damn Charlie. I mean oh my gosh Charlie you done grew up forreal " Out of the four of us I was the shortest but also the thickest and had the biggest boobs. I also have the best style . " Yeah I know .. I'm not a little girl anymore " I say " Sooo what school are you going to ? " asked Donte He's kinda cute but I think I may be taller than him and I'm only 5'0 , he has braces though " Hamilton north something i cant remember .We're supposed to be going there tomorrow to tour the school , do you know anything about their track team ? " I asked " Awh cool, that's where they go, but you gotta ask Alex about the track team " Donte said " Our track team is hella nice both boys and girls .. We could link up sometime and I could give you the coaches contact info " Alex replied " Ard " I said Over the next few months all of us connected as school started back . Malachi had graduated the year before so he was working and trying to find a way to go to college . Him and Cat got together though . Kyla and Donte were perfect for each other. Deonte managed to pull Kendall , and of coarse me and Alex become soul mates while preparing for track season. It was Christmas break and the crew was planing to go out to eat together but everything changed. I was about to head over to Alex's house but when I opened the door Mordecai, I mean .. My dad was standing at the door. I was confused. I could've sworn my mom was divorcing him . I thought he was supposed to be in jail anyways. " Hey sweetheart " he said " Ugh hello Mordecai, I mean felon, I mean dad " " I wanted to surprise you guys , I'm moving in .. Your mother just doesn't know it yet " " whatever felon " I said with an attitude. " change your plans were having family time tonight . I missed you guys " " Excuse me ? Look Morde-felon we don't want you here and I'm not canceling my plans so goodbye .. See you in the morning .. Maybe " I replied " Just invite your friends over here if it's that important " he said I didn't like the fact that a criminal like him was walking free and popping up at our house " " o freaking k . " I said. I called Alex and told them to come over our house and chill. Morde-felon cooked for us. When mom came home the next morning from work, he decided to cook for her. I think she's scared of him and that's why she didn't ask him to leave... She knows what he can do to her , to all of us. "Mordecai what are you doing here ? How did you find the house ? " she asked " I came to be with my family.. I have connections , you'll never be able to get away from me . Till death do us part . REMEMBER THAT " he replied. Everything seemed cool, but later that night while I was on the phone with Alex , I heard something. Kinda like a faint scream for help. I thought I was tripping or something so I continued on with my conversation. A couple minutes later Cat came into my room crying. " Daddy raped me " she said " He's doing it again and he told me that if I told anybody he was gonna kill me just like he did with Chloe" " I'm scared Charlie, and look at my eye , look at my FACE " " Well you know what you have to do right ? You gotta tell somebody " " No Charlie. I don't want anybody to know about this! Not even Malachi . Nobody can know so don't say anything. " "Oh my gosh okay Cat I won't say anything but you regret this later . Now go wash your face and go to bed." " Can I sleep with you ? " she asked "....sure" I said For almost the rest of Christmas break the crew hung out together so that Cat wouldn't have to be home all the time. It was nice for me because Alex and I kept growing closer and closer. One night we were chilling and I even let him be my first. He started kissing my neck, then my inner thighs, then he devoured my pussy. I came and he slid inside of me. He stroked deeper and deeper. Repetitively. I could tell he was going to nut soon so I told him to lay down and let mama take care of him. I swallowed all of him. The next morning my dad cooked breakfast but no one wanted to eat with him. Me and my sisters tried to stay out late because of Cat's situation. But one night Mordecai just wasn't having it. He beat all of us with a baseball bat and then he took Cat in the room not knowing that her and Mali were expecting. I heard her yell " NO ! STOP! PLEASE DONT HURT MT BABY " He stopped. He had to find somebody else to prey on. " Charlie come upstairs please .. Bring Kendall and Kyla with you " he said. I guess it was our turn. He tied my sisters up and then tried to have his way with me. " Charlie-Kai , you're my favorite. I just never got to really show you. You don't wear your purity ring anymore . Why don't you come show me what you and Alex do. Id love to know what he does with my daughter " " GET OFF OF ME OR ILL .. [you'll what?] " he interrupted " nothing " I said He beat me so bad to make sure I didn't say anything to anyone about what happened. He didn't have sex with me. When he let me up I grabbed my things and ran outside . " Charlie you can't go anywhere looking like that " he said as he snatched my keys " watch me " I said " Charlie-Kai Alexandria Rio if you leave don't come back " he said " okay ... I won't " I said I ran to Alex's house but his mom said he was out with friends so I had no where to go . That night it was supposed to get below freezing and I had no choice but to sleep on a bench. My phone was dying and I barely had money . My check hadn't come through yet . My clothes were all bloody , I had tons of bruises , and it was already 17 degrees outside. I thought I was going to die. The next morning I walked home. I knew mother would be home so he couldn't do anything while she was there. " My poor baby what happened ? " she asked " houve uma briga no local de trabalho. uma senhora tentou roubar alguns sapatos. " I said " aww meu pobre bebê ir descansar um pouco " " I'm going over Alex's house " I said I went upstairs and my sisters where still tied up. I untied them and went to take a shower, got dressed and left. I took my keys and just drove away. I wasn't sure where I was going or what I was gonna do. The first this was to find Cat. I called her and Mali picked up. He said she was in the hospital so I want there. The whole crew was there. " Babe why do you have shades on?" Alex said as he took them off of my face for the whole world to see my black eye. My bruises were purple and they really stood out on my pail skin. " Look, we'll talk about this later okay " I said as I snatched my shades back and placed them on my face .I walked over to Cat. She was just laying there in the hospital bed, motionless. " can you guys give us a minute " she said The boys left " Charlie he killed my baby ... He.. He killed my baaaaaby " she cried " and Mali is so confused . He doesn't know a thing and I want to tell him but I don't know how .. Soooo do you think you could tell him ? Tell the whole crew what's going on? " "Yeah sure " I said . I really didn't know how to tell the crew that our dad had been raping Cat and that he beat her so bad he killed her baby , or that he beat all of us with a bat and threatened to kill us if we told anyone but I did. Mali was pissed, Alex was ready for war and so were Donte and Deontay . I stayed at Alex's house for a couple days. I worked and just focused on our relationship. My bruises went away . Cat was released from the hospital and she was with Mali. Kyla was with Donte, and Kendall was with Deontay . Everything was perfect. School started back so that was another opportunity for us to get away from Morde-felon. Me , Alex , Kyla , and Donte started working out and getting ready for the upcoming track season. I was determined to make the next couple of months great because I knew my dad would return again. When I finally went home I saw that everything in the backyard had been rearranged. There was what looked like a grave where the shed used to be. I started digging, and... I found a body ... I couldn't tell who it was so I went inside to see if my mom could tell me, but she wasn't there.. Her freaking car was there but she was nowhere to be found. Instead I saw my dad sitting on the couch with a weird look on his face . I knew that woman in the grave wasn't my mother, but my gut was telling me that it was someone I once loved. The blonde hair, the blue eyes, the torn Michael Jackson tee-shirt.. HARLEM!!!! My older sister Harlem. He raped and killed her. She was 22 and also expecting a child with her husband Eli. The tears were running from my face, I couldn't even see things clearly. Why would someone do that to their child. I knew that if I reported him to the police he would find a way to kill me too. I didn't know what to do, I mean, I could just keep this a secret. I went back outside and her body was gone. At this point I'm so confused. He said " the meds the doctors gave you must have you tripping. Here let me help you upstairs, you need to lay down." "I don't want your help. I'm fine." I ran upstairs as quickly as I could and locked the doors behind me as I entered my room.

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