7 Things You Learn at a Strip Club as a Female Customer

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7 Things You Learn at a Strip Club as a Female Customer

I think that women are gorgeous, I wanted to learn how to do lap dances, and I live close to many strip clubs. What I was going to do that night was pretty clear. Not only did I get an idea of how to dance for a partner, but these sex workers also taught me many things. Make sure you read this article until the end to know what happened when they asked me to go on stage because today, I am showing you seven things you learn at a strip club as a female customer.

Every Body is Beautiful

Stop thinking that every stripper is a tall and thin blondie with fake boobs. Sure, I did see one or two girls like that, but what matters the most in a strip club is variety. I went there on a Friday night, so there were probably twenty exotic dancers that night. And I was surprised to see girls of every color, of every size, and of every age. A woman was probably in her forties, and she still looked stunning. It looks like not everyone likes big breasts because one of them had barely anything on her chest and she was still really popular. Another did have cellulite, and she was so pretty that she made me feel better about myself. There are girls for every taste, and this is why women at the strip club look better than models in magazines.

You Don't Need That Much Skills

I'm not saying that girls at the strip club only need to be pretty to make money. But those who know how to do inverts and the split can make as much money as those who simply walk sensually on the stage. Being on the stage is the time to promote yourself. And the strippers don't always need to impress their customer when they can simply have a connection with them and be approachable. I asked for advice from a dancer, and she told me that all you have to do is look lazy and do it slowly. It is certainly easier said than done, but the only thing a dancer need is the right flow, and she can easily seduce anyone she wants. New girls do have a chance too.

The Either Love or Hate Girls

The first time I went to a strip club, the stripper kept looking at me and smiling like she was dancing only for me. I asked for a lap dance, and she told me that she felt more comfortable with a girl than with some random guy. I thought that I was going to be more popular but then, in another club, the strippers never even looked at me, and one stripper even said that she never danced for girls. At that club, women can't even have a private dance but only dances at tables. I heard that's because girls tend to sexually assault strippers because they think that they can do whatever they want since they are women too and also pay less. I even have to call before coming because not every club accepts women.

It Made Me Love the Female Body

Even though I think that women are gorgeous, I wasn't interested in what was between their legs. Not straight enough to be straight, not bi enough to be bi, I considered myself queer. I have always seen the female sex as something dirty that you need to hide, which is probably why I wasn't even comfortable with mine. But when I saw one, or actually twenty, on stage, I was amazed. The female body finally got the right attention that it deserved. I wasn't only a woman who was told that she had to be modest to be good. I was in the position of a man who had the chance to desire instead of being desired. Admiring naked women at a strip club made me love every part of the female anatomy like I never did before.

You Get a Lot of Attention

The first time I went to a strip club, I was with a guy I was dating so I was kind of protected. But when I couldn't find anyone to go with me, I had to go to the strip club on my own. I felt like I was looked at, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable. But then, I went on stage, which I'll talk about later, and suddenly captivated the attention of every guy. They weren't looking at the dancer anymore but sat next to me and whispered in my ear that I was more beautiful than any other girl at the club -even though I didn't have any makeup on and didn't do my hair. Another guy asked me if I was interested in men too or if I was there for the girls. I hated that kind of attention now that I had the label of girl-who-gets-naked-on-stage and I think that strippers are strong for dealing with that.

How to Do Lap Dances

So, after all, I was there to learn how to do lap dances. The first exotic dancer was way too good for me. I asked her if she ever took classes and she told me that she had been dancing for ten years. She did a lot of impressive tricks, was really honest, and even gave me a kiss on the cheek when she left. Then, I decided to pay a younger stripper who looked more like me. This one didn't do tricks like a circus artist, but she did know how to captivate my attention. She also gave me some tips for lap dances: you have to pretend that you are a snake who wants slither on your partner. Getting close to someone and breathing on their neck is also a good idea. Another dancer also told me that the most important thing is looking at people in their eyes. No matter what you do, they will feel the connection, and they will be yours.

Being on Stage Is Really Hard

So let's get to the most awkward part of the night. It was the first time that I got the attention of the stripper on stage. She asked me if I wanted to join her and, as God forgot to make me shy when he created me, I immediately said yes. I took pole dancing classes so I thought that I would be comfortable. But then, I realized that it was a whole different thing when the pole is so close to the customer that you will kick them in the face if you ever do a spin. And I never danced with another girl before, so it was certainly weird for me to have a partner. She tried to undress me, but I didn't want to show more than my breasts because I didn't shave down there. No matter what, she was really nice even though I was terrible, and I admire her for doing this every night.

Going to a strip club as a female customer is one of the best ways to fight prejudices against sex workers. You'll see that they might not be wearing a lot of clothes, but they still have a head on their shoulders. And if you can't do their job, you can't judge. But if you ever want to go on stage, don't forget to shave and give the girl the attention she deserves instead of thinking about your pole dance class. I'll be ready next time.

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Charlotte Poitras
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