10 Sex World Records

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And you thought that 12 inches was long?

10 Sex World Records

If you love sex, as most people do, you probably think that holding a sexual world record is the best thing that could ever happen to you. After all, what a better way to impress your partner than by showing them that no one has better skills than you? However, it takes a lot of hard work to get there so you must get ready to face the competition. Make sure you watch this video until the end to know who has the biggest penis because today, we are showing you 10 sex world records.

10. The Strongest Vagina

We couldn't find the largest vagina without ending up on a porn website, so we found the strongest instead. Tatyana Kozhevnikova is a Russian mom who spent 20 years exercising her vagina. Now, she can lift up to 31 pounds between her legs. How does she do that? She contracts her muscles around an egg and the lifts the weights. Tatyana became famous when she showed off her skills on "The Body Shocking Show." And she also has a message to share: she wishes that all women could exercise five minutes a day for a week and give their man unforgettable pleasure.

9. The Most Frequent Sex

Sorry, but a little scaly cricket beat you at this one. The male can copulate more than 50 times in three to four hours. And he is doing all this with only one female. To do this, he places a bag of sperm on the female who eats it because it is very nutritious. In second place is the female chimpanzee who can copulate with eight different men in 15 minutes. The lioness can also have sex every half hour for four to five days when she is in heat. We think that humans wouldn't mind trying to beat this world record.

8. The Largest Breasts

We have two women in this category: the largest natural breasts, and the largest breast implants. Annie Hawkins-Turner, an American, needs to keep her natural breasts in a US size 52I bra, the largest ever made. But it is estimated that she should actually wear a 48V bra, which doesn't even exist. A lot of women are competing to have the largest breasts by going under the knife, and Sheyla Hershey from Texas was one of them. She went to a 38KKK bra, which is probably the worst letters, until she decided to remove her implants. There is still place for competition!

7. The Greatest Ejaculation

We found a man who could impregnate a woman by staying far away from her. That's because Horst Schultz can ejaculate at a distance of up to 18 feet 9 inches or almost six meters. It is believed that he also holds the record for the highest ejaculation at 12 feet 4 inches or more than 3.5 meters. So you might want to stay away from him if you don't want to become pregnant. However, this man is just a legend on the internet, and there is no official report on this world record. This just makes the competition easier.

6. The Loudest Penis

How can a penis even make noise? You will be even more surprised when you'll learn where it comes from! A very small water boatman, which is an aquatic freshwater insect, rubs its penis against its abdomen to produce a sound as loud as almost 100 decibels. That's just as loud as a jet taking off, an orchestra, or a motorcycle. This little creature is doing that to attract insects of the opposite gender. Men do try to impress girls by talking about their penis, but it doesn't work as much as they want to.

5. The Most Prolific Mother

Most of us wish that we could have a child or two, or maybe even none. After all, taking care of a kid is a lot of work, and no one likes going through the pain of childbirth. The wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a peasant from Russia, broke the world record by giving birth to 69 children in the 18th century. It included 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. The man then had 18 other children with his second wife, for a total of 87. According to the latest reports, 84 of them lived, and only three were buried. That's a lot of sex!

4. The Oldest Prostitute

Sheila Vogel-Coupe is known as the oldest prostitute in Britain, and maybe the oldest in the world. She was still working at 85 years old in 2014 and asked for 250 euros an hour. She started working only four years before that when her second husband died. She simply felt lonely and loved sex, so she decided to turn it into a business. The sex worker who meets 10 customers every week says that she knows that she is very sexy and loves how they see something special in her. Sheila still wears a mini-skirt and suspenders with black patent heels and doesn't want to give up.

3. The Most Sexual Partners

While we can only believe what people claim, some famous men said that they have slept with thousands of women. And Hugh Hefner from Playboy didn't even hold the world record as he claimed that he had sex with only up to 2,000 women. Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator, is actually on the top of the list as people claim that he had sex with two women every day for a total of 35,000 sexual partners. A woman named Ania Lewiska, who is not a prostitute, is actually trying to break the record by having sex with 100,000 men. Who volunteers as a tribute?

2. The Biggest Gangbang

According to porn websites, and not actual reports, American porn star Lisa Sparxxx broke the world record by having sex with 919 men in one day. It occurred during Eroticon in 2004, which is a Polish convention celebrating the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship. It is possible to see the proof online as the porn star simply lied comfortably on a table and used a lot of lube while men were taking turns. We just really hope that they all used protection. We can't imagine the number of people who got an STD or two after this event.

1. The Longest Penis

If you thought that a 12 inches long penis was impressive, you are not ready to hear about the blue whale. Its penis measures up to 2.4 meters or almost 8 feet. That's even taller than a human! And you probably want to know which man has the longest penis? His name is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from Mexico and his penis measures 18.9 inches (or 48 centimeters) and weighs two pounds. The man refused a reduction, is registered as disabled, and wants to become a porn star. However, he will have to face one problem: he never had sex because his penis is too big.

And you, which sexual world record do you want to break?

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