5 Ways Sex Toys Empower Women

by Chris Dee 10 months ago in sex toys

We’ve come a long way when it comes to open, honest interest in our own pleasure.

5 Ways Sex Toys Empower Women

If you’ve ever used a vibrator or other sex toy before, you’re in excellent company, especially these days. Close to half of all men and well over half of all women openly admit to having done so at least once. Way back in the swinging 70s, those numbers were much smaller—perhaps only one or two percent of all people—so we’ve come a long way when it comes to open, honest interest in our own pleasure.

Sex toys don’t just make chasing an orgasm a lot more fun either. Making them a part of your everyday sexual repertoire can be seriously empowering, especially for women. The following are just a few great examples of how.

1. They help women get to know their bodies.

Although the days when female masturbation was seen as something shameful are more or less behind us, there are a lot of women out there that still have no real idea how to approach it. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with simply exploring the possibilities via your fingers alone, the intense stimulation associated with vibrators and other sex toys can make learning how and where your body truly needs to be touched a lot easier, especially when orgasm is the goal.

A woman who understands how her body works and knows how to give herself pleasure is no longer stuck choosing between hoping a partner knows what they’re doing and simply going without. She’s empowered herself by discovering an entirely new way to love herself, care for herself, and feel completely comfortable in her own skin.

2. They take the guesswork out of having an orgasm.

The great majority of women don’t reach orgasm easily or quickly—approximately six out of ten. For that reason, trusting the job entirely to a lover (if not leaving it completely up to chance) can mean going without quite a lot of the time. Sadly, many women simply accept that state of affairs as the way it has to be.

Sex toys help liberate women by making orgasms a “definitely” instead of just a “maybe” or a “hopefully.” A woman with an amazing vibrator in her nightstand drawer is a woman that never has to pass on having an orgasm unless she wants to. This is the case whether she’s going solo for the evening or having sex with a partner. Sex toys make multiple orgasms easier to achieve if desired as well.

3. They bring brand new sensations to the table.

Once a woman gets used to being able to have as many orgasms on demand as she likes, she eventually also reaches a place where she’s ready to experiment a little. A woman’s body is capable of having many different types of orgasms, as well as reaching orgasm via multiple methods. Sex toys, especially high-level options from labels like FemmeFunn, simplify the process of experiencing the sensations you’re most interested in.

Some toys are designed for women who prefer focusing on clitoral stimulation. There are toys that help a woman correctly find, activate, and stimulate the elusive G-spot, as well as toys that take penetrative play to amazing new levels by twirling, thrusting, or rotating in addition to vibrating or pulsing. Some toys are phallic in nature, while others are not. Sex toys make exploring anal pleasure, nipple stimulation, and so much more fun and approachable as well.

4. They help improve a woman’s health.

When a woman’s enjoying satisfying sexual stimulation on the regular, her health can’t help but benefit. To begin with, sex is definitely exercise, so it comes attached to all of the associated benefits, including helping you stay in shape. It also prompts the body to release endorphins and regulates mood, so it just plain makes you feel amazing. Regular orgasms give you a nice boost in the beauty department as well, so you look as good as you feel.

Women who are more comfortable and in tune with their bodies are more likely to take care of their health in other ways as well. In fact, several studies have shown that women who use sex toys are quite a bit more likely to keep their yearly appointments with their gynecologists, give themselves regular self-exams at home, and so forth.

5. They facilitate stronger romantic and sexual relationships.

Finally closing any existing orgasm gap in the bedroom thanks to a sex toy isn’t just empowering. It opens the door to an entire array of new possibilities between a woman and her sex partner. Not only can the toys be used to stimulate both people, but they can introduce new sensations to the mix. Couples who experiment together are couples that enjoy stronger, closer, more fulfilling relationships overall.

Of course, these are just a few of the best reasons a strong, independent woman might want to fully explore the wide, wonderful world of sex toys in more detail. How does your toy empower you?

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