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5 Tips to Make Your Ex Sexually Attracted to You Again

by George Swagger 4 years ago in relationships
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It is impossible for you to carry on without her and your sex life is in tatters.

Perhaps you had a breakup with your ex a while back and are suffering from boredom and loneliness. It is impossible for you to carry on without her and your sex life is in tatters. You are trying to find ways to get her back. Below, we have provided the top five tips to attract your ex back sexually.

1. Focus on Your Look

The first thing you should do to win your ex back will be to focus on your appearance. For this, you need to radiate an air of self-assurance as well as self-appeal. It will be possible to achieve this by appreciating yourself for who you are. It will make you more self-confident and self-assured in the long run. Other things to try will be to shed pounds so as to appear slim, get a new haircut, do anything that makes you feel better of yourself, put on an impressive and costly pair of denim jeans, and so on. In case you do appear impressive, your ex will also feel the same about you.

2. Dressing style

Another vital aspect that matters a lot in case you want to win an ex-girlfriend back will be to dress seductively so that your ex finds you to be eye-catching and impossible to avoid. She might become impatient to spend time with you in your bedroom to fulfill her sexual desires. Wear a skin-tight outfit that will help to accentuate your muscles and draw the attention of your ex as well.

3. Use a Seductive Tone

Our third guideline on this topic of sexually attracting your ex will be to use a seductive tone of voice while chatting with her. This is applicable when both of you are alone together and chatting passionately with each other. However, using such tone can be crafty; but you need to master it through practice and will power. Try to avoid any nasal or high-pitched tone, and instead, talk in a soft and gentle voice.

4. Recollect the Old Stuff

Recollect the places of interest where both of you had been together, look at some old pictures that feature both of you, and talk regarding the old and favorite memories of one another. Recollecting your old and pleasant memories will make your ex feel closer to you plus revive her interest in you once again.

5. Make Eye Contact

It is very difficult to sexually allure your ex without making proper eye contact with her. Practice in front of the mirror how to look confident and also sexy in front of your ex. Making proper eye contacts will help you to get the job easily. On the other hand, avoiding eye contact might suggest that you have lost interest in her, and want to avoid her at any cost. It might likewise inform her that you are shy and not bold enough to look at her eyes. Therefore, whenever you converse with your ex, make it a point to look straight into her eyes. However, don't stare too hard since it might make her feel uncomfortable as well as awkward, and she might repel in that case.

In case you are still yearning to continue your romance with your ex-lover, do not hesitate and start taking adequate measures to win back her attraction and adoration. All these above-mentioned strategies will help your cause a great deal and you can likewise go online and look at some relevant articles and video clips to enrich your knowledge on this subject as well. Stick to these guidelines that have helped numerous other folks in the past and you too will be successful in the long run. All the best in luck!


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