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Be Careful You Do Not Know What Lies Behind That Door

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
A Mystery

This is the story.

The rain , rain rained sown as they looked for the one they had lost. There was an address but it was a long walk up a dark , dank muddy track , walled on either side with ancient stone green with old mould. They walked together until they came to the building at the end of the path with a single dark weather worn door. The house was two storeys, brick and from what they could see had no windows.

They had a torch and the beam on the walls reflected a sickly ominous green light

There was a rusty, but usable knocker which they used and knocked three times, loudly. The noise seemed far too loud for the knocker. The door had no handle , keyhole or any apparent opening method, and when they pressed it there was absolutely no give. It needed to be opened from the inside.


So the knocker was used again.

The rain still fell soaking their clothes.

They heard something

Was the door going to open? There was a scraping and the door opened on a long passage lit by low power bulbs along its length.

“Could you tell us if Frankie came here?”

“Come In, Come In”

“But can you tell us”

“Come , follow me”

We were very unsure and nervous but followed them down the passage.

We came to a small room containing a video camera, four chairs , a projector , and a dirty white sheet on the wall hanging from the ceiling

“Sit down, Sit down”

The were hand glasses of what looked like red wine

“Drink, drink”

While thinking they shouldn’t they downed the wine in one, wanting to get on with what they had come for.

“Where is Frankie? We are very worried , we have been looking for them and found this card in their jeans pocket that were left on the floor”

The card had the address and a scrawled map of this place to make sure it was found.

“Frankie should not have left that, this is a secret place”

“But where is Frankie”

“In the Film”

“In the Film?”

“Yes, In The Film. it is why Frankie came , See”

The projector started to whirr , and on the wall we saw Frankie , grainy and blurred but it was Frankie , looking distressed. There was no sound except the whirr of the projector but it looked like Frankie was pleading “Help Me, Get Me Out”

“Where is Frankie , give them to us know or we will call the police”

“I think not”

Mobile phones were taken out, but there was no signal . They were cut off in a building with no windows , no connection to outside , and they hadn’t told anyone they were coming

They were alone.

They tried to get up , but were then hit by the reality that the could not move, the wine must have been drugged, though they were fully awake , able to talk but unable to move.

“You won’t get away with this”

“I already have , Frankie is now in The Film immortal and trapped, I now need to prepare two more films to save you two”

They then noticed against the wall hundreds of film reels. It then dawned on them that many of the disappearances reported in the local news could be traced to here, but now they knew they could do nothing about.

The video camera started , and Robin watched in horror as Kai's body began to fade , stolen by the video camera . It took less than five minutes.

“Would you like to see?”

Kai appeared on the sheet screaming for help , trapped in The Film

The projector stopped and the films were placed in the rack.

There was one more to record ………….


The music is The Staircase (Mystery) by Siouxsie and The Banshees, suitably disconcerting


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