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The Existential Woman (page 13)

Even Pennies Can Derail a Fiction Writer

By Shanon NormanPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Plot Twist on the Road to Writing Greatness

The author of Shanna's life was interrupted. Chapter 13 in the series could not be told. Perhaps it was a punishment because the Author wanted to make a living out of writing. Perhaps it was some plague against Freedom of Speech. Chapter 13 was rejected.

Chapter 13 is published, elsewhere.

If you are fan of this series, you'll have to go elsewhere to read that Chapter. There was no way to figure out how to edit it for approval. The author of Shanna's life apologizes to you, any interested reader for this inconvenience. I'd like to point out that this is a learning moment for all of us, about fiction, freedom of speech, and writer's blocks.

Work for money, deal with rejection, unfair demands, and stifling ploys to block creativity.

Work for free, and get stuck forever at your computer only writing for plagiaristic editors who can meet the demands of paycheck payers as the perfect paycheck players.


Shanna's life continues. Do not fret over Chapter 13.

Chapter 14 will hopefully be as pathetic and dull as the previous chapters that were acceptable and published here.

Thank you for your readership. And thank you approvers, for the $3 I've earned in three years here. I hope you enjoyed the $30 I contributed when I was a paying subscriber. LOl means Laugh out loud. Do you know what LMFAO is?


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  • Jay Kantor8 months ago

    Dear Shanon ~ Please, I need your Village Community support! Someone by the name of "Dheeraj" has copied my 'Popsicle' in the Humor section, Verbatim; this just unnerves me. Our Judey is helping - see under comments on her TOP story "Plagiarism." And, Shanon, check your stories, too. Thank You, Jay

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