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Rose's Garden

A New Beginning

By Grace Gettys Published 4 months ago 7 min read
Rose's Garden
Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

Rose stood at her kitchen window watching the wind travel through her dormant garden. Winter was leaving. There would be no more stillness, no more waiting. The breeze of the new season stirred around the awaiting plants whispering a song of new beginnings. It began at the iron gates of the garden and flew down the stone paths, branching off down each new path of the garden. Rose watched it dance over the water fountain in the center of the garden that was currently iced over before heading towards the orchard. It ruffled each of the leaves of the fruit trees that stood ready to bear fruit once again. It left the trees and found the rows and rows of flowers that were eager to bloom even though they were still closed up tight. Rose lost the wind’s trail at the myriad of rose bushes before she spotted it again rustling through the vegetable beds. It climbed up and over the trellises before ending its journey at the wind chimes that were hanging outside the window where Rose was watching from.

For most people, spring was full of anticipation. Winter was ending so it must be time to reawaken. It was time to go out and rid the world of the frost it left behind and cultivate it back to life once again. It was time to get your hands dirty in order for the bounty to be fulfilling. The hard labor would begin with long hours of digging in the soil, planting seeds, and then feeling the soreness of your muscles after days of work. At almost 87, Rose knew that she couldn’t spend her mornings bent over the garden beds until her back was sore anymore. That was what her children told her at least. They would volunteer to send their own kids to help, but time wasn’t long enough in the day and soon their soccer practices, school plays, and other activities took priority over making sure grandma didn’t hurt herself in her garden.

It didn’t matter too much anyway because Rose had other pairs of hands to help her. The first day of Spring was here and it was all hands on deck. Rose was still at her window watching the wind make the announcement that it was time to begin. This was Rose’s favorite thing to watch. It was the Reawakening Ceremony. She would love to be outside, but she had too much respect for the performers and the participants that made her garden alive.

Rose had prepared herself for this moment. She had awakened early herself to watch the Winter leave. She had showered and dressed herself in a long and flowy dress that was embroidered with Tulips, Sunflowers, Lilies and every other flower that was planted in her garden. Every time she had planted a new flower, she would add a new one to herself as well. Some would argue that it was still too cold for such attire, but she wouldn’t have to worry about the cold once Spring had officially begun. She sat at attention now, her blue eyes sparkling in excitement. She had seen this performance every year since she was a little girl and every time it took her breath away.

The wind’s job was finished once all the leaves and every blade of grass was dancing and moving their bodies to wake up. The morning sun had been climbing, but now everything was illuminated and feeling the warmth of its rays. The ceremony was starting. From the tallest Oak tree, a countless amount of fairies would emerge. They would fly in formation with each one having a place. Rose wasn’t sure exactly how the formation was composed, but she knew the King and Queen were at the center of it.

The fairies emerged dancing in the same formation that Rose had seen many times. The King and Queen were in the center of the crowd of fairies. They all flew together towards the center of the garden where the frozen fountain sat patiently waiting. Once they arrived, the King and Queen flew high above the fountain and the rest of the fairies. They clasped hands and a golden light flowed from their bodies and covered the fountain. The iced instantly melted and at that moment the garden began to wake up. The fairies held hands and began dancing creating a spinning circle in the air. The King and Queen were still in the center while larger and larger circles of fairies encompassed them. The birds began singing and a captivating song arose from the flying beings. Rose would never understand the language, but she understood the message. And that message was that there is joy in a new beginning.

The dance of the fairies was enticing and Rose found herself joining in by dancing alone in her kitchen. It didn't matter to her that she was alone in this momentous occasion. She felt lucky to witness this event and she imagined that she was flying over her garden with them. The fairies continued to dance in the air as the King and Queen left the circle to fully wake up the garden. They flew so fast that Rose could no longer make out their small bodies or their wings, but she could still make out the golden light that showered over all the leaves. The trail of light awakened everything it touched. The orchard was immediately filled with fruit, the flowers were in full bloom and the vegetables for ready to be harvested. The air was warm and sweet. It was filled with life as honeybees and butterflies flew in to see the open flowers. Everything was awake in perfect harmony. Rose laughed with pure joy as she felt the warmth of the sun come through her window. She was ready to feel the awakened world around her. She opened her back door from the kitchen and stepped into her garden. The perfume of the flowers rode on the wind and tousled her hair. The wind seemed to pull her hand and led her towards the music. The ground felt soft underneath her bare feet even though she knew she was walking on stone paths. The wind led her deeper and deeper into her garden until the singing and music was all she could hear. She didn't recognize the array of trees and flowers that were around her. Her familiar garden had transformed into an even more luxurious space.

She closed her eyes and felt the sun on her face. She took a deep breath and when she opened her eyes she realize she could understand what was being sung. There was also now a fairy standing in front of her. It was the Queen, the rest of them had disappeared. She was speechless. The Queen had an ethereal beauty that was not made for this world and it was in this moment she realized she was no longer in her garden. Rose had never thought that she would see the Queen up close, but here she was standing as tall as her.

“Rose,” the Queen began as she grabbed Rose’s hands. “You have cared for this land for years and have been generous with its bounty and you have been generous with how you have lived your life. We have watched you grow up and we were right to choose you to be the steward of this garden, but now it is time to choose a new caretaker.”

Rose knew that she should feel sad. She had taken care of this garden for years. She had inherited it from her grandmother when she was a young child. It was her life. But sadness had no place in this Reawakening Ceremony. It was time for a new life. Her new life. Rose smiled at the Queen. She understood and she knew the Queen would pick a worthy caretaker.

The Queen could sense Rose’s thoughts. She gave Rose’s hands a squeeze. “We have chosen your granddaughter, Lily. You have taught her well, especially with stories of us.”

“Thank you.” Rose knew she should say more, but she knew the Queen would understand. The Queen gently led Rose down the path back to her own garden and led her to a bench that was right next to her flowering Lilies and were planted next to her Roses. The song of the fairies was drifting away and became quieter as Rose lifted her face and felt the warmth of a new Spring one last time.

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Grace Gettys

I am an avid storyteller that likes to write about anything that inspires me whether that comes from visiting the beach or blogging about what is on my mind.

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  • Scott Fowler4 months ago

    Can't wait for spring!! And the sweet release of death. :)

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