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I Hate the Cold

Another Snowstorm

By CatsidhePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
I Hate the Cold
Photo by Ozgu Ozden on Unsplash

I gaze out the window at the field of white. Snow flurries dance wildly, driven by the fierce wind. We'll have 8 inches of snow by the time this is over.

I hate the cold. It triggers my asthma. Even a short walk to the car after work feels like I just ran up a flight of stairs.

And the sudden pressure changes before each storm give me terrible sinus headaches. It feels like an ice pick being driven behind my eyes.

I miss the South. I miss not having to worry about snow tires and icy roads. I miss it being green year-round.

My husband loves this weather. He's outside now, in his bathrobe, head thrown back in the wind and wet. Idiot.

The cold is better for his health. Before we moved, he'd wind up in the hospital 5-6 times a year. My boss complained when I would take time off to care for him.

He's only been in the hospital once since we moved. He's happier, healthier. He smiles more often, and his eyes light up when he does, not like before when the smile never quite made it to his eyes.

He's gotten back into his hobbies, and he's wanted to do things outside the house again. We've gone out to dinner and taken weekend trips, some for romance, some just for silly fun.

I have the man I married back. I'll deal with whatever I have to for that to last.

I love the cold.


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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock3 months ago

    Context makes a world of difference, whether social or environmental.

  • Is this for teh Snow Micro or the Inverse Challenge? It works for both. Wonderful story

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