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Becoming a Starbucks Girl

How I Became a Starbucks Girl

By Ada ZubaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Becoming a Starbucks Girl
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I never really liked coffee. Going trick or treating was fun but the disappointment would happen once I received a coffee crisp, I didn’t like the taste, it was bitter and a “grown up” treat. For Christmas I packed up all the Coffee crisps I received and gave it to my uncle for Christmas. Everyone in university was doing all-nighters and drinking coffee like it was water. The closest I ever got was getting a Frappuccino from Starbucks. The sugary drink just made me not notice the coffee until the caffeine kicked in. I would be sitting in class practically buzzing with caffeine and I wouldn’t be able to sleep until 1 am. Those were the days of my low caffeine tolerance. Then, I got offered the job opportunity I had been waiting for: shift work. The first job I had as a shift worker was easy and I would only once in a little while get a mocha from Tim Hortons and that would set me up to do a good shift. However, I got a second job which required much more thinking and working so I stopped by Starbucks on the way to work and it became a regular routine… is routine the right word? No. I became obsessed and I started to add customizations to my drinks such as getting an iced venti white mocha light ice, caramel cold foam with line the cup with caramel sauce 2 pumps of white mocha sauce, 2 pumps of caramel and I had the prettiest drink in the hospital. I started to get more and more obsessed with trying these new flavours of coffee. Then, the addiction had really gone far when I was drinking more than one venti cup a day. I would try and get up to go to work without a cup in my hand and it was so hard to be awake in the morning. That first sip was perfect with the swirling flavours of sweetness, richness and it being unraveled on your tongue with kisses or caramel dancing with the white chocolate sauce all in a glorious combination of coffee. Getting an exact order had to be perfect because if I’m paying almost $8.00 for a coffee it better be great. However, I have never had to complain about my Starbucks drink being done wrong, not ever. Then, one day inflation just combusted and now I could not face the consequences of paying nearly ten dollars for the same drink. Ten dollars for coffee? I spent ten dollars on coffee? I thought to myself as I drove my shiny new Nissan Murano to work. I had to make a change, but how? How can I justify this? That’s when it occurred to me I could order an iced tea and then use my star rewards once in a while for that perfect combination and it would be free (not really) but girl math can save the day. This is how they got me, I have to get enough stars to get that drink, I have to get enough coffees to get the star rewards and so I can get that drink. Then, it really hit my credit card bad, but getting my gift card once can’t hurt can it? Oh yes, it certainly can. Now, I keep adding money to it and keep falling for the promotions which are constantly advertised on the app, but they make spending money so easy and convenient. A single click of a button and you’ve added money to your gift card, a single hit and I’ve already bought a drink and it’ll be waiting for me when I get there. That’s how I became a Starbucks girl because even though it’s expensive I know what I am paying for. #Starbucks

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Hello and welcome to my page. I love reading fantasy, mystery and thrillers. I am an Amazon Affiliate Marketer even if I make no money, but it keeps my spending habits down. I love writing in different genres and challenging myself.

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  • Sweileh 88826 days ago

    Interesting and delicious content, keep posting more now

Ada ZubaWritten by Ada Zuba

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