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Vegan is Fine for Everyone

Vegan Products Are Good For You and Our Environment

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I was in the shower this morning (not an image you want in your head I know) and I read the side of my Lacura Shower Gel that I got from Aldi and it said "Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians". Then I thought if something is suitable for Vegans then it is also suitable for Vegetarians.

Although there are exceptions for allergic to reactions to certain foods that are Vegan (Nuts etc) no Vegetarian is going to thing I can't have that because it's Vegan , but a Vegan would have to check out something that is classed as Vegetarian to see if it is suitable for them..

Also someone who is a Pescatarian or an Omnivore should not have a problem with a product that is classed as Vegan (barring allergies), although religion could possibly come into it but essentially , if it's Vegan it is suitable for everyone.

I am lucky enough to live in Newcastle and we have a plethora of Vegan eating places, I'll add to this as I discover more but here's the list with links for you to explore:

  • Snackwallah
  • Vegano
  • Supernatural
  • Karma Kitchen

Please let me know the ones I have missed.

Jack Monroe's Peach & Chickpea Curry

And here is the gorgeous Peach and Chickpea curry by Jack Monroe , click on the pic to get the recipe.

I was gonna share some appropriate music but remembered this TED talk debunking all the arguments against Veganism by Ed Winters.

Ed Winters talk is excellent because it brings in the "just because it's legal doesn't make it moral" argument ,well worth your time , and if you fancy some vegan recipes try the books on this link.

So you may think that Vegan things are not for you because you are not a Vegan but you can benefit from everything that is vegan. That means that that every vegan item that you have instead of a non vegan item you will be benefitting the environment and earth's ecology.

As I get older I find meat, especially red meat more difficult to digest, preferring vegan alternatives such as vegan plant based mince for meals such Keema and Shepherds Pie . The meals are not solid as they are with red meat mince , so are easy to eat , and do taste good, and give you the same nutrition as you get with red meat.

Also there are an enormous number of none meat options , from fruit , vegetables and grains.

When you compare non meat against meat , in my mind (and I obviously may be wrong) the non meat options have a lot more options

You think of any meal such as a Sunday Lunch and there is a meat and maybe gravy, and then lots of different vegetables. So even in that small cosmos, vegetables outnumber meat.

I remember many years ago when a vegetarian option was a meal with the meat taken out. No thought went into it, because vegetarians and vegans were seen as abnormal and weird but tolerated like an obnoxious relative.

Luckily we have become more educated and veganism and vegetarianism is expected and normal. Every restaurant or takeaway has at least vegetarian and often vegan options, and if they don't that is a negative.

So I've listed so local vegan places , find some and try some near where you are, you will not be disappointed. Check out the book links and Jack Monroe's website and you will be enlightened.

Veganism is a wonderful modern positive movement and if you haven't tried it you should do, and if you have tried it you will know how good it is, and how good it is for our whole environment.


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